Need Any Programming Assignment Help?

  • How long does it take to change a tutor? I went to your website and chose a C++ Assignment Help expert based on the rating. The tutor is clearly knowledgeable and good at offering Programming Assignment Help. However, I do not understand his English. His English is so mixed and therefore explaining something to me is hard. I, therefore, would like to get a tutor from the United States whom we can clearly understand each other and also one who we are in the same time zone because of communication.

  • octane is running on the 4,7 :D

  • how you get octane running with 4.8? didnt work for me as i installed it few weeks ago :)

  • After trying it for some days i must say that the Iray is fantastic. :D i also use octane but iray gives better result but uses far longer time, but more accurate.

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