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  • I know it's a bit late but I hope you all had a merry Christmas! :D
    (Valiriane surely did :P)

  • What ? I haven't posted since May…
    I was sure I had posted something not a long time ago.
    Have I dreamed? :huh: I should really post more often...
    Anyway, this make four things to announce today!

    1. It's the 2nd birthday today for my first 2 characters made with DAZ3D, Valiriane and Nerodias!
      Fiuuu... 2 years already... Time really flies too fast!
      For the occasion, I made some comparisons between the version I made 2 years ago... and the current version. Really happy with the evolution (even it's not perfect yet :P)

    1. A few months ago, I started to discuss about the DragonWatch project with Camille Juteau and I am glad to announce that she will be writing the script for the DragonWatch Comix! She has already worked on several projects with other 3D Artists like JimJim and RedRobot. She also designed a new girl for the comix: An elven negociator. And her way to negociate generally make everyone agree her point of view :D
      See by yourself:

    1. Some of you may know Jenny Poussin ?
      (Zzomp and Longyyy have already made a 3D Models about her)
      She agreed to be a guest star (in 3D) in the comix. She will incarnate a sorceress who has quite a few skills in tentacle summoning. Did I say tentacles ? :D

    1. Comix Launch is near ! I hope to launch it in September. (Or in October at the latest)

    That's all for today.
    I hope this catch up with my silence the past few months :P

  • A few more things:

    As English is not my native tongue, I would like to have some feedback about the best form for the title. Which one is the most correct?

    • DragonWatch Archives
    • The DragonWatch Archives
    • Archives of the DragonWatch
    • The Archives of the DragonWatch (I suppose this one is not the best :D)

    As English is not my native tongue, I will probably need the help from a native english speaking person, when it will come to proofread texts of the comix. We are not here yet, but if someone is interested, just let me know :). I won't be able to give money for that but I don't mind making free commission to reward the time spent to this activity!

    Also, I suck at designing graphically titles (the one I made for DragonWatch Archives is simplistic and quite crude) . If someone is skilled with that and wanting to help… I won't be able to give money for that but, again, free commission to reward the work done for an accepted logo.

    Also I wanted to thank a lot many members of this forum! I started in 3DX 1 year and 9 months ago with very low skills, and I wouldn't have imagined that I would progress so much (I'm still have to learn many tricks but I've reached a level acceptable enough to start publishing my work without being ashamed :p. So thanks to Miro, Fredfred, HZR, Evolluisionist, Munrah, Sol, Sayakofan, ArgonCyanide777, The Dude, Supro, Gazukull, Sincyprine, HitmanX3Z... And probably a few more (don't hesitate to tell me if I forgot someone :p)

    I will end this by the picture with which I inaugurated my tumblr account: the mighty empress of Pandemonium underworld! :)

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