Keto Actives Danmark Tabletten Test, Pris & Anmeldelse

  • Det kan være svært at tabe sig, men Keto Actives Piller hjælper dig med at tabe dig naturligt. Det fedt, der er lagret i kroppen, begynder at smelte, og din krop begynder at gemme energi. Din krop opretholder tilstanden af ketose i lang tid, og du taber dig effektivt på kort tid. Den vægttab supplement er en hurtig og effektiv måde at slanke din krop i et par dage.

  • When it comes to your photo-realistic render, just wow; perfect! To quote 'Sir Mix A Lot'; "With a little bitty waist and a round thing in yo' face…!"

    I know nothing about rendering, but would just like to point out something I have noticed, which is that the #1 thing that makes new work feel 'dated' (old), is when the lighting isn't dynamic(?) enough. There's something that is just a little... off about your angel+demon pic, that makes it feel like it was rendered a decade ago, before light bounced and blended in 3D rendering programs. I have seen other artists putting out new content with this same problem... and from the layman's standpoint, no matter how good the posing or model design, the lack of dynamic lighting... well, it underwhelms.

    Hope I have been helpful, and can't wait to see whatever renders you put out.

  • WOW! It has been a long time since I put anything upon my thread.

    Unfortunately that is because I have been trying to understand some basic shit that I should have learned long ago. I still don't understand it, but that is not going to stop me from making sexy naked pictures. Never give up….Never Surrender!

    Anyway, I now have 3 serious projects that I am working on. 2 of them require much more knowledge than I have now, in order to turn out the way I want them to. Which is where project 3 comes in.

    Project 3, is going to be (Read as: should be) a much easier goal to obtain in the short run. I have a friend who is a published Gay Erotica author, and she is willing to help me come up with a universe/script for an interim project. It will be based around two characters that we have created, together, over the last 4-5 years. These sets will also utilize worlds that I am familiar with, instead of creating an entirely new universe like my main project and my project #2.

    Despite the fact that I am just trying to create porn, I am a perfectionist when it comes to world building. When I create a new nation/civilization/species, I am not happy until I have identified what the culturally accepted meal is for lunch. Or What the fashion is for that particular time in it's history. So, working with my friend on this third project is very refreshing and much less daunting.

    However, in addition to the simplicity of the world creation and editing, I have also decided to use a more stylized form of 3D. While there will not be photo realistic textures, I feel like I will have more room for interpretation when it comes to bodies and textures.

    While I love the complexity of creating photo realistic textures, I am not skilled enough to "enjoy" the process. I constantly run into situations where I just want to punch my computer in the face. This third project will let me practice and develop my skills as it progresses. Because, starting with simple can only lead to awesome.

    So, what am I talking about when I say a different style?

    Well, one of the pictures is a result of my photo realism project, the other is a concept image for my new, more stylized project.

  • New pic with my Futa, and my most recently finished character, Maria.

    Still contemplating some changes to the Futa girl. Mainly, changes to her face. Something about the texture looks weird when rendered and I want her to have a cute face.

  • @'SinCyprine':

    welcome on the boards Bel :)


  • welcome on the boards Bel :)

  • New tests of trying to create renders that look like actual photographs.

  • @jbtrimar
    Every time I think I am past the "crazy shit" part of this medium. 10 more things pop up and I get completely lost again. lol.

    Thank you for the kind words. After the overwhelming positive feedback I received with this character, I have decided to make Bethany, one of my main characters. And once I get enough renders finished, she will officially become one of Bel's Girls.

    This of course means that I will spend more time on her textures. Once I fix one of my older characters of course.

    another render is up as well

  • if only we had a base model to work with. Sigh we can dream! Looks 10x better than anything I can do. Keep it up

  • Welcome to "Crazy shit 3D artists do to put a dick on a girl".

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