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  • A way cool awesome distillation of what we think the 80s were like, at least when it came to movies and TV!

    Loved all the computer and gaming stuff - wonder where they got all the components…

  • He is clearly inspired by Tommy Wirkola and his Kill Buljo and Dead Snow movies. It is the same type of humor, and he has taken some of the plot and phraces from Tommy Wirkola's films. Just packaged it even tighter, and used more cgi…

  • haha, this is golden :)

  • Not gonna lie, I'm absolutely hooked on the official theme song. Performed by the Hoff himself! It's so corny, but that makes it so 80's, and it's so well done. If someone told me that this was a song David Hasselhoff actually sang back then and that I'd simply missed out on it throughout the years, I'd have believed them.

  • it's awesome because it's free and it's a classic. Tho, i don't think many people would pay big bucks to see this at the cinema.
    Sad but true :(.

  • Ha That was just briliant!!! There are to few of these over the top pieces of entertainement! Thanks for sharing.

  • This morning I woke up in a world I thought I knew. Now I live in a world in which people are apparently cool enough to make something this awesome. Everything I thought I knew about reality has been turned upside down. I have been struck by the full force of Kung Fury.

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