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  • @'rikolo':

    Hey, that was pretty exciting! (heh heh)

    Thank you for reading! Feel free to check out the rest of my stuff on my Literotica. If you want to read in chronological order you can continue with The Secret Lives of Goddesses 2, then 3, then Goddesses.

    By the way I'm a fan of your videos Rikolo. My absolute favourite one is Magic Wand.

  • Hey, that was pretty exciting! (heh heh)

  • Yeah buddy! Did you manage to read the short I sent you yet?

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    I hate to break this to you, but…this looks really awkward and daunting to read on screen. You need to figure out some way to cut this up because it's hard enough to read erotica when it's very long. It's worse when there's no visual reference for a person to stop and go back later. Cut these up into smaller posts, use the spoiler tag (which hides text), and just do whatever you can to make the reading experience more manageable. Forums aren't exactly the place to write more than, say, 2,000 words in a single post. Yours is closer to 9,000 in each.

    Yes I realized that pretty quickly and looked up how to post in 'spoilers'. So now it should be manageable, I hope. Boy, what an awkward start…

  • I hate to break this to you, but…this looks really awkward and daunting to read on screen. You need to figure out some way to cut this up because it's hard enough to read erotica when it's very long. It's worse when there's no visual reference for a person to stop and go back later. Cut these up into smaller posts, use the spoiler tag (which hides text), and just do whatever you can to make the reading experience more manageable. Forums aren't exactly the place to write more than, say, 2,000 words in a single post. Yours is closer to 9,000 in each.

  • Last of four parts of this story. If you are enjoying these there's tons more to be found on my Literotica account. I'll post more of them here if there's a positive reception to this onslaught.

    Chapter 17
    ! Friday, December 30, 1994
    ! "You know, some people are nervous during their first flight," Marla said. She was boredly leafing through the airline's complimentary magazine. "I knew you wouldn't be that type though. Never hesitating to try something new, if it's worth it, that's my baby girl…"
    ! "Sorry, what did you say?" Spellbound, Jessica had her face practically glued to the window as their snow-covered urban home disappeared beneath the clouds.
    ! Marla chuckled, "oh, nothing darling... Stewardess? May I have a refill please?"
    ! The uniformed brunette smiled at her with a formal sweetness. "Of course." She cracked the seal on a tiny bottle of cognac and poured it over the ice cubes in Marla's plastic tumbler. You didn't have to wait for service in first class.
    ! "Thank you." She turned back to Jessica, and was pleased to see that she had her attention this time. "Beautiful, isn't it?"
    ! "Oh my god, yes. Just as much as I envisioned it to be."
    ! Marla smiled warmly and gave her hand a loving squeeze. "Well then that window seat didn't go to waste. I myself have quite the lovely view also..." She pulled that dainty hand up to her mouth and kissed it, as a prince would a princess.
    ! Smiling sweetly, Jessica came close as if to place another kiss on Marla's lips, though instead she playfully flicked her tongue over them and giggled. Marla wrinkled her nose at her, smirking at her open flirtation.
    ! They were going to have an exotic week together in Barbados, packed with all the pleasures they could hope for. No expenses were spared as Marla had booked a private villa on a secluded beach, where they would have the freedom to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. Jessica was born on the second of January, so it was a combination birthday present and New Year's getaway.
    ! ***
    ! As if the flight weren't beautiful enough, Jessica's fantasies of a perfect tropical paradise became reality once she beheld the idyllic scene. Save for the occasional palm tree they had miles of uninterrupted golden beach to themselves. The ocean was richly sapphire blue and the sound of its waves crashing were a relaxing constant.
    ! They had brought a lot of suitcases, though the bulk of the weight was in bottles of rum and wine Marla had picked up at the airport. They had a fair share of clothing with them but none of those scanty items, save for the ones they wore on the way to and during their flight, took up much space at all. A rental car could take them into town for anything else they needed.
    ! Jessica was strapping on her familiar bikini, pink with black polka dots. This time she wasn't surprised when she found that while it was a little too small during the summer, by midwinter the cups of that top were offering little coverage at all to the expanding swells of her bosom.
    ! Marla was similarly dressed in a brand new bikini which Jessica had ordered in the mail. It suited her very well, in fact she had no idea where she could have found such a marvellous swimsuit. The green top was elegantly attached by stretchy laces while below it was more like hot pants than a bikini bottom. The tiny shorts hugged her rear while the front was more of those stretchy laces, which were able to adapt to her unique endowments. It was a good thing they were so accommodating, because by the way the slightest movement had Jessica jiggling in her tiny top, she was almost always in some state of arousal.
    ! Their beach towels were right where they'd left them the previous night, undisturbed by the gentle breeze and their seclusion. Jessica laid herself down, ready to soak up some rays while Marla continued to make her way down to the water.
    ! Jessica was loving the sun. For all of her life her fair skin would burn at he slightest hint of sunlight, but lately that wasn't the case. Days under the tropical sun had tinted her ever-so-slightly darker, a very healthy shade that looked radiantly beautiful. Factoring in how quickly that cut to her finger around Halloween had healed, it was as if her skin had become resilient to damage.
    ! It must have been something Marla was feeding her. She wasn't tanning at all.
    ! Without a worry in the world Jessica's eyes slowly shut and she drifted off into a lazy afternoon nap.
    ! Chapter 18
    ! “Jessica, wake up. I want to show you something.”
    ! Marla was looming over her, dripping with ocean water.
    ! “Mm…? What is it?”
    ! “Just come with me.”
    ! Jessica drowsily washed the taste of sleep out of her mouth with a sip from her fruit punch and got to her feet. Marla started to lead her into the warm water.
    ! As they waded deeper and deeper something unexpected came into view. By the time the water was up to their necks a distant storm cell was visible, previously obscured by a verdant grove of palm trees. The clouds were thick and dark, like a brooding omen.
    ! “Oh wow. I haven't seen a cloud in days,” Jessica said.
    ! “Yeah. This is definitely out of the ordinary. It's getting closer, too.”
    ! “Should we go inside...?”
    ! “Nah, I don't see why. Only if there's lightning.”
    ! “Okay.” Jessica wrapped her arms around Marla's hips and stepped close. Marla did the same, and they silently watched the clouds approach. Those vacation days together were often punctuated by such moments of tranquil silence in each others loving embrace, for it felt like they were in a far off land of their own where words weren't always needed.
    ! Marla pulled her gaze away from that oncoming storm, turning it upon her young lover's beautiful visage. Jessica saw those violet eyes fixed on her own, and responded by getting closer... Their lips joined and they slowly kissed. Alone by that perfect beach, it was like they had all the time in the world for their gradual expressions of dreamy affection.
    ! A distant peel of thunder rumbled, and they turned to see that the clouds had gotten closer. They looked even meaner than before. A bolt struck the water, followed a moment after by another rumble.
    ! “We'd better get back to land,” Marla said.
    ! By the time they waded out of the water onto the beach the rain had begun, and it was coming down hard. The air rang with the sound of warm fat raindrops pelting the sand.
    ! “Can we stay out here? I kind of like it,” Jessica yelled over the torrent.
    ! “Sure, but let's take cover where we're less of a target for lightning.”
    ! Holding hands they quickly made their way to an area dotted with rocks and palm trees. With the urgency of their pace Marla couldn't help but eye the lewd bounce in Jessica's top, springy straps tossing those lush jugs up down and side to side with each step. Feeling a stirring in her bikini bottom, she knew she was going to take her again beneath one of those palms.
    ! They stopped below a tree and without wasting a moment joined lips, passionately kissing as they trailed their hands up and down the statuesque curves of each others bodies. The contents of Marla's bikini bottom had already grown heavy as she pressed Jessica against the trunk of that tree, grinding her waist against her as she handled the soft flesh on the sides of her tits. Jessica murmured softly, a sound lost to the sound of the rain battering down as she felt Marla's length burst out from between those laces and begin to rise.
    ! Her arms already wrapped tightly around her, it was easy enough to undo the green laces of Marla's top, and it remained pinned to her only by the pressure of their breasts pressed so tightly together in their embrace. Marla tilted her head, plunging her tongue deeper into Jessica's mouth as her lengthening cock began to invade the space between their bosoms. She continued to grind, her movements having a much more profound effect on Jessica now that so much hardness was so tightly pressed between them.
    ! Jessica broke that kiss and with a naughty smirk pushed Marla back. Her green bikini top now free, it fell down, only to land on her long tense rod, which stiffly stood out and slightly up through the split in the laces. With a hungry lick of her lips Jessica got to her knees before her and grabbed the discarded bikini top, pulling to bring Marla's length down to mouth level.
    ! Marla smiled, amused at the new use for her bathing wear as Jessica trailed her warm tongue up and down her shaft. She had her eyes shut against the rainfall, which warmly pattered against the sensitive tip of her cock pleasingly.
    ! Jessica leaned back slightly, putting the end of that cock within range of her lips, which parted to please the tense flesh with immediate passes of her tongue. She smiled, opening her eyes a crack to gaze up at her goddess.
    ! Ceasing those gentle passes of her tongue, she spoke some words to Marla, though they were obscured by the din of the downpour. She then rose off of her knees and made her way to another palm tree some thirty meters away which was slanted hard, perhaps due to a previous storm. Standing beside it she slipped out of her pink bikini bottom, then laid against the trunk, and as she stared at Marla with a naughty smirk she began to toy with her little clit... readying herself.
    ! Marla took in that sight, biting down on her bottom lip with a lusty hunger as her need for Jessica grew. At a very measured pace she made her way over to her, letting her watch that rod sway and bob with each step heavily, dauntingly. The bikini top fell forgotten to the sand as she approached.
    ! As Marla drew near Jessica inched a bit higher up that leaning tree trunk, optimizing her level, and once the distance between them was closed the tip of her cock was nestled against her sex. Marla wouldn't wait another moment, plunging inch after inch of lengthy shaft deep inside of her, and her hands were quick to settle over the undersized cups of her bikini top.
    ! The rain had washed away any natural lubrication on Marla and the only thing that eased that tight entry was the moisture of Jessica's arousal. She cried out at the sensation of her huge lover's sudden entry. Marla responded by tenderly kissing her, letting her recover as she only gently began to rock her hips while kneading her grand breasts.
    ! Helplessly pinned to the tree, Jessica wrapped her legs around Marla and offered some tongue into that kiss. She moaned softly as her body accepted her, allowing more of her in as the feelings heightened into the wonderful pleasures only Marla's unbelievable endowments could induce. As she felt Jessica open up to her Marla began to thrust harder, soon assuming the steady pace of lovemaking.
    ! The feel of Marla penetrating her so deeply threw Jessica's head back against the tree. She felt so huge, so hard. Though they'd done it hundreds of times and a dozen times on that beach it never stopped feeling amazing, overwhelming and so deliciously over the top the way she could hit every spot at once.
    ! Marla leaned back a bit to behold the sight of her rain soaked lover as she writhed in ecstacy, shifting her hold down to her hips. She pulled herself out a bit and began to slowly nudge the tip of her cock against that special spot. Jessica moaned and licked her lips as she trembled at the sensation, running her hands up and down the tree trunk above her in a manner that was very bawdy and familiar. With a throb Marla jet a burst of precum into her, then slid herself back in as far as Jessica could take her.
    ! Aided by that added lubrication Marla started to pump in and out Jessica with a renewed vigour. Her legs tightened around her as she writhed again, overwhelmed once more.
    ! As she felt the cum awakening within her Marla became dissatisfied with that position and retreated from her grip, grabbing a leg and laying it across her body and over her shoulder. With this stable stance she could pull herself out until just the tip lay buried, only to spear into Jessica's deepest regions over and over and over. Jessica's voluminous tits bounced within that bikini top with each powerful thrust, flinging themselves free of its hold.
    ! That slanted tree was at the perfect angle for her to repeatedly spear into Jessica, and within moments, despite the pouring rain and occasional cracks of thunder Marla could finally hear her lover's voice as she cried out for more. Marla did just that, and soon Jessica was lost in the throes of an intense orgasm.
    ! Marla was almost there herself, and with a couple last tense movements her seed erupted into Jessica. Winded, she fell on top of the girl, crying out in ecstasy as each fitful twitch of her hips blasted her insides with a hot surge of cum. It gushed out of Jessica with each pulse, gradually coating the lower bark of the tree they lay against.
    ! Utterly shattered, they lay there in each others arms gently kissing until the rain stopped.
    ! Chapter 19
    ! The storm left as suddenly as it had come, and the sun returned to bake the rain water off of the sand. It was soon to set though, and as day turned to night they lay on their beach towels and beheld the tropical scene. They had opened a bottle of wine and were sharing a plate of light finger foods: sliced fruits, crackers, pieces of cheese.
    ! “That was a pretty amazing storm, hm?” Marla said.
    ! “Oh yeah, totally. In fact this entire trip was amazing,” Jessica said, before she opened her mouth to accept an offered grape.
    ! “I'm glad you're enjoying it. A change of scenery is nice, isn't it?”
    ! “Yeah, and this is some amazing scenery.” Jessica swept her wineglass across their surroundings, then took a sip. “Some other amazing things have been happening, too…”
    ! “You mean the sex?” Marla said with a smirk.
    ! Jessica giggled, “yes, the sex is amazing. But I mean other things. Like, look at me... I've never developed a tan in my life. I've always sunburned. But then... see?” She held her forearm up. She was still a fair skinned girl but she had definitely darkened a little... and without a hint of a burn.
    ! “Fantastic, isn't it?”
    ! “Yes. And I don't think I've had a cut or bruise lately that lasted more than two days. That really is fantastic.”
    ! Marla nodded, though this time she was giving Jessica her full attention... watching, waiting for her to ask the important questions.
    ! “And we can add to that how I've been growing. I think it's related. I was pretty sure I was done when we met, but then... look at me!” She arched her back and hoisted her breasts toward Marla with a giggle. They had grown significantly since May, though they remained as round and pert as ever.
    ! “And you're a tiny bit taller, too. You really are developing into quite the lusty little goddess.”
    ! “Yes, that's what I'm getting at. I think... that I've been changing... into what you are.”
    ! “You were one of the most beautiful young ladies I'd ever seen, when we met. But now... your beauty has almost doubled. It increases every day, and as time passes it becomes harder and harder to resist my temptations.” Marla's words were flattering but they didn't say anything to confirm or deny Jessica's statement.
    ! “Okay, but is it true? Am I changing because of you? Becoming like you?”
    ! Marla smiled mysteriously and sipped the last of her glass. After a thoughtful pause she replied, “we once had a conversation similar to this. An instructive one, all about what I am and where I came from.”
    ! Jessica nodded, listening closely now that Marla was ready to spill the beans.
    ! “And I told you that... Hmm, how did I explain it? That my people, though intellectually very advanced, are driven mainly by their instincts to procreate?”
    ! “Yes,” Jessica said. “Because the process takes so long.”
    ! Marla nodded. “It takes so long because when we find a partner, a mate, we have to convert them to our own species before there can ever be a child.”
    ! “Uh huh... and that's what has been happening to me all this time, isn't it.”
    ! Again Marla nodded. She was watchful, careful in case Jessica might not like what she was hearing. Chances were that there was no risk of upsetting her, though, when the girl was so madly in love with her. She would probably accept anything, as long as they could be together.
    ! “How has it been happening?”
    ! “I don't know the science, or perhaps even the magic behind it. But every time you swallow my seed, or take it in, or even if it is touching you... that fuels the changes.”
    ! Jessica slowly nodded as she began to understand. That must explain why I love her cum so much. Whenever we make love, I want to drink it down, or to have her finish inside of me. When we were first together, the taste of her drove me nuts - it was over after that! My body craves it, it wants to transform.
    ! “What are the changes?”
    ! With a loving smile Marla stroked a hand down Jessica's side. “You mean, other than turning beauty into utter perfection? Well darling… let's see: You're becoming less vulnerable to damages... from the sun, from injuries. That's one thing. You've developed sexually, as if experiencing a second puberty... that's another, and those are the things we have observed together. What you don't yet realize is that you're also getting stronger. I suppose that's my fault, for providing you with such luxury that you barely have to lift a finger these days. If you were to test it, you would find you are physically much more powerful than you were when you were a normal girl.”
    ! “Really?” Jessica said. With a look of incredulity she started to glance around, looking for something heavy to lift.
    ! Marla had a little laugh at that, “haha, please, we can play X-Men later darling. There is still more to explain.”
    ! “Okay. Like what?”
    ! “Like what will happen should the process be completed.”
    ! Jessica nodded her head soberly. Her mood was darkening at the prospect of having Marla's baby – unthinkable! “…Then we would probably become parents.”
    ! “Yes, that is correct, but-”
    ! “Marla... I'm not ready for that! I'm only nineteen years old. My whole life is ahead of me.”
    ! Marla soothingly stroked Jessica's cheek. “Darling, please, let me explain. There is still so much more to be said. Yes, your whole life is ahead of you. But my gift to you, is... eternity itself.”
    ! It took a moment to register exactly what Marla meant, then as realization dawned on her Jessica's eyes widened. Marla is almost a thousand years old. If I become like her, I will also live forever. I'll never grow old. We will be… goddesses!
    ! “…Furthermore you will become easily twice as intelligent as you are now,” Marla added rather matter-of-factly. “Smarter than any human... sharper.”
    ! Jessica shook her head, overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the implications of what she, out of all the girls and women of the world, had been chosen for.
    ! “Twice as intelligent... plus those instincts?”
    ! “Sure, yes, you will have your own new set of biological imperatives. A new sense of priority.”
    ! Jessica was afraid to ask what those priorities would be. Something sexual or maternal, surely. Probably both. It was all so strange that the only thing she could do was chuckle sardonically. “Okay... so you flew me to a beautiful tropical paradise, to offer me immortality... with the price of motherhood.”
    ! Marla looked a little hurt by what she was implying. “I... please, darling. You are the one who wanted to ask questions! I didn't bring you here to issue an ultimatum.”
    ! Jessica nodded slowly, looking down at their plate of fruit thoughtfully. Sure… but you probably knew I was about to ask. When she looked back up she saw that Marla was looking at her with a smile that plead for her trust. Gazing into those violet eyes, she could see that she truly loved her and only meant the best for her, and also that she deeply wanted them to finish their journey together.
    ! “So now that you know everything, I suppose you have a decision to make. Do you choose to return to a normal life, like the other humans? All that you have gained will fade, and you will grow old. Or, do you choose to remain with me?”
    ! Jessica did not respond with words. Instead, she leaned in and tenderly kissed Marla's lips. Her bosom knocked her empty wine glass onto the plate of fruit with a soft clatter as she leaned in closer still, passionately offering her tongue to Marla, who accepted it with a grateful sigh.
    ! The tropical sky was painted a brilliant spread of oranges and reds, pinks and purples as it set into the ocean. Lovingly holding themselves in each others arms, Marla and Jessica beheld the beautiful sight. Though there was still some trepidation in her heart, Jessica had made her decision… for the sun was not only setting upon the conclusion of a day. Soon it would also set for the conclusion of Jessica's life as a mortal human.
    ! Chapter 20
    ! Monday, April 10, 1995
    ! Marla's anticipation built as she turned the key to her home. For her, the past week had been quietly tense. She could sense that something big was coming. It was coming, and it was going to completely change the way she and Jessica lived. She couldn't help but feel the urgency; her instincts were in play, giving her an impatience which could not be rationalized away. Because she'd woke up earlier than her late-to-rise lover to leave for business matters she hadn't interacted with her that morning, so she was damn eager to get a look at her, to see if the time had yet come.
    ! Yet knowing whether or not the final changes had taken place was not the only reason she was so anxious. At so pivotal a point in their relationship Marla dealt with cravings for Jessica intensely, on a purely physical level. Her body hungered to be with her. It was as if the tables had turned, and now it was she who needed the other so desperately.
    ! Entering the apartment she strode past her office, tossing her briefcase onto her desk, and made her way to the living room. Nope, not there. Perhaps the kitchen then? That was the next most likely place to find her.
    ! Entering the kitchen she saw Jessica closing the fridge, an open carton of orange juice in her hand.
    ! “Oh, hi Marla,” she said with a bored smile.
    ! “Hey, Jess.” Marla leered at her, scanning.
    ! “Uhm… would you prefer if I used a glass?”
    ! “...Oh, no, go ahead. I was just... nothing.”
    ! Internally, Marla breathed a sigh. She felt a conflicting mixture of disappointment and relief. Not today. Jessica was still the same human she'd always been.
    ! That wasn't to say that she hadn't come a long way though... no, she had come very far indeed. It had been nearly a year since the two got together, and the changes were very easy to appreciate. If Jessica was a beautiful girl the first day Marla had brought her home, now there was a breathtaking demigoddess of a woman living in her apartment. She was female perfection, if one's idea of perfection involved slender elegance contrasted to childbearing hips and huge, pert, ever-quivering jugs which had no chance whatsoever of fitting into her old school uniform.
    ! At this point in their relationship they spent their private time dressed in scant things which they could get out of as quickly as possible. Anything more was just in the way since they were making love four, sometimes five times a day. Jessica wore a black halter top, really just a piece of stretchy cloth with laces to tie behind her neck and ribs. It clung to her immense breasts, securing them in a mouthwatering display of cleavage and spherical lushness as her nipples boldly pressed into the fabric, leaving her stomach and back revealed. On her hips a sheet of elegant translucent black fabric was wrapped, draping down her beautiful legs. Her orange-gold hair was tied up and out of her way.
    ! Marla silently watched her take a last sip from that carton of juice, close it, open the fridge and place it back inside. Gazing at her naked back, she marvelled at how Jessica could make such a mundane everyday activity look so good. Scanning downward she could see the side of each voluminous breast, the subtle ripple of feminine muscle as she opened and closed the fridge, the gorgeous thinning of her slender waist and swelling of her hips, then the thin material of her skirt revealing every curve of her delicious rear. If she were to untie those two sets of laces at her back, then unclasp the clip at her hip, the few clothes Jessica wore would fall to the ground...
    ! Awakening from her lustful reverie, Marla realized that she had already become uncomfortably aroused inside of her pantyhose. With Jessica so terribly far into her development, so ripe, Marla was helpless to her body's hormonal drives.
    ! Jessica turned to Marla and was quick to notice what was pressed against her leg beneath her business clothes, long shaft and swell of the head unmistakeably outlined by the taut fabric of her skirt. She didn't hide her stare, in fact she bit down on her bottom lip hotly and smiled.
    ! Marla's heart skipped a beat as the beauty approached, the bounce of her chest and sway of her hips provoking yet more of her lust. She'd been craving Jessica all day, and now there was only one thing on her mind.
    ! They shared a brief kiss as Jessica wasted no time in trailing a hand up and down Marla's constricted length, the tip of that fourteen inch lovemaker already too low to grasp. “Maybe you should get into something more comfortable,” she purred. She was ready to go also. Her naughty touch had Marla throbbing hard.
    ! “I think we can skip that altogether... unless by something more 'comfortable', you mean nothing at all.”
    ! Jessica giggled softly and shrugged, eliciting another tantalizing bounce. “I guess that's what I meant, sure.”
    ! Marla tossed off her jacket, then got to work on the buttons of her blouse, never breaking eye contact with Jessica, who flirtatiously licked her lips in a playful show of horniness before unzipping Marla's skirt and sliding it down. Marla tossed down her blouse and kicked away the skirt, leaving her in just her black bra and pantyhose. The left leg of those hose was dragged halfway down her thigh and tented outwards by her captive erection, already stained with hot pre.
    ! Jessica groaned at the sight of Marla, for seeing her hugely endowed lover so instantly aroused was having the very same effect on her. She dropped to her knees, hands adoringly trailing up and down those hose-clad legs as she nudged her cheek against the twitching restricted shaft.
    ! Gazing down at the girl who worshipfully touched her, Marla's pulse quicked in anticipation of yet another night of pleasures. It was getting terribly painful being so hard in those pantyhose, so she held the exposed part of her shaft with one hand, carefully pulling the wettened material off of the rest of it. Her hold prevented it from springing up and slapping Jessica in the chin once uncovered. As soon as it was free Jessica's hands joined her own, so she let go as she began to slowly stroke.
    ! Those motions were coaxing out more of her eager pre, and Jessica just had to plunge the slobbering tip into her mouth. Normally Marla had plenty of that slippery treat on tap during the moments before sex, but on that night somehow there was a good deal more. Perhaps it was because of the increased sex drive Marla was experiencing during those days. Jessica shut her eyes and slowly gulped down her slow and steady flow as she stroked, silently surprised and grateful for how generously she was producing it for her. Marla could only groan, her long cock so absolutely rock solid. As an after thought she unclasped her bra, and it fell, bouncing off Jessica's hands on the way down.
    ! Growing impatient, Jessica let go of her and backed up a bit. Marla watched silently as Jessica trailed her fingertips along the vast roundness of her breasts to reach behind her neck with one hand, behind her back with the other. With a little tug at the laces the over-stretched fabric of her halter top came free of its burden with an audible 'snap', her immense globes spitting the little garment to the ground as they quivered free of their constraint.
    ! “Oh-hoh, god,” Marla groaned.
    ! With a demure grin Jessica got to her feet and started to make her way to the bedroom, hips swaying as she undid the clasp that held what served as a skirt on to her. Before she'd made it through the bedroom door and out of Marla's sight that fabric fluttered to the floor.
    ! Marla was quick to follow, shaft held in her hand as it throbbed and ached. Entering the bedroom she beheld Jessica getting down on all fours on the bed, her rear tilted up to display her beautiful little slit. It glistened, just asking to be stuffed.
    ! She didn't even bother to shed her pantyhose before she kneeled behind Jessica and slowly sunk inch after inch of her length deep into her. They shared a groan of delight as she hit her deepest.
    ! “Oooh... you feel so good inside me.”
    ! Marla leaned over her, grabbing two handfuls of that dangling bosom. She kneaded the beautiful flesh as she began to rock her hips, quick jabs that never took her far out of her hot slit. She then smoothed her hands all over every voluminous inch of those wondrous prizes, not squeezing, just admiring their shape and expanse. She continued to gently buck, eventually settling with her fingers around Jessica's nipples, which she pinched teasingly as she smushed them to her chest. Those pinches made Jessica squeal, sensitive nips hardening between Marla's thumb and forefingers.
    ! Feeling that her body offered less resistance to her Marla let go of her breasts and slid her hands up to her hips. She assumed a more erect posture and began to lay into Jessica with proper thrusts. “Mmm, that is so perfect,” Marla moaned.
    ! “Ahh... uh-huh,” Jessica replied, the act of replying a laborious act indeed as Marla steadily drove into her from behind. “God… I think you're even harder than usual!”
    ! Marla nodded distractedly. She had to agree, her cock was so heavily engorged that it felt like she was driving a rod of hot steel in and out of her younger lover.
    ! Jessica fell into a clump on their bed, her rear still raised high as Marla drove in and out of her. “Ohh... yes, that feels so good! Keep going.”
    ! “Oh, darling,” Marla said. “I'm just getting started.” To prove her point she doubled her speed for a moment, ramming herself in and out with a well practised fury. Jessica wailed at the overwhelming sensations, but Marla slowed down before either one of them could reach the breaking point.
    ! Jessica was reduced to a heaving pile beneath her after that. She turned her head, pressing her cheek against the bedsheets as she mumbled, “Please... do, do that again...”
    ! “Alright. If you insist...” Marla firmed her grip on Jessica's hips and again began to savagely ram her burning length in and out her. Not wanting to be the first to climax, she put her mind somewhere distant, focusing on anything but the cum curdling pleasure of laying into her lover in such a primal fashion. She chose to detachedly admire her body from behind... the perfect hourglass of her slim figure, the firey locks that were coming undone from the tie in her hair. Her breasts were piled on the bed, as round and lovely as the day they'd met, yet so much bigger. Jessica had the body of a woman who was on the verge of conversion to whatever being Marla was, with the benefit of beginning the process already with an extraordinarily blessed figure. The months they'd spent together had truly made her Marla's mate, and now that the end was near she needed her just as intensely as Jessica did her.
    ! Marla was so far off that she didn't realize Jessica was cumming... not until her trance was broken by her desperately lurching forward, no longer able to withstand another thrust. That rod bobbed heavily once Jessica had freed it, then stood there throbbing and drooling, on the verge of eruption. Marla felt like the slightest touch would be the end, the tension of pent up seed like a river behind a dam. Jessica lay on her side, some two or three feet away now, gasping for breath in utter immobilization from what she just withstood.
    ! "Oh, darling... are you alright?"
    ! "Ho, god... yes, I'm fine, but... that was... oh my god."
    ! Marla nodded, relieved that she didn't hurt her during her flight of fancy. On her body's insistence she inched closer, as if some magnetic force was pulling that swaying shaft to its target. Jessica could see what was coming, so she rolled onto her back. She looked at Marla with an expectant stare; she wanted her cum.
    ! Marla settled herself over Jessica's belly, letting her length extend across her chest. "So close," she whispered, willing herself not to erupt as she settled the head in front of Jessica's gorgeous lips.
    ! Jessica opened up, and Marla let go. Without need for any touch the dam broke, and with a mighty throb a thick surge of cum blasted out. It was enough to overflow Jessica's mouth, and the rope spattered onto her chin and neck as she swallowed before the renewed pressure of the next shot.
    ! She sealed her lips against the head as she hoisted her breasts up and around the shaft, and the combined pumps of her bosom and sucks of her mouth milked Marla for all she would give. She sighed with fitful ecstasy as she gulped all that she could, the excess flowing down her chin and cheeks with each burst.
    ! Wracked with intense sensations, Marla fell to her hands and knees over her as her spasms pumped more and more of her cum all over and into Jessica. "Oh my... don't stop baby, keep going," she moaned, still feeling the pressure of more to be released. Jessica nodded as she continued to greedily drink, though Marla was showing no signs of slowing down while she was starting to feel full.
    ! Eventually Jessica had to tear her lips away, and she turned her head to the side as she mumbled, "no more... can't." She was still holding her breasts high and proud, so Marla shifted back a few inches and took matters into her own hands... With one hand on her shaft she aimed her continued blasts into the pool of cum that sat within Jessica's cleavage, pumping them out with quick strokes beneath the head. Jessica couldn't help but giggle softly as she watched that fleshy reservoir begin to overflow and drip thick pearly cream down the rounded swells of her tits. She licked her lips and looked up at Marla with a girlish grin. "Why... why so much today? Is it ever going to stop?"
    ! Still on her hand and knees and wracked with pleasure, Marla could only shake her head in reply as she continued to pump that night's exceptionally prodigious load onto her. Finally she let go, her flow only then finishing.
    ! Jessica let go of her breasts and inched away from Marla enough that she could sit up, and in doing so she dumped that thick cream all over herself. She looked down, awed by the glistening coat of hot fluid that covered her from mouth to thigh. It was beginning to drop off of her breasts onto the bed in thick globs. "Oh god, it's... everywhere,” she moaned. She slicked her hands up her slippery bosom, then began to massage Marla's cum into the soft flesh. “Mmm, baby..."
    ! Marla kneeled before Jessica, ventilating deeply as a string of cum dripped slowly onto the bed from her cock, still as hard as ever. She watched Jessica rubbing it into her breasts, and though she savoured the sight all she could do was chuckle softly, still weak from the daze of orgasm.
    ! When she felt her wits returning she crawled toward Jessica and kissed her creamy lips. "Okay... why don't you start up the jacuzzi. I'll replace these sheets... before it gets into the mattress."
    ! Jessica nodded and daintily got to her feet to make her way to their bathroom, her hands supporting her breasts so their bounce wouldn't toss thick cum onto the ground as she went.
    ! God damn, Marla thought to herself as she slowly got off the bed. I haven't cum like that for centuries.
    ! Chapter 21
    ! Jessica spread the blinds upon the bathroom window, glancing outside as the combination bathtub-slash-jacuzzi filled with hot, clean water. The sun had almost set in the early spring sky by now, leaving a truly splendid display of colours. The horizon was pink and streaked with clouds, while the sky above was a wonderful deep violet.
    ! With the tub sufficiently filled Jessica stepped one slender leg into the water, then the other. It felt great on her, tinglingly hot on her skin but neutral, unlike the slippery fluids that previously touched her. Settling in she rested her head on the edge of the tub and closed her eyes, indulging in the warm jets of water that massaged her body clean.
    ! At the sound of Marla entering she opened them and beheld her in the doorway, dressed in her bathrobe, her pantyhose finally discarded. They shared a gaze, and Jessica could see that even after what they had just shared, the hunger was still in her eyes.
    ! Marla untied her robe. Her cock had been bound against her stomach, and now that it was free it sprung outward, still as stiff and huge as ever. Marla shrugged the robe off and approached, glancing down at her insatiable swaying member with a look of slight trepidation.
    ! “Wha… oh my god, Marla. You're still so hard!”
    ! Marla nodded solemnly. She wasn't done yet, but from the way Jessica was lazily lying in that jacuzzi she looked like she was. She sat herself down on the edge of the tub, letting her legs get a feel for the temperature of the water. “Yes, that seems to be the case. I…” Marla hesitated a moment. “I just can't help myself right now. You are just... so... I hunger for you.”
    ! Jessica could only stare, taken aback by Marla's uncharacteristic candidness.
    ! “If I get in the water I'm afraid we'll have to do it all over again,” she said as she began to slowly stroke her length. “Could you handle that?”
    ! Instead of replying Jessica made her way over to Marla's side of the tub. She got up onto her knees, hot water dripping off her as she emerged from the roiling water, and took Marla's throbbing ever-hard cock in her hand. Without even glancing up at her she dutifully plunged the end of her cock into her mouth and began tonguing with a renewed enthusiasm.
    ! Marla let go of her cock and leaned back, giving Jessica free reign. “Oh...! Ohhh, darling. I'll take that as a yes.”
    ! Jessica continued to stroke and suck, her hunger returning all over again.
    ! Those motions had Marla going from hard to 'rod of hot steel' in a matter of seconds. As she'd warned she wanted to sink it back inside of her, right there in the tub. She started to slide herself into the water, so Jessica let go and backed away to make room. Marla plunged herself down until the bubbling water covered her to the tops of her breasts.
    ! Jessica rose to her feet, pure hot drops of bathwater spilling off of her now twice blessed figure as she stood over Marla. Slowly she lowered herself, shutting her eyes and moaning blissfully as again that thick hardness slid up into her. She placed her hands on Marla's shoulders as she accepted inch after inch. As always there was more length to offer but Jessica was fully packed.
    ! “Ohhh... Magnificent, wonderful, my gorgeous little goddess,” Marla groaned. She throbbed with fitful anticipation inside her tight warmth.
    ! Eyes still shut, Jessica felt a wave of heat wash over her, so hot that in comparison the bath water seemed lukewarm. It was a pleasant, tingly fuzz that slowly dissipated, an unfamiliar sensation to her.
    ! She opened her eyes. The walls of Marla's apartment were gone. The deep violet sky was all around them, the light of the bathroom replaced with the soft white glow of the full moon and twinkling stars. The air was now hot and humid, and what was once a roiling jacuzzi was now the placid clear waters of Marla's pond... The pond from her dreams. “What…?”
    ! She'd seen that situation before, but from a different vantage point. She had grown to be the physically advanced version of herself she'd watched take Marla in her dreams a year prior, and that scenario was finally, truly playing out.
    ! It was such a shock to suddenly be somewhere else, a place that surely didn't actually exist, but at that moment there was only one thing do. Jessica rose, sliding up Marla's length, then lowered herself... down, down... down! Until their bodies met, with a soft thud! For the first time she had taken every inch of Marla, and though as always it seemed wonderfully huge, it didn't hurt a bit. It felt perfect.
    ! Marla beamed at her, seeing the shock on her face. “Well, don't just sit there. Do it again.”
    ! Jessica rose, quicker now, and dropped back down slowly, counting every inch her body accepted until her rear thudded against Marla's thighs. God, that felt amazing!
    ! “Oh god Marla, god,” she whispered. “I feel like I was made for this.”
    ! “Yes, darling… you are now. You truly have become my match...”
    ! Jessica steadily continued to raise and lower herself, as if to prove that statement. Beneath the cool water she slowly drew Marla's entire length out until just the head lay buried, only to slide back down until hilted, again and again. The way they used to make love seemed worthless in comparison to that deep penetration, that integration.
    ! She started to quicken her pace, bouncing up and down on Marla's hips. In doing so she remained close enough that Marla could take one of her nipples in her mouth, which she did with greedy sucks and flicks of her tongue. Each time she descended Marla's cock the other breast slapped the surface of the water, and it was the only sound to be heard in that silent forest until Marla groaned deeply, the tension of what would soon be another dose of seed announcing its arrival.
    ! She gripped Jessica's hips firmly and began to return those movements, pulling herself out as Jessica rose, plunging upwards as she descended. Their combined efforts had her full shaft steadily pumping into her even faster.
    ! “Yes, oh god yes,” Jessica wailed as the throes of climax opened up to her again. She thrashed up and down Marla's shaft hungrily, though her movements became forced as her body stiffened. Her orgasm soon rendered her motionless, so she tensely wrapped her arms around Marla's neck as the waves of pleasure overcame her.
    ! Marla dutifully continued to thrust herself into her love, hips repeatedly bashing into her plush rear. Finally she could hold it in no longer, and with one last push she buried herself deep. Her seed boiled out, bathing Jessica's velvet insides with smooth heat.
    ! Blackness started to creep into Jessica's vision, her peripherals turning to fuzz and darkness. Sound was drowned out by a ringing in her ears. She could still smell Marla's distinct floral warmth, and she could feel that majestic pillar emptying itself into her with mighty shudders, but there was nothing else.
    ! In that blackness Jessica was suddenly overtaken by drowsiness, as if tranquilized. She laid her head on Marla's shoulder and fell asleep.
    ! Chapter 21
    ! She awoke to the feeling of warm sunlight on her naked skin. She was lying on a patch of grass, still nude, her skin dried by those golden rays. It must have been early morning, for the sun was slowly rising over the land.
    ! She sat up to survey her surroundings. Behind her lay the forest, and through an opening in the shrubs she could see the sparkle of water; Marla's pond, surely. Dead ahead of her she could see that she sat a few meters from the edge of a rocky cliff, some four or five storeys high. To her left and right the dense forest enclosed the area. It was a vantage a point, cleared of all but soft grass for the purpose of viewing the land below.
    ! Marla was nowhere to be found. Jessica got to her feet and made her way back into the forest, peeking in to the lovely grotto of the pond. No sign of her there.
    ! It was an unfamiliar place and she never particularly liked forests. Marla would surely never abandon her, but if she were to stray too far she could easily get lost. She returned to the spot where she had awoke, awaiting her lover's return.
    ! She took the chance to examine the unfamiliar scene below. It was a place of green grasses and jagged grey rocks. By then the sun had risen high enough to colour the sky a brilliantly deep blue. Fluffy clouds serenely floated by, carried by the gentle breeze. There were buildings sparsely scattered, though they were not of any modern variety. They were elegant affairs, built of white stone levels and columns, marble perhaps. Some were small, while others had multiple floors and were spectacular works of architecture. At the centre of that cluster of buildings lay a pyramid, also made of white marble. It dwarfed the other buildings. Its tip was capped with gold, gleaming brightly in the morning light.
    ! It appeared the way the ancient ruins of today must have once looked, before they were eroded by the elements and abused by future generations. Like modern ruins though, it was completely devoid of people. Whoever had built and cared for the place was gone.
    ! Turning back toward the forest, Jessica cupped her hands to her mouth and called, “Marla? Marla, are you there?”
    ! Yes, I'm here.
    ! “What… where,” Jessica whispered. “...I can hear you in my head. Why aren't you here?”
    ! This is no place for me. What you are seeing is only for you.
    ! “How…” Jessica gazed down at the lonely scene below. “Where are we?”
    ! An ancient place without a name.
    ! “The place of your ancestors.”
    ! Yes, indeed. They're your ancestors now, also.
    ! Jessica had to pause thoughtfully at that. “Shouldn't it be underwater?”
    ! Oh, it will be soon enough.
    ! “So is that why everyone is gone? This place is about to be destroyed.”
    ! Yes.
    ! “How sad…”
    ! There was a tremor in the ground beneath, a minor quaking that made the taller blades of grass sway. Jessica steadied herself until it subsided.
    ! “It's happening already, isn't it.”
    ! It's about to. Look far, to your right. On the horizon, there's the sea.
    ! Jessica squinted hard. “Yes, I see it. And ships… they're sailing away from here.”
    ! Yes. Some left for safer lands long ago. They'll be the survivors. The stubborn majority stayed until now. They will perish out on the water…
    ! Jessica nodded her head slowly. She felt sadness and a sort of kinship for whoever was in those boats. If only she could see them…
    ! There was another tremor, a much more violent one that shook the branches on the trees and knocked Jessica back onto the grass. It persisted for several seconds.
    ! It's beginning. You must leave now…
    ! Chapter 22
    ! Jessica opened her eyes. She was lying on her and Marla's bed, and it was dark outside. She felt terribly drowsy, as she did after any nap.
    ! “Marla…? Are you there?”
    ! Marla made her way into the room, dressed in a bra and pyjama pants. She flicked on their bedside lamp. “I'm here darling. How do you feel?”
    ! “I'm okay... just, drowsy. I hate waking up from naps.” Jessica sat up, blinking her puffy eyes. Marla was sitting down on the bed, looking at her intently.
    ! “Did the hot tub really happen, or was it just a dream?”
    ! Marla laughed softly, “oh darling, it happened alright. You were amazing.”
    ! “Oh. And... the pond? That cliff?”
    ! “Hmm...?” Marla tilted her head, looking like she didn't have the slightest clue what Jessica was talking about. “I think that, you must have dreamt.”
    ! “Oh, okay. What time is it?”
    ! “Eleven pm.” Marla snuggled up against her, still staring at her intently… studying her.
    ! “Okay, I wasn't asleep that long.”
    ! “Well, actually darling... It's eleven pm, the next day. You've been asleep for over twenty four hours.”
    ! Jessica's jaw dropped. “No,” she whispered. Her senses were awakening now, the drowsiness fading. She looked around their familiar bedroom, and realized that her vision was incredibly sharp. As her brain geared up into waking capacity she found that her thoughts raced by with a newfound precision and order.
    ! Marla could see realization dawning on Jessica's face, and she smiled slowly.
    ! “Marla... it's happened, hasn't it.”
    ! “Yes, darling.” She tenderly stroked her cheek. “You and I. ...We are the same kind, now.”
    ! “We... I... I'm like you.”
    ! “Yes. Strong. Smart. Eternal youth is yours.”
    ! “Oh my god,” she whispered.
    ! “There's more than just that, though.”
    ! “What,” Jessica breathed, even quieter now. A single tear streaked down her cheek, expressing neither joy nor sorrow, yet also a tumbling mixture of both.
    ! “You are bearing my child.”
    ! ~FIN~

  • Third:

    ! Chapter 13
    ! Sunday, September 4, 1994
    ! To say it was a somber trip back to school would have been a massive understatement.
    ! They had had an amazing summer together. Every day they shared activities and every night they'd shared a bed, so the months together had made them extremely close. At that point Jessica knew, with every ounce of her being, that she loved Marla. She adored her as a person and admired her strength, wisdom and intelligence, almost to the point of worship.
    ! Finally she had someone she could trust, someone she could rely on and confide in. That was exactly what she'd done for months, but those days and nights had passed by too quickly. Every high has its comedown, and Jessica was having to come down hard. As she'd promised to Marla in the spring she was going to go back to school and finish what she'd started. Tonight was the night she returned to her dormitory.
    ! This time she would be strong. This time she wouldn't let the other girls, so jealously malicious and catty, stop her from attending and passing her classes. She had Marla as her role model, an inspirational figure of unshakeable strength, whom she would still be able to spend all of her weekends with.
    ! Promise or not though, she wasn't really seeing the point in returning. It was a matter of months until she would turn nineteen, and it was her third shot at her eleventh grade. Sure, with all that she had gained she could easily pass the grade, but what was the point? What was the point when she saw herself spending the rest of her life with Marla, who could easily provide for her with or without that all-important high school diploma? But then, maybe Marla wasn't making those sorts of plans. She might not have figured they would be together for so long, so Jessica didn't mention it for fear of introducing tension into their relationship.
    ! It was a quiet late night drive. There was nothing to say, nothing that Marla ought to hear. Jessica had made a promise, so she was going to have to do this.
    ! They pulled up to her dormitory and popped the trunk, then proceeded to unload a couple things into her room. Jessica could see a few heads peeking through lit windows at their activity. Great, now they've seen who I was with all summer.
    ! “Alright darling. All loaded in,” Marla said as they set down the last suit case in her room. “Now make sure you get a good night's rest for tomorrow.”
    ! Jessica nodded, and her gaze fell to the floor as a tear rolled down her cheek. She didn't want to be there, not after all they had experienced together.
    ! “Oh… don't worry baby, it'll be fine,” Marla said as she stepped closer to comfort her with a hug. “And I'll be here to pick you up on Friday anyway. That's not too long from now, is it?”
    ! Her room mate, a heavyset girl of mixed descent, was present and making no effort to hide the fact that she was watching as she sat on her own bed. Jessica blushed self consciously at the show of emotion.
    ! “No, it's not too long. I'll be fine...”
    ! “Good. Call me if you need me, okay darling? Bye.”
    ! “Goodbye Marla.”
    ! When the door shut she plopped down on her bed, hanging her head sadly.
    ! “So who was that? You have some kind of girlfriend now?” her room mate asked.
    ! Jessica didn't reply. Jada wasn't the worst of the girls at school, but they weren't friends in any way.
    ! “Huh, guess so. Does that make you some kind of dyke?”
    ! Jessica kept ignoring her.
    ! “Or maybe just a gold digger. I saw that car she drove, damn! You fucking her for her money?”
    ! Jessica huffed, already fed up. “Shut up Jada,” she said coolly, crossing her arms and looking away.
    ! Her plump room mate guffawed. “Wow, well now I know what you've been doing all summer!”
    ! Jessica barged out of her room to look for some place more private. Her third shot at eleventh grade was off to a great start.
    ! ***
    ! Having finally willed herself to get up, Jessica rolled out of bed. She knew full well that she was going to be late for her first class. That night she was unable to sleep, having grown very used to having Marla's warm body next to her and her luxurious bedsheets sheets against her. She must have hit the snooze button four or five times.
    ! At least she had the room to herself. Getting to her feet she stretched, then slipped out of the oversized t-shirt she used as pyjamas, tossing it onto her bed.
    ! Time to put on her school uniform. One foot into her knee-high grey socks, then the other. Then her bra, a big plain white one she'd bought recently that fit her comfortably. Next was her dress shirt. She slipped her arms into the short sleeves and began to button, starting at her neck. As she made her way down, something was amiss. It was getting awfully tight! With her shirt fully done up, her breasts were pressed very uncomfortably against her, and the buttons around her chest were stressing under the tension. Staring down at her bosom, she cupped those round oversized orbs in disbelief. That shirt fit her fine in May, but now it was struggling to hold on to her!
    ! Could they have gotten bigger over the summer? She ran her hands around the curve of her breasts, and could feel that that may have indeed been the case - there was a good deal more volume to be found in those bouncy beauties than there was when she last put on that shirt. Shouldn't she, going on nineteen years, have been done growing? At that rate she was going to have to wear a shirt as big as Jada's. “Oh... this is really weird,” she muttered as she wrapped her grey pleated skirt around her hips and tucked the dress shirt into it. She grabbed her heavy stack of books and made her way to the school building.
    ! ***
    ! A feeling of dread washed over her as she entered. This place… god, I don't want to be here at all. With classes having already begun, the halls were empty, except for one group of girls who patrolled the area slowly. They were led by a short asian girl, probably no older than fifteen, who proudly bore the cardboard placard of 'hall monitor' on a string around her neck. The girls that trailed behind her were late for their own classes and had to walk with her for fifteen to twenty minutes until the teachers opened their classroom doors.
    ! “Aha,” the tiny girl barked. “Another late comer! You're coming with us.”
    ! Jessica leered at the runty little thing, almost a foot shorter than her. God, I have gotten too old for this. She sighed wearily as she joined them, swallowing her pride as she felt the ridiculousness of the situation fully set in. This is so childish. I'm so tired of this. I'm a woman now, and here I am repeating eleventh grade for the third time.
    ! As the minutes slowly passed Jessica rather frustratedly pondered how it had never occurred to her how juvenile life at the school was. She really didn't feel like she fit in anymore, and from the way some of the girls occasionally glanced at her, they didn't think so either. Some of them were new arrivals, entering the school for their ninth grade at the young age of fourteen.
    ! That heavy stack of books she carried had her arms tiring. With each step it seemed to gain weight as she held it up against her chest. She didn't notice the top book sliding off, her pencil case perched precariously upon it as her flagging grip started to tilt the stack… not until it came crashing to the floor. Her pencil case exploded, flinging pencils pens and erasers everywhere.
    ! “Ohh... dammit!”
    ! The other girls started to giggle softly. Her cheeks flushing, she bent down to gather her things. Her arms were pressing her crammed breasts together as she reached, and at that unfortunate moment the two buttons around her bosom gave up the ghost. They shot off of her shirt, bouncing off the ground with a plastic 'ping', and the garment erupted open, revealing the large cups of her bra and her expansive creamy cleavage.
    ! Those giggles turned to roars of laughter at the spectacle. Jessica was mortified! She frantically scrabbled about, gathering her things as a hot wave of humiliation washed over her.
    ! “What's all that laughing,” said a familiar voice as a classroom door opened. It was Shauna, a classmate of Jessica's the previous year, now peeking curiously into the hallway from within her twelfth grade class. “Oh, it's Jessica! Jessica Hunt is back!”
    ! Jessica growled quietly, her humiliation instantly turning to anger at the sound of that voice. Shauna was one of the worst. She had gathered her fallen book and stationary and clutched them to herself, but it was too late:
    ! “Oh my god! And she busted her shirt! Balloon-tits busted open her shirt!”
    ! More of Jessica's old classmates were rushing to that door to get a look. Their laughter was louder and much more venomous than that of the girls the hall monitor led.
    ! “Haha! You dumb bitch.”
    ! “Yeah, so what?! ...Fuck you,” Jessica spat with an uncharacteristic fury. “Fuck all of you stupid little whores! I hate all of you, I hate this place, and you're never going to see me again!”
    ! Their laughter reached a crescendo as she threw down her books and barged off.
    ! “Hahaha! Jessica Hunt! Jessica the cunt! HAHAHA.”
    ! ***
    ! Jessica dialled Marla's number into the pay phone, huddling close to it to hide her shame.
    ! The line rang several times before Marla picked up the phone.
    ! “Marla Dennis speaking.”
    ! “Marla it's me.” Jessica croaked. She'd been crying… bawling in fact.
    ! “Darling! You sound... what's wrong, did something happen?”
    ! “No, nothing happened. But I can't be here. I don't belong here. Please, please, take me away from this place.”
    ! “Sweetheart, it's only nine thirty! Well, alright then, I'll be right over.”
    ! ***
    ! When Marla arrived outside of Jessica's dorm she had already packed all of her things back up and changed out of her busted school uniform into casual clothes. Marla leaned against her Mercedes, arms crossed as she watched the beautiful girl bring out her suitcases, reddish gold hair gleaming in the mid-morning sunlight. Those locks were crowded around her face, probably hiding the puffy eyes and runny nose characteristic of almost an hour spent in tears.
    ! It was another quiet drive. Marla's probing questions were met with shrugging shoulders and shakes of the head; Jessica didn't know what to say, having clearly failed on her promise to finish school. For that she was embarrassed in a much deeper way than the humiliation she'd felt earlier that morning.
    ! When they arrived at Marla's apartment and brought her things back in she immediately made her way to the bedroom, stripped herself naked and crawled under the covers. Comforted by the smell of her beloved on the sheets, she shut her eyes and was soon catching up on the sleep she'd missed that restless night.
    ! Marla let the girl have her space and busied herself with other things, but they were definitely going to have to have a talk when she woke.
    ! Chapter 14
    ! When Jessica opened her eyes there was a sandwich and a glass of juice at her bedside, but even better there was Marla, kneeling on her hands and knees over her blanketed body. It was her soft kisses that woke her up.
    ! “Mmh… what time is it,” Jessica mumbled, the slight hint of a smile forming due to those sweet pecks. She'd slept off most of her bad feelings.
    ! “It's two pm darling. I thought it would be a good time to wake you.” She laid herself beside her on top of the blankets. The outfit she'd worn earlier had been replaced with something more... comfortable, to say the least. A black bra with purple highlights hoisted her full breasts wonderfully, and from its bottom edge trailed translucent purple fabric that draped over her slender elegance to end at mid thigh. She wore nothing else under that fabric, giving a tantalizing hint of what lay beneath.
    ! “Hmm... I've been asleep long enough.” Jessica turned to lie on her side, facing Marla. Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes trailed up and down her older lover's form, taking in her provocative wear.
    ! “So. Do you think we can talk now, about what happened this morning?”
    ! “Okay, sure...”
    ! “Go ahead then.”
    ! Jessica reached for the glass of juice and took a sip to clear her throat. “Something very embarrassing happened to me, so I left. But Marla, it wasn't just because of what happened that I called you, it was because... Because... I realized that I just can't be there any more. Look at me. I'm a woman now. I've grown so much... I have no reason to waste my time there.”
    ! “Is that how you feel?”
    ! “Yes. I felt it the moment I stepped into my old room. I'm older than the other girls there, it's so obvious. I look at them and I see children. The things we have to do, it's so juvenile.” She took one of Marla's hands and held it to her cheek, snuggling up against her forearm. “Don't you think so...? That I'm too mature for that place now?”
    ! “...Yes, darling. I do actually. I think we are both on the same page now, when we say that you've outgrown that life.”
    ! Jessica stared at Marla for a moment, looking into those intelligent eyes. That took very little convincing. It's like she knew it all along and was just waiting for me to realize it too. Was going back to school yesterday just a test? A lesson she wanted me to learn? Well if it was, it didn't have to be so embarrassing… so painful!
    ! Marla lifted the bedsheets and crawled under the covers with Jessica. As she snuggled up close and affectionately held her nude body Jessica couldn't help but just feel love for Marla, despite realizing the harsh cruelty of the test she had endured.
    ! “I guess… I could get my high school diploma somewhere else.”
    ! “You could do that, sure, if you feel it is something you still need. On the other hand, you could just stick with me, and I'll give you all the things you need to live in this world.”
    ! Jessica just stared, terribly surprised by what Marla had just said. Her eyes began to water again, though this time with burgeoning joy. “You... you will...?”
    ! “Sure,” she said, smiling warmly. “You and I are two of a kind now. I'll take care of you, and teach you to live like I do.”
    ! “Oh my god,” Jessica said as she squeezed Marla tightly. “Yes! Thank you! I was hoping you wanted to... I was afraid to ask if you would... god, I love you Marla!”
    ! They joined lips, and from the passion Jessica injected into that kiss Marla could feel just how grateful she was. “Yes darling... you can forget about your old life now. You're with me.”
    ! Jessica sighed elatedly. A huge tension had been lifted. In addition to her not having to go to that horrible school anymore, it was agreed that she and Marla would be together for a long time. She could only see good things in her future: a life belonging to this kind goddess-like being.
    ! “So, do you think you could tell me what it was that happened this morning? I'm dying to know.”
    ! “Oh, right, okay. Well I had trouble sleeping so I was late to class. So I was walking around the hallway with the hall monitor, this annoying little girl, and it was taking forever. My arms were getting tired from holding my books, and I eventually dropped one, and my pencil case too. When I bent down to pick it all up,” Jessica blushed a tiny bit, “my shirt broke…”
    ! Marla burst into giggles, which she tried to stifle for Jessica's sake. “Really? How?”
    ! “The buttons around my boobs came off.”
    ! Marla didn't even try to hide her laughter this time.
    ! She pouted. “It's not funny! They were all laughing. And then my old classmates saw and they started laughing also, calling me names. I was so mad that I threw down my books and barged out.”
    ! “I'm sorry darling… it does sound funny from my point of view, but yes, I can see that this was definitely not a pleasant experience for you.”
    ! Jessica nodded. “It was not a 'pleasant experience' at all. Marla, did my boobs get bigger?”
    ! “Well yes, I'd say they've grown a cup or two since we met, definitely.” Marla glanced down at Jessica's overgrown breasts, squished against her own smaller pair in her black and purple bra. It wasn't common to find a slender young lady who could beat her 34DD. “You didn't notice?”
    ! Jessica shook her head.
    ! “You also grew a little. You're probably only an inch shorter than me now.”
    ! Jessica shrugged, “I honestly had no idea... I guess I was just having so much fun with you this summer, and the time went by so fast that I didn't realize. God, why am I still growing? Shouldn't it be done?”
    ! “Apparently not, darling, but I daresay I like the direction your body is going.” She slid a hand up the contour of Jessica's side, letting the round softness of a breast slide beneath her touch. She took it in her hand, kneading it softly as she came in to kiss Jessica's lips.
    ! That squeeze to her sensitive breast had Jessica to moaning softly into her kiss. She let her tongue out, and it brushed over Marla's briefly. Marla responded by sliding that hand down to cup Jessica's behind and pull her close... close enough to feel her attraction.
    ! “I've never seen this outfit before,” Jessica said. She trailed a hand along Marla's hip, her touch sensual as the heat between them increased. The translucent purple material pleased her fingertips, as did the fit curves of her lover.
    ! Marla responded by whipping off the blanket, revealing herself in her provocative dress and Jessica in her nudity. She got to her feet and began to walk around the bedroom, giving Jessica a sexy little show. “Do you like it?” The fabrics draped down to her mid-thigh and would normally have left certain features of herself obscured to mere silhouettes, but lying so intimately in bed with the beautiful girl had left her swaying low, semi-erect and in plain view.
    ! “Mmmm... I really do. In fact, could you wear that for the rest of the day?” Jessica asked with a little grin. Without the blanket she was a little cold, her nipples hardening to suckable pink points as she crossed her arms against herself for warmth.
    ! “Sure, I could do that.” Marla was getting back onto the bed, crawling toward Jessica until she lay over her. They joined lips again, kissing each other slow and deep, tongues gently meeting with a building passion.
    ! Jessica reached down and grabbed ahold of her heavy semi-erection, lying it against her stomach as she gently stroked it. Marla sighed softly in response to that pleasant touch as she tilted her head, plunging her tongue deeper into the mouth of her lover as she began to harden and gain more length.
    ! The feeling of Marla coming to life against her had Jessica flushing with desire. Marla dipped a hand low to feel at her sex, which she found was already moist. Still passionately tonguing, she began to tease Jessica's clit, her sweet juices lubricating the movement. Jessica moaned into Marla's mouth, involuntarily rocking her hips as she continued to stroke what had become Marla's full hardness.
    ! When they finally parted lips Marla backed up, her hard length swaying from side to side as it lifted her gown away from her legs, until she could lower her face to Jessica's horny little slit. She gently spread her lovely legs and began to flick her tongue, eliciting a giggly sigh from the busty girl. “Mmm... you are a gorgeous, naughty little treasure,” Marla said as she slid two fingers in.
    ! “Mhmm,” Jessica sighed as she shut her eyes and pressed her cheek to the pillow. She was happy, overjoyed in fact, at the developments in their relationship that afternoon, and the prospects of pleasure to come were making things even better. She suddenly snapped to attention though, when she felt something hot and hard pressed against her sex.
    ! “Wha... Marla...?” She looked down to see that Marla was now kneeling before her spread legs, throbbing length in hand. The tip of her cock was parting her wet lips. “Oh my god... are you going to? ...It'll never fit!”
    ! Marla was tense, fighting the urge to just plunge herself as deep as she could into the trembling beauty before her. It was an impulse she'd been fighting since their first night together. “I think it will. You're ready now... Your body is ready.” Marla stroked herself slowly, making a lewd display of self-pleasure for Jessica as she worked her precum into the tense flesh, preparing herself. “Don't you want me to?”
    ! “Oh god! Yes, I do... I've wanted you to since the day I first saw you! But... I'm scared it'll hurt me...”
    ! Marla simply shook her head, sympathetic yet unable to wait a moment longer. “It won't hurt you.” She began to push forward. Ever so slowly the fat head of her shaft spread Jessica wide, then wider, as it squeezed its way inside of her.
    ! “Ohhh, gods yes, that feels beautiful,” Marla moaned.
    ! Jessica was wordless, though she breathed heavily, wide-eyed at the sight of her love finally entering her. Despite her fright she trusted Marla, who kept pushing, and soon inch after inch of her began to disappear. “Haaaa, my god... It's so big,” she mewled weakly.
    ! With half of her length buried Marla drew herself out, then slid herself back in the same distance and repeated. Her rate increasing, it was very apparent how tight her younger lover was, and the sensation made her twist her neck to the side with a shudder. “Ohhhh, yes... Don't worry darling, I'll be gentle.”
    ! Jessica could barely string two words together in response, though it sounded like 'gentle' wasn't going to be necessary. “Hoo, oh... so big... god... fuck me Marla!”
    ! Marla nodded her head once, and the next thrust of her hips had her buried deeper, the throbbing tip of her cramming into Jessica's sex until it bumped gently against her deepest point. Their eyes met, and they shared a moment of acknowledgement. This was really happening.
    ! Snapping back to reality Marla pulled back, only to plunge herself back in to that depth, slowly but steadily. Jessica moaned loudly, the brutal mix of pleasure and dull pain giving her cry a volume that would surely alert the neighbours. Marla silenced her by pressing her mouth tight over her lips, letting their tongues lash against each other in time with those steady powerful thrusts.
    ! The pain gradually dissipated as with each thrust Jessica's body adapted to the hardness that steadily pierced her. It began to feel right, as if her body were meant to accept Marla's huge cock, and any discomfort was soon replaced with more pleasure. Jessica's dreams were finally coming true; she and Marla were truly making love. She moaned into that kiss, a sound of deepest love and need.
    ! Sensing that Jessica's body had become receptive to her, Marla began to pump her hips quicker, pulling less of herself out each time so she could thrust back in sooner. It felt amazing. “Darling,” she purred between thrusts, gazing down at the sight of her lengthy shaft spearing in and out of her lover, “ treasure, you beautiful angel, how does it feel...?”
    ! “Oh god,” Jessica said. “Amazing... it's so good. I never knew it could feel like this!”
    ! Marla nodded, and with a self assured smile started to thrust faster.
    ! Jessica wailed loudly, helplessly overwhelmed by the intense pleasure. No more effort was needed, she was already writhing desperately, on the verge of cumming all over that fourteen inch cock.
    ! With a few more good thrusts Jessica went silent, unable to utter a sound as her body went rigid. She was curling forward beneath Marla as a rush of ecstasy overtook her. Her sex fluttered, milking her, begging for her to release, but it wasn't time yet. Marla focused, squeezing her muscles to fight the building pressure as she continued to steadily drive herself in and out.
    ! “Haaaaa-!,” Jessica wailed, finally regaining her voice. “Yes...! Oh god yes, yes yes!” She wrapped her legs tightly around Marla, trying to limit her thrusts for the pleasure had become too great to bare, but Marla was far stronger and would not yet relent.
    ! It was only when she began to feel close to letting go that Marla stopped. Buried deep inside of Jessica, she was impliably hard and throbbing with the elevated rate of her heart, and one more thrust would have surely led to the explosive end. She leaned in close and with a proud smile suckled on Jessica's lower lip. Jessica was gasping for air, completely dazed by the massive climax she had just had.
    ! “My god,” Jessica said between fitful breaths, “that was amazing…” She wrapped her arms around Marla's neck.
    ! Marla nodded, still smiling proudly at what had just taken place. She trailed her lips lower, kissing Jessica's chin, then her neck, then her chest... Indulging in a squeeze to those wonderfully oversized breasts, warm and moist with perspiration... As she inched downwards her length slowly slid out, and by the time she was low enough to trail her tongue along the undersides of one of her breasts her shaft sprung free, only to slap stiffly into Jessica's thigh.
    ! “Mmmh,” Jessica mewled complainingly. “I want more...”
    ! Marla started to shuffle backwards, away from her to the other side of the bed. She was pleased that Jessica felt she could handle more after that, and couldn't help but admire the fact that she was developing into such a formidable partner. With each movement her length swayed, beckoning. “Then come and get it...”
    ! Jessica was quick to close that distance. Kneeling before her, she grabbed Marla's rod and stroked slowly. “God, your cock is amazing... I can't believe you stuck this huge thing in me!” Not a moment after she had said that she plunged the hot tip into her mouth, shutting her eyes and sighing ecstatically at the taste of her lover's precum, not minding the taste of her own nectar.
    ! “Oooh,” Marla purred. She was so terribly sensitive, having intentionally halted her climax. A hefty burst of pre rewarded Jessica's attention, which she gulped down graciously.
    ! Her strength returned, Jessica got in closer, rising to hover over Marla, who gazed up at the beautiful girl, very pleased to see her taking control of the situation. “We aren't done,” she said as she reached down, guiding Marla's tip to sit against her sopping wet slit. “I want your cum inside me...”
    ! Their gazes met as Jessica hung there, poised for entry, the anticipation building. They shared a moan of strained delight as she finally slid down that towering cock, slowly taking every inch she could back in. It was terribly tight, a wonderful fit that would easily finish Marla off. She began to rock her hips, little movements that dragged her sex up and down a bit of that shaft. Her breasts swayed heavily with each pass, occasionally brushing against Marla's chin.
    ! “Good god,” Marla groaned, “you are absolutely gorgeous.” She could feel the cum boiling in her balls, the pressure building. She grabbed Jessica's hips and began to rock her own in time with her, turning those little humping passes into deep thrusts.
    ! “Ahhh, yes, that feels so good!” Jessica whined. “I love your huge cock...”
    ! It didn't take long, but the moments seemed like an eternity of intense pleasure as they continued. Jessica was well on her way to another orgasm, which she greedily urged onward with every shake of her hips. Marla was holding on to her climax, just a little longer until she would let herself release.
    ! “Ah! Yes! Yes...! Cumming again,” Jessica squealed.
    ! “God, me too!” Marla let go, and as Jessica's sex throbbed around her shaft her seed finally surged out. Wailing and groaning in ecstasy, they continued to wantonly fuck as hot cum spilled out of Jessica, displaced by each deep thrust.
    ! Marla fell back to lie against the mattress, and Jessica was soon to follow. She laid weakly over her, no longer having the will to support herself, yet Marla continued to hold her hips and powerfully, frantically thrust, emptying herself of her huge load. As her climax began to ebb she finally slowed until they both lay there in each others arms, thighs soaked with Marla's seed.
    ! “Oh, Marla... I think that was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. God, I love you so much...”
    ! Marla chuckled softly as she wrapped her arms around the girl, tenderly holding her close. “It was very good. I've been waiting for us to have this... waiting for the right time. For when you were ready.”
    ! She was surprised to see a tear roll down Jessica's cheek. “Darling? Are you alright?”
    ! “Yes,” she said, “I'm fantastic. I just... can't believe we did that. I thought we would never be able to. It's... a lot to process.”
    ! “I suppose so,” Marla said as she wiped away that single tear. “But you'll get used to it. In fact, I do think there will be a lot more of that in the near future...”
    ! Chapter 15
    ! Thursday, October 27, 1994
    ! “No TV and no beer make Homer something something.”
    ! “Go crazy?”
    ! “Don't mind if I do, RAAABLBLBLBLB!!
    ! Jessica was sprawled on the couch, enjoying another lazy autumn evening watching Halloween specials while Marla fixed up dinner in the kitchen. She was dressed for comfort in some soft sweat pants and a t-shirt, no bra.
    ! “Sweetie, could you slice these potatoes please? I need them cut real thin. I'm afraid my hands are full with this sauce.”
    ! “Sure.” Jessica got up and made her way over to the kitchen, then got to work on those potatoes. “You know Marla, Halloween is coming.”
    ! “Mhmm. It sure is,” she said as she stirred the reducing sauce.
    ! “Do you ever do anything for Halloween?”
    ! “Well, I guess I give out candy, but I'm a little too old to really get into that kind of thing.”
    ! “Okay, yeah. But you know, there are all kinds of costumes on sale right now…”
    ! “Uh-huh...?”
    ! “Some of them are pretty sexy...”
    ! “Uh-huh. Yeah, I can see where this is going,” Marla chuckled.
    ! “Let's buy sexy costumes tomorrow!”
    ! Marla nodded, still having a laugh, “yeah, yeah I saw that coming.”
    ! “Can we?”
    ! She chuckled, “oh... sure, why not.”
    ! “Awesome! -OW.”
    ! Marla quickly turned, taking her pot of sauce off the burner first, lest she let the sauce curdle. Jessica had her finger in her mouth, and there was a tiny red smear across the flesh of the potato she held.
    ! “Oh, baby, did you cut yourself?”
    ! Jessica nodded, her brow furrowed at the stinging sensation in her wounded digit.
    ! “Oh dear... let me see that.”
    ! Jessica held out her hand. It wasn't too serious, but the cut was fairly deep into her fingertip and a little blood was freely flowing out of it.
    ! “Ouch. You'd better wash it off and put a bandaid on it. I'll finish those potatoes.”
    ! Other than the cut to her finger it was as normal a night in as any, with all of the habitual comforts and pleasures that made life so sweet for Jessica and Marla. They dined on grilled chicken breasts and scalloped potatoes, which were delicious due in maybe some small part to Jessica's minor contribution, then shared a bottle of wine before joining each other in bed.
    ! ***
    ! “I honestly have no idea what sort of costume I should be looking for,” Marla said as they drove to the local party shop. Around that time of year the place stocked all sorts of costumes, ranging from conventional to flirtatious to outright scandalous.
    ! “Just take a look around and get whatever looks fun to you.”
    ! “Yeah, I don't know. I don't think I've ever done something like this. I won't even know where to start.”
    ! “Oh come on,” Jessica said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “It'll be so fun, I promise!”
    ! “...Meh. Tell you what,” Marla said as they pulled into the parking lot behind the shop. It was a cute little building, an older property in the historic part of a suburb. “I'm just going to leave my bank card with you. Get me whatever you like. I'll do some errands meanwhile at the hardware store.”
    ! Jessica pouted. “Oh, alright. That sounds... almost as fun. Bye!” She got out of the car, bank card in hand.
    ! The shop had become a chaotic place, packed with merchandise and people making their late costume purchases. As Jessica made her way towards the ladies costumes there was no shortage of sideways glances in her direction; her healthy full head of strawberry blonde locks were an eye catcher, and then there was much for those eye to linger upon. She was mindful of the stares when she ventured out, but didn't really care in the end if anyone were quietly eye-fucking her, as long as they kept it to themselves.
    ! As she browsed through the hangers of naughty outfits she realized that the bandaid on her finger had fallen off. She took a good look at that finger and her eyes narrowed at what she beheld: There was just a slight indentation, as if the wound were inflicted weeks ago and were almost fully healed. Indeed, she'd never felt any soreness in that finger all day and had completely forgotten that there ever was such an incident. Strange...
    ! Aha, Jessica thought as she pulled out a costume with an evil grin. This will be perfect on Marla. That's what she gets for not shopping for costumes with me… hehehe...
    ! Chapter 16
    ! Monday, October 31, 1994
    ! Marla was ignoring the occasional knocks at her door. She wouldn't be handing out treats for anyone that year. They turned off all of their lights and lit the place with candles, and Jessica put on her 'spooky Halloween mixtape'.
    ! She was already dressed in her costume and was waiting outside of the bathroom, hand on hip, for Marla to emerge. She was dressed as a police officer, complete with shiny aviator glasses and a hat. However most officers didn't wear their long firey hair down, nor did they wear bright red lip stick. Nor were those booty shorts and knee high stiletto heeled boots normally part of their uniform. Their shirts were not so tiny, and did not open low to permit a view of so much cleavage. Jessica was a Sexy Cop. The entire ensemble was completed by a pair of handcuffs hanging at her hip, which she looked forward to using.
    ! With a sigh of resignation Marla opened the bathroom door and stepped into view. Jessica burst into a fit of giggles at the sight of her.
    ! “A cheerleader? Really? I'm centuries old, I possess knowledge of the ages, and you dress me as a ditzy bimbo cheerleader?”
    ! “Uh-huh! Maybe you should have helped me choose, and then you would have had a say in what you're wearing.”
    ! Marla harumphed, crossing her arms sternly. “How is a cheerleader supposed to be scary anyway.” She wore a tiny close fitting short sleeved top of white and blue, which stopped just below her bosom, revealing her toned tummy. Below that there was a blue pleated miniskirt which was quite miniscule, so short that the bottoms of her butt cheeks were visible. Marla normally never wore panties, and it was easy to see why… the white cotton undies beneath the skirt were struggling to hold onto her soft member and balls, cramming them against her into a mound that swelled beneath those short pleats. On her legs she wore knee high white socks and sneakers.
    ! “Well, maybe it's scarier when we find out what's under your skirt!” Jessica ran a hand down one of Marla's long purple streaked pigtails. “I like what you did with your hair.”
    ! “Yeah, the model on the package had her hair like that so I thought I'd follow suit.” Marla tossed her pom-poms down and stepped closer to her Jessica, unable to help herself from smiling at the delicious sight. “Now, you, my darling, look terrific,” she said as she lifted Jessica's sunglasses, permitting a view of her green eyes. Behind those cold shades she was the same sweet girl. She stroked a hand down Jessica's waist and softly kissed her lips, her hand then trailing down a little further until she could roughly grab a handful of her round bottom. To kiss her she had to get on her tippy toes, the heels on Jessica's boots having given her several inches more height.
    ! “Whoa, hold on a second there little Missy,” Jessica said as she pushed Marla away. “I'm going to have to place you under arrest!”
    ! “Huh...? Really,” Marla said with an amused grin. “What for?”
    ! “For unlawful touching of a police officer.”
    ! Marla chuckled. And so it begins…
    ! “You have the right to remain silent,” she said as she reached for her handcuffs. “Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law.” She was cuffing Marla's hands behind her back.
    ! Still standing behind her, Jessica started to guide her handcuffed partner toward the couch. Marla put a little bump in her step, letting her hips and that tiny miniskirt do all the talking under her condition of silence. To have Marla handcuffed and dressed like a pigtailed cheerleader slut was a rare treat indeed, and Jessica intended to take full advantage of it.
    ! She tugged the chain around Marla's wrists, knocking her off balance to fall onto the couch, where she sat obediently. “You may speak now,” Jessica said as she loomed before Marla, “for your interrogation.
    ! “I'm sorry officer. I didn't mean to do it, it's just I'd never seen such a sexy little cop before. I thought it must have just been a costume.”
    ! “Well, you thought wrong!” Marla gulped as she watched her extend one slender booted leg onto the couch cushion beside her, then lower herself to straddle her sitting form, those booty shorts absolutely tiny on her and hiding nothing. Jessica scootched closer, nudging up against the bulge of her well stuffed panties. Her deep rounded cleavage was crowding Marla's face, and she could smell the seductive perfume she had strategically sprayed between those voluminous breasts.
    ! Marla could already feel those innocent little panties getting more uncomfortable.
    ! Jessica took her chin and tilted it up out of her cleavage to gaze into the shiny lenses of her sunglasses. “Thankfully you've had a clean record up until now, so I'm going to be lenient with you. I'll let you off with a warning… as long as you get me off first.” With that said she flicked off those sunshades and pressed her red lips to Marla's. They kissed passionately.
    ! Jessica grabbed on to the back cushions of the couch, giving herself an anchor as she started to grind herself against the bulge in Marla's panties. They were very full indeed, and Jessica could easily make out the shape of Marla's growing member as it stretched the fabric away from from her crotch. By the time they broke the kiss her long shaft was bent at a painful angle beneath the white cotton and the elastic waist band was stretched out beyond the bottom edge of that insignificant mini skirt, giving a glimpse of its contents.
    ! “These panties... are getting very uncomfortable. Officer, do you think we could remove them?”
    ! “I think we'd better. It looks like you're concealing a weapon.”
    ! Jessica got up off of her lap. The bouncing of her fat tits in that top had Marla's rod pulsing even more angrily, and when Jessica leaned in to yank the panties down to her ankles it sprung free. Within moments she was fully erect, the tip of her enormous shaft bobbing an inch or two north of her knees as it extended out of her cheerleader's mini skirt. She breathed a sigh of relief, though she was still handcuffed and at Jessica's mercy.
    ! Jessica's eyes widened at the sight, and she bit down on her bottom lip hotly. Seeing her hugely-endowed lover bursting out of her naughty costume was making her extremely horny. Wasting not another moment she swooped in, again straddling Marla's lap and commencing yet another passionate kiss. She dragged her scantily clad sex up and down that throbbing length as it pressed against her bottom and Marla could feel the moisture of her arousal soaking through the fabric.
    ! How did I let her get this far, Marla thought. I don't mind what she's doing, but this sort of role certainly is new. The moment I'm out of these cuffs, I'm going to show her who the real boss is…
    ! She must have been growing impatient, because Jessica suddenly broke that kiss and got off of her lap. Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she kneeled before her in those tall black boots, grabbed ahold of her aching cock, and plunged the head into her mouth.
    ! “Ooooh, babe,” she groaned. Her shaft throbbed as it finally received a direct touch, and the precum did begin to trickle onto Jessica's tongue.
    ! Jessica just hummed with appreciation as she busily stroked and licked at her length, savouring the taste. Her efforts had her police officer's cap falling off of her head, forgotten on the floor with Marla's abused panties. Her lips smacked against the hot flesh before she spoke: “Yep… definitely a concealed weapon. You won't get off easy for this one...”
    ! Marla gasped at the overwhelming sensations of Jessica renewing her efforts after she spoke. She was dragging her hands in tandem up and down that throbbing slippery length as she sucked greedily. “Uhhh, god... officer, go easy on me!”
    ! “No one is going to go easy on you tonight, not when you're packing this!” Jessica pointed the throbbing pillar up at Marla's face. “See? Look at it. Taste it.”
    ! “…Taste it?”
    ! She gave it a shake,“yes! Go on!”
    ! With a sigh Marla reluctantly leaned forward, bending slightly at the torso to take the tip of her cock into her mouth. She obediently traced her tongue over her own hot flesh, and Jessica took the moment to appreciate the absurd yet arousing sight: handcuffed cheerleader, forced to suck her own giant cock. Pigtails tickling her thighs as her head bobbed steadily. “Mmm yes... oh my god. Keep going.”
    ! As Marla continued to slowly pleasure herself Jessica got up off of her knees and started to peel off her navy blue booty shorts, revealing that she had worn nothing beneath. The moisture where it was pressed against her was visible as she dragged it down her lovely legs, taking a moment to manoeuvre it around her stiletto heeled boots. Those boots and the tight revealing police officer's top were the only things left on her.
    ! Jessica opened up a drawer and took out a key ring. On the ring were two tiny keys – obviously, the ones to her handcuffs. Helplessly Marla watched her set those keys on the table beside the couch. She was going to set her free, but when?
    ! She then made her way back over to Marla. Standing before her, one leg propped up beside her on the couch, she took Marla's cock and pressed the tip of it against her slit. With it held against her opening she gave her length a couple more strokes... Marla groaned, and with an involuntary jerk a spurt of precum gushed out to messily trickle over Jessica's crotch and down her shaft. “Ooooh... You kept it so hard for me.”
    ! Slowly Jessica lowered herself, the fat tip parting her lips as it slipped inside her tight folds. With an expression of pain and lust on her face she lowered herself further, further still, until she was completely filled with Marla's gigantic throbbing hardness. Grabbing on to the back of the couch for support, she started to slowly lift and lower herself, slowly taking in and releasing her.
    ! “Mmmm Jessica, you bad bad girl.” Nothing turned Marla on more than watching her lover take her long cock.
    ! She started to pick up the pace, more steadily taking pleasure from that lusty pillar, paying no mind to how well her movements suited the sensations of her helpless partner. Marla took matters into her own hands by rocking her hips up into Jessica, driving herself harder into her.
    ! “Ah! Yeah, that's so good!” Jessica moaned as she continued those motions. One of her hefty breasts fell out of her top, wobbling roundly before Marla's face. She soon buried that nipple in her mouth, greedily suckling on Jessica's young tit, the sensitive nipple hardening.
    ! “Haaa, yes,” Jessica sighed at those combined attentions. She loved the things Marla could do to her, was amazed at how their sex just got better and better.
    ! Feeling it was time to change things up, Jessica's motions ceased as she instead reached for the key to those handcuffs. It was difficult, because Marla was still hungrily thrusting herself in and out of her. When the key was in Jessica's grasp she finally stopped, leaning forward so the lock could be undone.
    ! The moment her hands were free Marla grabbed Jessica's buttcheeks roughly, supporting her as she got off of the couch, still buried as deeply as Jessica could take her. Jessica waited for whatever was to come next with baited breath as she was carried to the bedroom and dumped down on their soft bed. The thrusting resumed in earnest.
    ! “Yes, fuck me,” the busty police officer cried as a pigtailed cheerleader powerfully thrust her huge cock in and out of her. Marla did so in the most merciless manner, atoning herself for the abuse of power she had just experienced, though mindful as always not to hurt her beloved.
    ! Jessica came, hard and sudden. She writhed helplessly, moaning inarticulately as Marla persisted. She could feel the waves of ecstasy wracking her lover, yet she was nowhere near done yet. Steadily she kept going, savouring her revenge.
    ! “Not so tough now, are we Miss Police Officer,” Marla snickered between powerful thrusts.
    ! “Ahh! Ahh, god, yes!”
    ! Finally feeling ready to cum she pulled her long shaft out of Jessica's quivering folds. She kneeled over her belly, length extending over her chest to point at her lips. Jessica could barely respond, still recovering from the intense orgasm she had been dealt as Marla began to pump that throbbing tool just below the head.
    ! Her body clenching in the moments before release, she pumped faster, frantically working her wrist as her seed boiled its way towards the base of her shaft. “Here it comes baby... Mmmh...! Are you ready?”
    ! Jessica nodded with a strained giggle. Her composure was returning. She sat up a bit and squeezed her breasts together, ready to catch the inevitable spill off as the first thick rope of cum splashed against her chin. She gasped, surprised as always by the volume her lover produced. She was ready for the next spurt, and it landed in her open mouth, washing over her cheek, chin and neck as well.
    ! Grunting with each orgasmic blast, Marla stuffed the tip of her dick into Jessica's open mouth. She swallowed that seed greedily, and though she'd gotten a lot better at drinking it down it still flowed out of her mouth and dripped down into her cleavage, released faster than she could drink it.
    ! Marla's chest heaved as she slowly withdrew her hand, letting Jessica take over with grateful strokes to her seizing shaft. She slumped, losing the will to support herself in her state of supreme release. “Yes darling, drink me up... yes!”
    ! The flow of cum slowed to a trickle, which Jessica gratefully received. That really took the life out of her! She dragged her eyes along the glistening length of her shaft, from her silly skirt to her lover's lips, and sighed deeply. What a catch, that young lady was. She was coming along well.
    ! At that moment there was the distant knocking of little hands at Marla's apartment door.
    ! “Oh,” Marla said, the air broken as she and Jessica returned to reality. “Trick-or-treaters.”
    ! Jessica giggled softly as she took that softening member out of her mouth. “Happy Halloween.” She licked her lips.
    ! Marla chuckled and then left to grab a towel. She mopped some sweat off of her brow and then passed it to Jessica, who began to clean herself up.
    ! “That was fun,” she said as she mopped the creamy fluids off of her breast. They hadn't messed her costume up too much, just a speck here or there. Most of it was on her naked skin.
    ! “Mhmm,” Marla replied with a nod. She was removing the ties from her hair, undoing her pigtails.
    ! “So... do you want to trade costumes? And then maybe... we can do it again?”
    ! Marla gave her a look of disbelief, causing the girl to giggle. She hesitated, but then the mental image of Jessica handcuffed in that cheerleading costume was so delicious that she quickly felt herself warming up to the idea.
    ! It was going to be a long night.

  • Second part:

    ! Chapter 6
    ! Tuesday, May 31, 1994
    ! Through partially curtained windows the mid morning light dimly lit her bedroom. Wearing her bathrobe, she seated herself before her vanity and removed the towel from her hair, letting her long wavy locks fall and frame her pale visage. Uncapping a dark red lipstick, she leaned in closer to the vanity mirror, making an 'O' with her lips, and began to apply the pigment. She puckered and smooched, then chuckled her satisfaction.
    ! Gorgeous. For hundreds of years, she'd always been gorgeous.
    ! She rose, untied the rope at her waist and shrugged out of the robe, revealing creamy smooth skin. Glancing to her left, she caught her profile in her tall full-body mirror. She took in her figure: lithe and toned athletically, yet with no lack of lush feminine curve. Despite their enticing plumpness, her breasts sat high and shapely upon her chest, tipped with bold nipples. Her rear swelled out with a womanly roundness that well suited the proportions of her figure. Lowering her gaze to her cock, she turned to face the mirror and struck a sultry pose as she traced her hand down to cup its flaccid form. It, and the hairless sac below it, were in stark contradiction to any conventional ideals of womanly beauty. She slid her hand along the soft length, then let the sizable appendage drop to sway between her upper thighs.
    ! She was expecting a phone call. Jessica had been away from her for one day and one night, going on another day now. She must have been in agony, desperate to spend another night with her.
    ! “You give a girl a taste,” she muttered as she slid her smooth legs into some black pantyhose, “and they're never the same…”
    ! She pulled the lacy trim up her thighs, then tucked her member inside the left leg. Settling back down onto the comfortable bench in front of her vanity, she chuckled again, though with an excitement that belied her usual confidence and steely grace.
    ! “Such a special girl, that Jessica Hunt.”
    ! It had been centuries since Marla had felt such excitement for one of her partners. Granted, she wasn't quite ecstatic for the situation, but when one has lived as long as she, it's significant. It was because Jessica was so innocent. Eighteen years yet still so unspoiled. The all-girls orphanage where she stayed and attended classes had sheltered her from the evils of the world, and given her a sense of humility that was hard to find. And it was all so rare and unlikely, because Jessica was so. Damned. Beautiful. It made the experience, something she had been through many times already, seem new.
    ! It was on the previous Sunday that, after cleaning up after themselves, they had crawled into her jacuzzi to lounge about and finish that bottle of wine. Only moments before Jessica had, in her moment of passion, admitted that she was essentially Marla's. She had spoke no more of it, preferring small talk, but from the look in her eyes, and the things they had done, it was obviously so, and would be so, until things had run their course. She'd spent the night, and early the next morning Marla drove the young lady back to her school to return her to her normal life.
    ! To spend another day without Marla, in that lonesome dormitory full of jealous girls, would surely be torture.
    ! As expected, moments later her antiqued telephone did indeed ring.
    ! “Marla Dennis speaking.”
    ! “Marla, it's me.”
    ! “Hello, darling. How are you?”
    ! “I'm okay. Listen, are you available?” From the tone of her voice, Jessica wasn't quite 'okay'. It could have been sadness or frustration at her lonesome surroundings... or it could have been desire.
    ! “I'm sorry Jessica, but no, not at the very moment. Did you want to get together?”
    ! “Yes... very much in fact.”
    ! “I can pick you up at five pm. Will that do?”
    ! “Mhmm. Can you come any sooner, though?”
    ! “I'm afraid not. You just sit tight, I'll be over as soon as I'm available. Five pm.”
    ! “Okay. Goodbye, Marla. See you soon.”
    ! “Goodbye Jessica.”
    ! The truth of the matter was that Marla could get her affairs in order long before then, but she wanted to make her wait just a little longer. A few hours wasn't too cruel. It was all a part of her game, to make Jessica really appreciate just how much she needed her.
    ! It wasn't to say though that Marla wasn't likewise anticipating their meeting. In her mind's eye she recalled the girl, so slim and young yet utterly stacked, kneeling before her, astonished to behold the hidden gifts of an immortal goddess' body. It felt so good when Jessica took ahold of her cock, her hands and tongue soon learning exactly how to do what she wanted her to do with it. And from that moment Jessica was hers.
    ! She shook her head, passing the thought to the back of her mind as she willed herself not to become aroused, her member having already fattened slightly within her sheer pantyhose. Now was not the time for that.
    ! Chapter 7
    ! Despite the rapidly warming weather Jessica had bundled herself up in a jacket, obscuring the clothes she wore, lest one of the other girls would see. Waiting outside for Marla to arrive at five pm on a weekday, she couldn't afford them knowing about the brand new clothes Marla had gifted her with. Not that she planned to be around any of them for much longer, but she didn't want to have any confrontations.
    ! As it had been since the previous morning, when she had been brought her back to her school for her classes, Jessica's mind could only think of how amazing an experience she had had that Sunday night. She was bordering on obsession, dreaming of Marla's unbelievable body and all the things she wanted to do to with it. She was probably too big for there to be any more than oral and hand play, and that was an area of disappointment to her, but the mere thought of all the other things they could do and the tastes and smells of her enigmatic lover were more than enough for her to handle.
    ! When finally Marla arrived, in full style with the top of her convertible down, Jessica took off her coat and tucked it beneath her arm, revealing the outfit she had chosen and the sumptuous display it provided: A white and black striped tank top clunging close to her torso, fitting her far better than her school uniforms ever would and revealing the curve and cleave of her overly plentiful bosom and lean belly. Upon the flare of her hips tiny daisy-duke jean shorts squeezed her rear. Marla took a moment to take in the flirty casual wear, her breath catching in her chest at the sudden onslaught of visual temptation as Jessica bounded over to the passenger side door and hopped in.
    ! “Oh my... Jessica, you look adorable... and utterly delicious,” she said as she reached over to stroke Jessica's naked thigh.
    ! “Thank you,” she replied as she buckled herself in, “and thanks for coming to get me today. I understand you must have been busy, but-”
    ! Marla waved her hand, cutting Jessica off. “Think nothing of it. There's nothing I'd rather do than have the lovely Jessica to myself tonight.”
    ! ***
    ! Upon entering the apartment, Marla tossed her things onto a chair and then turned to face Jessica, who smiled and stepped closer to her, pleased to finally have the privacy to properly kiss her new love. Marla caught her and slid her hand into her lovely strawberry blonde locks, pressing their lips together in a smouldering embrace. Jessica couldn't help but softly moan as she tightly wrapped her arms around her and returned that kiss with all of the fiery passion that had built during their time apart. When finally their lips parted Marla started to make her way towards her bedroom.
    ! “Make yourself at home. I'm just going to get out of these business clothes and slip into something more comfortable.”
    ! Jessica was in the kitchen pouring herself a glass of water when Marla returned. She set her glass down on the kitchen counter and turned to a sight that left her speechless.
    ! “Do you like it?” Marla asked, smiling playfully as she gave a theatrical spin. The loose fitting short sleeved belly top was made of very thin fabric, and it was obvious by the visible peaks of her nipples that she wore nothing beneath it. Below there was a flowing skirt of sheer material, trailing down to her ankles. Having nothing to hide from Jessica now, the silhouette of Marla's low hanging gifts could be easily seen through it, again due to a lack of underwear. Marla advanced toward her, perky unsupported bosom shuddering with each step until she could mute any response Jessica might offer by giving another kiss. It was brief, with just a hint of tongue.
    ! “Yes... it looks... very comfortable,” she replied breathily, lost for words.
    ! Marla snickered softly. “I wasn't planning on having to leave the apartment any time soon. So I figured you wouldn't mind if I wore something that we could... you know... take off quickly.”
    ! “No, I don't mind at all. Though I think if we really make a habit of having me over like this, I'll need to start wearing something similar.”
    ! Marla stroked a hand along Jessica's hip, fingers creeping up under her shirt a little. “What a delicious thought! I foresee another shopping trip for us then. Would you like that?”
    ! “Oh yes, definitely,” Jessica said, her breath catching in her throat at that touch, her voice only a whisper. “I'll wear whatever you want...”
    ! Marla nodded with a smirk, her violet eyes locking on to Jessica's in a gaze that made it quite clear what sort of activities she intended to come next.
    ! Her excitement mounting, Jessica placed her hands on Marla's waist, pushing her away a few inches. “It felt like forever, waiting for us to see each other again, so I'm not going to waste any more time. I have a present for you, and if you sit down over there on the couch I should be able to give it to you.”
    ! “Oh? A present. It's been a while since I've had a present from anyone but myself. Unless you count that little thing you did Sunday night,” Marla said. She winked flirtatiously and then swaggered over to the couch, where she sat down neatly.
    ! “Now... despite what you may think, I'm not totally clueless. There aren't really any boys at all where I live, but I do know that I am a little... gifted, in certain departments. I'm not blind to the stares of men. Until now I've never had the pleasure of sharing that gift. Which is something a young lady should be able to do, when the opportunity strikes...”
    ! “Yes, definitely, a lady such as you should,” Marla said as she came to stand before her.
    ! “Mhmm. So, if you don't mind, I'd like you to just sit still,” she pulled off her tank top, “while I try something new...”
    ! Jessica had chosen to wear the sexiest bra she had, a frilly black and red number they had bought together during the weekend. Marla gulped at the sight of the girl as she tossed her top to the floor. If memory served her correctly, the bras they had replaced her outgrown DDs with were sized 34F, certainly not a common size for a slender little beauty such as she. And boy did she fill it well.
    ! She turned and began to unbutton her jean shorts. Wriggling out of them, she slowly revealed the rounded cheeks of her rear, the strap of her thin black thong disappearing easily between them as she bent to slide the tiny denim thing down her legs. Once those shorts were off she turned to face Marla again, one hand placed coquettishly upon her hip.
    ! “Mmm... Jessica, you sexy little mink,” Marla purred, already feeling a stirring between her thighs. “Now what do you have planned for me?”
    ! Jessica pursed her lips at that comment, showing a playful sort of disdain. “Little…? Marla, I'm almost as big as you!” She slowly advanced towards Marla, rocking her hips with every step and letting her tits bounce lusciously. She then turned away from her and sat herself down in her lap, placing her hands on her knees. She was ready to put on a show. “Now, you're going to see how much of a big girl I can be.”
    ! Marla chuckled, holding Jessica where her thin waist flared out into her hips, just above the straps of her thong. Her member was starting to throb a little as she took in her half naked form, particularly the sides of her breasts, which were well visible from behind in the space between her upper arms and body.
    ! “Hey, what did I say about you sitting still!” Jessica scolded. She took Marla's hands and tossed them back down onto the cushions of the couch. “No hands… yet.”
    ! Marla harumphed, crossing her arms beneath her chest as she waited for her next move.
    ! Returning her hands to their anchor over Marla's knees, Jessica leaned forward, making a display of her curvy thong clad bottom, which she wiggled and swayed back and forth over her lap. Marla purred, very much enjoying the naughty side of a girl she presumed to be so innocent. Her length was thickening, sitting semi erect on top of her left thigh. When that swaying rear brushed over it, Jessica sighed softly, beginning to focus her attentions on it... rubbing her wettening thinly clothed sex up and down its length.
    ! “Mmm... yes, I like that...” Marla was quickly hardening in response to those naughty motions, and soon Jessica felt the tip of Marla's prick begin to poke at her wrist, her hands still firmly grasping the sitting woman's knees. She began to catch a stronger whiff of Marla's delicious trademark scent, a nuanced odour that gave her sensuous urges.
    ! “Oooh, and I love that,” Jessica replied with a giggle as she got up off her lap and stole a peek over her shoulder, unable to resist the sight of Marla at full length beneath the gossamer folds of that long sheer skirt. She reached behind her back, unclasping her bra, and then, one arm holding those cups against her chest, sat back down on Marla's lap for the second phase of her lap dance. Again, her back turned, she began to grind up and down Marla's shaft, which had become quite hard.
    ! Marla was beginning to have trouble resisting now that she was fully aroused. Feeling tense, she stared as the girl's bra barely shielded those spectacular breasts. She summoned her discipline and stifled the urge to touch, choosing to let her continue her game of temptation.
    ! “Remember… no hands,” Jessica said as she tossed the bra away, her rounded prizes finally sitting free to the open air. She continued to grind up and down her cock, faster now, and Marla watched the sides of her breasts rock with each motion of her against her turgid length.
    ! “Oh, hoh... dear,” Marla groaned, hungry for her. She could feel the heat of her precum beginning to drip against her leg, she was so hard.
    ! Finally Jessica leaned back over her, scootching up her lap. “Okay... now you can touch.”
    ! Marla grabbed handfuls of her bountiful bosom, pinching roughly at her sensitive nips. She trailed hard, messy kisses up and down Jessica's neck, then whispered roughly in her ear, “that was very naughty... I didn't know you were so naughty.” She let go of a breast, smearing a lusty hand down Jessica's slender body until she could rub her clit. “Now you're going to find out what I do to naughty girls.” Jessica moaned, grinding against Marla still, though doing so then purely out of want.
    ! Without much warning Marla suddenly scooped Jessica up into her arms. With surprising strength she easily carried her to her bedroom, her hard rod swaying with each step as it tented the long skirt, and unceremoniously dumped Jessica belly-first onto the soft bed. She gave her younger lover no time to react as she quickly wrenched that little thong down, exposing her aroused folds. Now it would be Marla's turn to taste the other.
    ! Jessica moaned out loudly as she felt that first pass of Marla's tongue against her, giving up any sense of control, willingly leaving herself to the mercy of her experienced lover. Heavens, Marla thought to herself, this little beauty tastes just as good as she looks. She plunged her tongue in, savouring the flavour of the moaning tart, then lapped up and down her crease, wanting to grab every drop of arousal she could get. Fingers digging into her soft cheeks, Marla spread Jessica roughly, letting her tongue plunge deeper still, eliciting more moans of pleasure from the helpless young vixen.
    ! Satisfied, she then rose to her feet and quickly whipped off her loose top. Unclasping a pin at her waist, her skirt was next to follow, the flowing material elegantly unfurling and falling off her hips, only to hang like dark drapery off her extensive cock.
    ! Jessica rolled onto her back to behold the spectacle standing before her. She was spellbound by the supernatural perfection of her lover, all offset by the throbbing hardness that jutted well outwards before her, the sight of which was instantly driving her mad with lust.
    ! Marla ripped that cloth off of her cock, and the force of unveiling it had it whipping back and forth stiffly, flinging a few drips of precum to her bedroom floor.
    ! “Oh my god…” Jessica was considering making a move toward that hypnotically swaying tool when Marla dropped down to her knees, firmly grabbing ahold of Jessica's thighs as she began to lap her tongue up and down her clit. “Ho-oh-oh! God Marla, that feels nice...”
    ! She let go of one of Jessica's thighs, easily sliding a finger up into her wet slit. Jessica felt quite tight, and it didn't take much prodding to make her moan, not when Marla continued to flick her tongue over her clit so steadily. She rubbed her finger a little deeper, against that most sensitive region, and Jessica shuddered at the sensation, her young sex beginning to beat with need. Marla couldn't help but hump her hips at the air as she continued to expertly pleasure Jessica, her rock hard rod swaying, pre still dripping in her state of intense arousal. She wanted to plunge herself deep into that orange haired beauty, but it was far too soon for that.
    ! “Agh, yes, keep going...!” Jessica was tightening up, her body preparing to release in climax. Marla tongued harder as she used those last moments to sneak a second finger inside. After a few strong rubs Jessica was writhing in ecstasy, her sex releasing a warm flush of sweet nectar onto Marla's tongue. She lapped it all up, savouring the delicious taste of the girl as she unrelentingly massaged her G-spot.
    ! “Oh, enough, please, I can't take any more!” Jessica moaned, pleadingly pawing at Marla's hair. Marla gave a moment's more teasing attention before she released her and slowly rose to her feet, reluctant to stop yet terribly eager for what was to come next. Dazed, Jessica saw Marla looming before her, and saw that the preceding moments had not been kind to her, for that mesmerizing shaft was trembling turgidly and slowly dripping precum from the neglect. Her senses coming back into focus, she sat up and was quick to grab ahold of her.
    ! “Mmhm... yes,” Marla whispered. Jessica wasted no time at all in plunging that slick hot head into her mouth, lapping up the delicious seed that trickled out of it. She sighed with delight as she stroked a hand up and down, spreading what fluid had already gathered upon it around. She'd yearned to do that for days... her time had finally come.
    ! Her knees buckling at the sensation, Marla no longer wanted to stand, so she sat down on the edge of the bed. Jessica was quick to reciprocate as she got up, and soon enough she was the one kneeling before the other. Standing up upon her knees while Marla sat, she was at just the perfect height to get the end of that rock hard cock in her mouth. “Not too fast, darling,” Marla said as she beheld the sight of the beautiful girl, fourteen inches of shaft standing parallel to her ribcage as she suckled and stroked greedily, “... let's make this moment last...”
    ! Jessica nodded, slowly shifting her grip to rest one hand on Marla's thigh, the other simply holding the base of Marla's length steady. With a smack she pulled her lips away from hot flesh “Sorry... I couldn't help it. I just, I just love your huge cock. It makes me crazy.”
    ! Marla nodded with a cool chuckle, though she breathed quickly, running very hot under those conditions.
    ! Now moving at a more measured pace, Jessica lapped her tongue at the tip of Marla's cock, then dragged it down, down until she reached her sac, then trailed her tongue up again slowly until she reached the top, where she licked up the bit of precum that had gathered during that process. She followed that with one long stroke of her hands down the slippery pole, and with a groan Marla throbbed hard, spurting a lazy bit of precum which dribbled down between Jessica's tits.
    ! Marla reached out and grabbed those beautiful overgrown breasts, taking a moment to hold the soft yet shapely mounds in her hands before she smooshed them together around her shaft. Jessica showed no sign of disapproval as she began to stroke the inches of hard flesh that were available beneath the bottoms of her bosom and stared up at her lover dreamily. Marla began to lift and lower those tits around herself and groaned, loving the slippery, pillowy softness that enveloped her length so well. Seeing how it pleased her, Jessica wrapped her lips around her swollen tip and gently tongued. “Ohh, gods, that is a wonderful feeling,” Marla moaned, unable to not pump her breasts a little faster, “my beautiful little... oh, yes...”
    ! Her cock throbbed hard, and another spurt of precum filled Jessica's mouth. She shut her eyes and moaned with bliss, letting the delicious fluid roll over her tongue, some of it inadvertently spilling out onto the hot head of Marla's member before she gulped it down. As it smoothly rolled down her throat Jessica seemed to acquire a greater hunger for that creamy seed, her head now bobbing as with lips and tongue she milked hungrily. Marla could feel the cum boiling in her balls, gathering force as it prepared to release.
    ! She began to buck her hips, sliding herself in and out of that generous young bosom. Jessica pulled her mouth away, not wanting to lose a tooth if Marla should thrust too hard, and placed her hands at the sides of her breasts, pushing them tight around her. Seeing that she had that situation covered Marla let go of her and placed her hands on the bed for support as she continued to rock her hips at an increasing pace.
    ! Jessica watched that powerful shaft surge in and out of her tight slippery cleavage, the tip repeatedly peaking level with her lips before returning to the soft confines, and felt a yearning for Marla to thrust it somewhere else. She so desired that.
    ! “It's coming baby... if you want it... get ready,” Marla groaned, her thrusts growing more jerky as she tensed.
    ! “Oh please, yes, I want it!” She squeezed her tits tighter as Marla became impliably hard, moments before her release.
    ! Marla suddenly stopped moving and moaned with a tense passion. “Ahhhh, god, here it is!”
    ! Jessica dropped her breasts and grabbed ahold of Marla's cock, her hands quickly beginning to stroke that length in unison as she placed her mouth upon that searing tip. At that very moment Marla throbbed hard, and the first rope of seed surged out with a pent up force that filled Jessica's mouth completely. As she gulped it down the next spurt out, and her mouth overflowed with rich creamy seed, spilling down Marla's length, dripping from Jessica's chin to spatter onto her bosom. With a mouth full of cock she moaned her delight, drinking Marla down with hunger, loving the taste as she milked her worshipfully.
    ! Finally, gasping for air, she pulled her lips away, and Marla took the opportunity to lean forward and kiss the girl's cream covered lips. Their tongues lashed as Jessica continued to stroke, slower then, small spurts dribbling down over her fingers.
    ! My god, she's huge, Jessica thought. If I can suck her off, and then kiss her without even changing my stance… Well, I'm just glad she's found me to do it for her. So, so glad...
    ! Their lips parted and her attention returned to the throbbing rod. She gently tongued, slowly swallowing the diminished flow as she ran a hand up and down its slick, long surface.
    ! It tastes so amazing… I want all of it, all of her.
    ! Chapter 8
    ! As they had done their previous time together, they spent the following hour in Marla's jacuzzi, letting the hot water jets massage and cleanse their bodies. Jessica lay against her, lovingly wrapped in her arms as she rested her head upon her shoulder.
    ! “Mmmh… Marla, if you only knew how badly I wanted that.”
    ! “Oh...?”
    ! “It's been all I could think about since our last time. The past two days have been rough.”
    ! “Really...? Well I'm glad you can appreciate my gifts, as... unique as they are.”
    ! Jessica blushed softly, her voice lowering as she professed her infatuation. “...I can't get enough of it. You drive me wild.”
    ! Marla chuckled, “it pleases me that I've left such a fine impression on you darling. ...But you really should try to think of your studies also.” She smiled inwardly, Jessica's words having confirmed things she'd already known.
    ! “No. Not when... Marla, listen to me, hear me out...” Jessica turned to face her, taking one of her hands under the water. “Maybe it's too soon to ask you this, but I must.”
    ! “Mm?” she waited for it, looking into her green eyes. “Ask me what?”
    ! “I don't want to go to school any more. I just want to be with you.”
    ! Marla tilted her head, looking somewhat surprised. “No school? Darling, you-”
    ! “There's no point. There's only a few weeks left before the summer, and at this point I haven't really got any chance of repairing my grades. I might as well not even go.”
    ! “...I see,”
    ! Jessica nodded, “and, life is so good when I'm with you. It's all I want. ...Can't I just stay with you instead?”
    ! Marla took a deep breath, looking very thoughtful as she considered her request. “Well... if that really is the case... I suppose it wouldn't hurt if your summer started early.”
    ! Jessica nodded quickly, a hopeful smile starting to spread across her lips.
    ! “...And it would be cruel to make you spend your young life there, when I have all of this... and we have what we have together...”
    ! Jessica cried out joyfully, squeezing Marla's hand tight. “So I can stay with you then! I was hoping, wishing that you would understand!” She wrapped her arms around Marla in a tight, soapy embrace, her movements so quick they knocked over a bottle of bath bubble.
    ! “But, there is one stipulation, my darling,” Marla said as she capped and replaced that bottle, then patted those orangey locks. Jessica was pressed close, trailing grateful little kisses along her neck. “Come September you're going to have to go back to that school. And you're going to try your best.”
    ! Jessica sobered slightly at that. “Oh, yeah… I suppose so...”
    ! “Good. Good, darling...”
    ! “We could still have weekends?”
    ! “Yes, there will still be those.”
    ! “Okay. That should be enough to keep me strong. I won't let the other girls bother me. I'll do my best this time.”
    ! Marla nodded, then added with a saucy smirk, “but until then...”
    ! “Until then I'm all yours.”
    ! Marla chuckled, her tone just a little lecherous, hinting at the pleasures to come as she gave Jessica a squeeze and gently kissed her gorgeous lips.
    ! In her all-foreseeing wisdom, Marla was anticipating a conversation such as the one they'd just had. It had gone precisely as she had intended, any signs of surprise or disapproval she had shown being merely for show. The girl would be with her, and they would have the entire summer together. It was plenty of time... for the intended changes to begin to manifest...
    ! Many moments later they rose out of the water and began to towel off. Jessica, stealing a glance at Marla's softened member, casually commented: “I just wish I could really take that big cock of yours though.”
    ! “Oh?” Marla said. She reached for her bathrobe.
    ! “Yeah. That would be... nice.”
    ! “Who said you couldn't?”
    ! Jessica sputtered. “Well come on! It's way too big for me. I'm not a big girl, and well, you're...”
    ! Marla pinched Jessica's rear playfully, making her hop a little. She chuckled while eyeing the bounce of the agitated girl's breast. “Yes, I know.” She started to leave the bathroom, heading toward the kitchen for a little snack. “Give it time though, and we'll see...”
    ! Jessica blinked. Give it time… and we'll see?
    ! Chapter 9
    ! Friday, July 15, 1994
    ! It was the dog days of summer. Day after day, the sun beat down upon the city. Ripples of heat rose visibly from the baking pavement. The grass browned, and rainfall seemed to be a distant memory of the spring. From the high windows of Marla's apartment Jessica watched children play in lawn sprinklers and lick popsicles as they sat at the shaded stoops of their homes. She was terribly thankful for the air conditioning in Marla's building, though until sunset it was still a little hot for comfort.
    ! Dressed for those circumstances, she wore a bikini top, hot pink with black polka dots. It was a little small but the fit was, as she and Marla both agreed, quite flattering on her. The matching bottom was beneath a denim mini skirt and she wore her hair in a ponytail high upon her head.
    ! Marla was away for the day, off on another of her occasional business appointments. Jessica cared little about the details of those; she wasn't very interested in the contracts and cheques Marla handled, nor did she care to know how they contributed to her wealth. They were just a few of the many things she didn't know about her, despite all of the time they spent together.
    ! Marla's answers to any questions about her life were often very vague. Jessica never pressed too hard with them, for deeply in love and lust with Marla, she didn't want to risk becoming a pest. She felt the mysterious woman would reveal whatever details were necessary whenever she felt it fit. Nevertheless she was very curious, and so on that day alone in Marla's apartment she began to snoop around, picking through some of her things, always returning them to the state in which she'd found them.
    ! Her search did not yield much. The apartment didn't seem to contain any of the personal things one might find tucked into some drawer or a box on a shelf. There were no childhood mementos, no photographs from her past, no indications that she had a family to stay in touch with. The place was filled only with living things: food, kitchenware, antique furniture, entertainment, etcetera.
    ! Her gaze turned to a filing cabinet by Marla's desk. It was worth a look, even though it probably just contained boring business forms. She strolled over and pulled open the first heavy drawer. As she figured, it was packed with plain looking forms and manilla envelopes filled with more of the such. The next drawer down was the same, although the papers did appear to be a couple years older. The forms within the bottom drawer looked quite aged, and some of them had faded to brownish yellows, the paper tattered slightly from being handled. Opened envelopes appeared to have been sealed with stamped wax instead of glue or string, a classic bygone touch that caught her eye. She took one such envelope in her hands and after admiring the ancient thing removed its contents.
    ! The writing on the aged paper was in no language she could recognize, and the ornate handwriting was hard to discern. Scanning down the page, she was quite puzzled to see it was addressed to a 'Marla Dinescu', not the Marla Dennis she knew. The date at the bottom of the page stretched her belief further, for it appeared to have been mailed in the year 1765!
    ! Her brow furrowed in puzzlement. Marla didn't look a day over thirty, so how could it be that there were letters centuries old that were addressed to what appeared to be a variation of her name? In another language no less, when she had no accent whatsoever.
    ! Jessica returned the items to the envelope and put it back where she had found it, then began to sift further through the drawer. “I guess… these belonged to your family,” she whispered. Surely Marla Dinescu was an ancestor to her Marla. “I wonder if she was as pretty as you are.”
    ! Her fingers fell upon something else, a rough fabric. It felt delicate, so she carefully pulled it out: A rolled up sheet of canvas. Unravelling it slowly, she saw that it was a beautifully painted portrait of a woman.
    ! Jessica gasped as she revealed the face of that portrait. There was no mistaking her, with her dark wavy locks and violet eyes. It was Marla rendered in aged oil paint, dressed as one would have been centuries ago. Shocked, she dropped the painting, and the ancient sheet rolled itself back up.
    ! Things weren't adding up. Unless Marla Dennis was miraculously identical to Marla Dinescu, or whoever else the depicted ancestor may have been, she had to have been extremely old, yet without a sign of ageing.
    ! Despite the heat Jessica suddenly felt a cold chill. She replaced the painting in the drawer, then shut the filing cabinet.
    ! ***
    ! “I'm home, darling,” Marla called as she entered the apartment. It was six pm and she was back from her appointments and errands. “I brought home chinese if you're hungry. I'm just going to hit the shower first. It is so ungodly hot out there...”
    ! “Hey,” Jessica said cheerily as walked over to the entrance of their home and took the takeout food. With a warm smile she leaned in to have a little kiss, then brought the things to the kitchen.
    ! Marla shrugged out of her sweaty clothes and started the shower. She's a bit different today. Usually before I can even get into the shower, she's begging for a taste of me. And there was a deliberateness to her sunny disposition just now. She stepped into the shower and shut the shower door. Something is on her mind. She's probably been snooping through my things. Learning things…
    ! Her shower finished, Marla strolled through the apartment, wrapping a towel around herself. She glanced at Jessica, who was already seated in the kitchen and getting started on a spring roll. Doesn't matter if she did or didn't learn anything about me… learn what I am. It's a tough pill to swallow, but she'll stand by me no matter what.
    ! Marla approached Jessica from behind and placed her arms over her shoulders, embracing her warmly as she placed kisses on the fair skin of her neck, little whisps of hair tickling at her nose. “Do you still want to go out tonight, baby?” Marla waited for her to finish chewing, taking advantage of the view by having a good stare at the cleavage that bikini top offered.
    ! Jessica took a moment to swallow before she spoke, “yes, definitely. I've been cooped up all alone in here… need to get out.”
    ! “Okay, great. I think we'll go down to King Street and have a fancy night. We can dress up and turn some heads, it'll be fun.”
    ! “Oooh, that sounds fun! Sure.” Jessica loved their outings. On certain nights, the sun having set so it was tolerable to be outside, they would set out in Marla's convertible, dressed to the nines. With Marla's wealth and their beauty, they practically owned the town. The establishments they visited never carded Jessica, not expecting anyone of her age to be able to afford to be there, nor to look as mature and glamourous as she. They could have or do whatever they wanted.
    ! Chapter 10
    ! Once they were a couple drinks deep at a favourite club, the strange revelations Jessica had had in the apartment were of no concern to her. It was time for she, secure in the presence of her lover, to have some fun on the town.
    ! Jessica purred into Marla's ear, a naughty hand grasping at her beneath the table of their booth.
    ! “Mmh... Jessica, you bad girl... Please, save it for at home. We don't want to make a scene,” Marla said as she pushed her hand away. The mere touch had her beginning to throb, her body eager to release its seed into her. It was a pleasure they had not yet had that day. The girl did tend to get a bit openly frisky when she drank, and Marla perished the thought of the exhibitionist impulses that might manifest should her young accomplice become fully intoxicated.
    ! “Oh...? What if people found out that Marla Dennis has a huge dick? That her pretty little friend loves to suck it, and stroke it, until she cums, and cums...”
    ! “Let's not find out,” Marla said.
    ! “Excuse me ladies,” a server said as he set down a pair of cocktails on their table, leaning close so they could hear him over the loud music. “This next round is compliments of the two gentlemen at the bar.”
    ! “Oh? Wonderful,” Marla responded.
    ! Jessica tilted slightly, peering around the server to see who those men were. Two large blonde haired individuals, heavy set and sweating in their slacks and dress shirts, were casually leaning against the bar as they stared back. One of them grinned and cocked an eyebrow, the other raised his glass of beer. A group of similarly clad men were with them, chatting amongst themselves.
    ! As the server left their table Marla nodded slightly to them, a courteous yet minimal acknowledgement before she turned back to Jessica. “That's nice of them. Anyway-”
    ! “Those guys... I saw them at the Ariza club earlier tonight, watching us. I think they might be following us.”
    ! Marla shrugged as she took a sip of her new drink, nonchalant. “Yeah, I noticed too. Don't worry about it baby.”
    ! Yet worry Jessica did, for as Marla spoke the two blonde men parted their entourage and made their way over to their booth.
    ! “Good evening ladies,” began one of them. “Mind if we join you?” The other brother just beamed, a drip of sweat running off his temple as he openly eyed the two lovely women.
    ! “Yes, we would mind. We prefer each others' presence exclusively,” Marla said as she waved a dismissive hand.
    ! “Hey,” said the man as he set down his glass of beer and placed his fists on the table, “look here. We just bought you a round. The least you could do is oblige us with your fine company.”
    ! “That you did, and thank you very much,” replied Marla politely, though her tone was firm. “But this is our night and we're not looking to make any new friends.”
    ! “Okay,” he hissed, losing his cool, “do you know who we are? Who you're disrespecting?”
    ! “No. Nor do I care. Please, leave us.”
    ! The man stared a moment, considering his next move, then picked up his beer and stepped back. “Whatever. Big mistake, bitch. C'mon Ross...” The two made their way back to the bar, the quieter one leering over his shoulder for one last look.
    ! Jessica was quiet, her lightheartedness broken by the threatening exchange. She looked at Marla uneasily, who responded by pulling her closer.
    ! “Oh come on darling! Bunch of ugly fools. Pay no mind, they can't harm us.”
    ! ***
    ! A drink or two later they settled their tab and got up to leave, ready to go home and indulge in their private pleasures. Arm in arm they exited the club and made their way through the dark parking lot to Marla's car.
    ! “Well, look who it is.”
    ! “The pair of sluts who think they're too good for Ross and Dave Ward!”
    ! Marla and Jessica turned to see the two heavyset men and their entourage stride into the light of a streetlamp.
    ! “You made a big mistake, ladies. We could have all had a good time. But because of your blatant disrespect... it's only us who are going to be having any fun.”
    ! Marla assumed a firm stance. “Get to the car, darling.” She passed her purse back to Jessica.
    ! Two of the burlier members of their entourage were quickly approaching as Jessica retreated to safety.
    ! “One more step,” Marla spat venomously, “and you will sorely regret ever seeing us.”
    ! “Bullshit, baby,” one of the thuggish underlings muttered as he reached out with both arms and lunged forward, meaning to grab Marla around her waist.
    ! Marla quickly sidestepped the man and grabbed one of his forearms. With a lightning fast movement she jerked his arm up, and it broke with a sickeningly audible 'crack'.
    ! “Aghh, god, you fucking whore!” He fell to the ground in agony.
    ! The second man ran towards her, and his head met her foot after she smoothly lifted her dress and delivered a crippling roundhouse kick. Taking the hit square in the jaw, he dropped wordlessly.
    ! “Shit, what the fuck?!” Mouths agape, the rest of the men stared, unsure how to react under such unforeseen circumstances.
    ! Marla silently got into the driver's seat of her car, and she and Jessica left the scene.
    ! ***
    ! Jessica was at a loss for words as they drove back to the apartment. After a month and a half of their relationship, how many more unbelievable things could she discover about Marla? Even by the time they were home, she was still silent.
    ! Marla sat down on the couch beside her and gave her hand a little squeeze. “Darling, are you okay? Did that encounter frighten you?”
    ! Jessica shook her head and leaned in close to Marla, who embraced her warmly. “It was a little scary, but you seemed to handle it well enough, like everything else. Apparently you can fight off a gang of men... now I know.” She looked into Marla's violet eyes and spoke more firmly. “But are there any other secrets about you you can tell me? To spare me the surprise...?”
    ! “Secrets...? Hmm. I suppose I do seem a bit secretive, don't I? There is a lot to learn about me, things that veer far from the norm. But I don't mean to keep secrets. Not from you, darling.”
    ! “Well you are very far from normal... That is something that's becoming more obvious to me every day.”
    ! “Uh huh... Care to elaborate?”
    ! Jessica took a deep breath as she collected her thoughts. “Okay... well, apart from your physical differences, like, your body, and the fact that I just watched you defeat a crowd of big men, you seem so wise. Sometimes I look into your eyes and I feel like you can already tell what I'm going to do or say. Like right now. Do I even need to ask, or could you just explain?”
    ! Marla chuckled, looking away with some hint of guilt. So it was going to be the night she would oblige Jessica with the answers to questions she knew she would eventually have to ask. “I seem wise, you say. Wise far beyond my years. Well my darling, you don't even know how old I am.”
    ! “How old then,” Jessica snapped. The image of that ancient portrait was again fresh in her mind.
    ! “To be honest I've lost count of the years. I suspect you've seen things that would suggest I'm hundreds of years old, documents and such from two centuries ago. In my filing cabinet. The fact is, I've been around longer than that.”
    ! She was awed. “What… what are you?”
    ! “Essentially, I'm a human, my darling. Or some variation of it. Not quite human. There are no words in the English language for what I am.”
    ! Jessica could only stare as she struggled to believe what she was hearing. After some tense moments spent searching for words, she fell into Marla's arms. “Tell me! Tell me what I've gotten myself into! Should I be scared...? Scared of what you are? Because all I can do is want you!”
    ! Marla inhaled sharply as Jessica suddenly pressed her lips against her own. It seemed there wasn't much more to be said, for the moment at least. They both rose from the couch, tongues lashing passionately as they embraced.
    ! Chapter 11
    ! It was a smouldering kiss, fuelled by Jessica's pent up confusion and impatience. For once Marla was surprised, but she soon settled into the flow of things... they could finish that conversation later.
    In Jessica's eyes she could see the frustration dissolving, giving way to animal desire. Hand in hand, they made their way to the bedroom.
    ! With Marla's huge bed within reach they again joined lips, this time somewhat distractedly as their hands busily unzipped each others party dresses. Jessica's was the first undone, and she stepped back to flip the little straps off of her shoulders. Marla indulged herself in the spectacle of her disrobing girlfriend and by the time Jessica had the thing off, leaving her lovely body in only her thong, there was a long bulge of appreciation pressed against her thigh.
    ! Jessica stepped forward to delicately kiss Marla's lips again, running a hand yearningly up and down that long warm mass, her other hand hooking a finger into Marla's cleavage and yanking the unzipped dress downwards. Marla pushed the dress down to her waist and then pulled Jessica's almost nude form tightly against her, plunging her tongue deep into her mouth as their generous breasts crushed together.
    ! When finally their lips parted Marla started to shimmy her dress down her hips. As soon as it cleared her knees her shaft sprung outward, already almost fully erect for Jessica, who was watching closely as she got onto the bed.
    ! Naked now, Marla crawled onto the bed to lay alongside her. Passionately they locked lips once more as Jessica instantly reached for her hardening shaft. Likewise, Marla filled one of her hands with Jessica's lush bosom, massaging as much of the arousing flesh as she could grab. All the sensual stimuli soon had her cock hard and throbbing in Jessica's hand, to her excitement and pleasure.
    ! Jessica stared into the violet eyes of her lover, her own green eyes filled with wonder. Hundreds of years old this beautiful monstrously hung woman was, and she was hers. Hers to suck dry, to give her that deliciously addictive seed. Awed, she looked downwards and continued to slowly stroke, still having a hard time believing it despite the weeks they'd spent together.
    ! Marla softly bit down on her bottom lip, enjoying the gentle attention Jessica was giving. Her precum was starting to run, and she knew that soon Jessica would be having a taste of that which she so craved. She slipped her fingers beneath the straps of Jessica's thong, and began to slide it down her lovely rear.
    ! Jessica momentarily put a pause on her worshipful stroking so she could tuck her knees up and pull that thong away from herself. With a flick of her ankle she flung the little thing to the bedroom floor. No longer able to resist, she kneeled beside Marla's supine form, delicately taking hold of her hard length and guiding the tip into her mouth. She sighed softly, the sweet flavour washing over her tongue.
    ! Marla reached for Jessica's farther hip and gave a gentle tug, guiding her hips around, bringing her lower body over herself and drawing her close until her wet little sex hovered near her chin. Jessica simply continued to gently suck, hungrily lapping down Marla's delicious precum with no acknowledgement of the sixty-nine position they had assumed.
    ! She had to give pause to her steady sucking, moaning softly at the sensation of her lover's licks as Marla began to run her tongue over her sweet little slit. She began to bump her clit against Marla's tongue while the hand she didn't use to support herself slowly began to run up and down the slippery shaft.
    ! Marla took Jessica's clit into her mouth and suckled on it softly, flicking her tongue against the little bit of sensitive flesh that she held between her lips. Jessica moaned loudly at that, the sudden surge of stimuli making her shudder hotly. She silenced herself by plunging the head of that hard member deeper into her mouth, stroking it faster as her lips smacked against hot flesh.
    ! Her renewed attentions were soon rewarded, for with a firm throb a little surge of pre spurted out of Marla, coating the young lady's mouth. Marla groaned at that, and couldn't help but gently rock her hips as her pleasure increased. She was having to play catch-up, the eager attentions to her tense rod calling for a likewise return, so she plunged her tongue deep into Jessica's velvety crease.
    ! Jessica moaned softly, her focus upon Marla's shaft waning as she couldn't help but mash her sex against her lips. Marla took that moment of opportunity to gain the upper hand, swiftly moving her tongue back to her clit as she plunged her middle finger in deep. She hooked that finger downwards into Jessica's G-spot, causing her to writhe and squirm. “Ohhh god, yes,” she whispered as she collapsed against Marla's thigh, still jacking that hard length with one hand but too pleasured to do anything else, let alone support her body.
    ! Marla mercilessly rubbed that fingertip deep inside of her as she again began to suckle on Jessica's clit. She wasn't going to let Jessica have any of her cum, not until she was begging for mercy! She was no longer able to work that shaft, and she let go of it, letting it sway and drool precum as she gasped helplessly.
    ! “Oh god, yes Marla, keep going,” she groaned, her body beginning to clench before release. Marla persisted, letting her tongue sweep wetly over her clit as she suckled, fingers losing no speed as they steadily nudged her tightening sex. “Ahhh..!” She writhed, unable to utter any words, only feeble noises of intense pleasure escaping her mouth as she came. Her sweet rush of fluids wet Marla's chin.
    ! When she tried to pry herself away Marla reluctantly let her go, and upon release she laid in the opposite direction her, gasping for breath in the daze that followed her climax.
    ! “Well darling... we're not finished yet, are we?” Marla said with a teasing tone. She was of course referring to her cock, rock hard and unsatisfied, the head tapping the space between her own breasts with each eager throb.
    ! Jessica rolled onto her back, still panting for air, though she had gathered enough of her wits to grin back with some enthusiasm. “Uh uh, definitely not... bring that beautiful dick over here for me.” She traced the tip of one her toes down along the other slender leg, softly biting her bottom lip in an expression of lust. Her tits, she squeezed and lifted, sifting the soft flesh through her hands until she'd caught her nipples, which she pinched briefly before letting them fall bouncily back against her chest.
    ! “Oh-hoh, dear,” Marla purred as she got up onto her knees and shuffled over to her. That sexy display had her so hard it almost hurt as she laid her thick shaft between those voluminous pillows, inching forward until the tip of her cock lay against her Jessica's mouth. The strawberry blonde mmm-ed softly, licking away the bit of precum that had ended up on her lips as she wrapped her breasts around Marla's hardness. She took the end of her cock into her mouth and resumed the lusty efforts that she had been forced to pause.
    ! “Oooh, yes... my baby knows what I like,” Marla purred as she gazed down at the beautiful sight.
    ! Jessica giggled softly in reply. Indeed she did, for she began to pump her breasts along Marla's length, still sucking hungrily at the delicious precum that slowly flowed out.
    ! Marla groaned, the muscles behind her shaft tensing at the wonderful sensations. Seeing that she might soon lose control of herself, she took the chance to grab a pillow and place it behind Jessica's head for support. She dropped her upper body down, hovering over Jessica on her hands and knees as the gorgeous girl eagerly milked away. In that position she was ready for what was to come.
    ! Jessica began to pump her breasts faster, squeezing them tighter around her. She wasn't going to waste another moment; she wanted Marla's sweet, thick cum. It was her addiction. Likewise, Marla was consumed by the need to pump Jessica's mouth full of it, to see it spill out of her massive cock all over her gorgeous face and blessed body.
    ! “Oh god,” Marla moaned, her fingers clenching the bed sheets. On the verge of cumming, she was fighting the urge to viciously hump her hips into Jessica's cleavage.
    ! Ecstacy filled her as the first gush of her seed surged out, filling Jessica's mouth and dribbling onto her chin. She gulped it down, closed eyes lolling back at the wonderful taste as more and more of Marla flooded her mouth.
    ! Marla was vaguely aware of Jessica letting go of her breasts, choosing to use her hands to coax out another and another burst of seed. “Yes darling, yes! So good...” Jessica could only softly moan in reply. Her hands whipped up and down that seizing rod in slippery unison as she gratefully received each explosive gush of cum.
    ! Finally she drew the gently spurting tip from her mouth, feeling sated, and with cum soaking the bedsheets all around her chin, neck and shoulders, stared up at Marla adoringly. Marla shifted a bit so she could bend down and kiss her little lover's lips softly.
    ! When Marla backed out of that kiss Jessica took her back into her mouth and continued there, lapping up the last of her seed. Marla gasped and squirmed, her cock so very sensitive after release. Jessica giggled softly.
    ! “My god, dear. I don't think there's another drop in me.”
    ! Jessica nodded, wiping some of her off her chin with a finger, only to delicately slide it into her mouth. “Mhmm. I needed that... now, I can think clearly again.”
    ! “Yes... so, now that we've gotten that out of the way, you still have questions you want answered...”
    ! Jessica nodded again. There was still much to discuss.
    ! “Alright. Let's get cleaned up and then we may continue.”
    ! Chapter 12
    ! Their bodies cleansed, the bed sheets changed, they lay under the covers in each others arms. By then it was the small hours of the morning and they were not only sated, but also almost sober.
    ! “As you've observed, I, or I should say 'my kind', are extremely intelligent and eternally youthful. We are physically very strong and, indeed, we bear traits from both of your sexes. But where did we come from? To explain that to you, I'm going to have to give you a history lesson, one that you won't see in any books or study in any schools. It takes place during a period before most recorded time, in a place that no longer exists.
    ! “That place was populated by my kind, who no longer have any name, and your kind - humans as we know them today.
    ! “We had a peaceful, advanced and harmonious society. It was that way because my species were in charge. I don't mean any offence to you darling, but look at the world around you... watch the news, and you can see that your race alone is terribly unqualified to rule the world. We too had science, knowledge of the world and the mind, but we did not use that knowledge the way humans use it today. We are not... wired to do so. Although we were capable of more advanced things still than people are today, it was not in our interest to flaunt it. It was not in our interest to wage wars, or use currency, or conquer foreign lands.
    ! “We were interested in the sciences and arts, but as a pastime only. The great contradiction of my people is that despite our intelligence and advancement, we were motivated mostly by our instincts. Instincts to reproduce. I suppose it's because the process takes so long… we evolved to prioritize it.
    ! “But how can we breed if we are all the same gender? By breeding with human females.”
    ! “Like me,” Jessica said.
    ! “Yes. But don't worry, you're not at any risk of carrying my child. We are not the same species. Our way was to select the most desirable human females… the ones with all the physical and mental traits we felt were worth being added to our gene pool, and converting them, gradually, to our species. The process takes a while, but they would then be a female within our kind, and would soon be a mother.”
    ! “And you chose me...?”
    ! Marla nodded, tenderly stroking her cheek. “First your beauty caught my eye. You are the most beautiful human I have ever seen in a long, long time. Maybe the most ever. When I spoke to you I also saw that you have a good heart, and that you needed to be removed from conventional human society. I saw that you needed a new life.”
    ! Jessica blinked, taking a moment to comprehend the fantastic story Marla was recounting to her and to process the feelings she felt. “What happened to this place that you came from?”
    ! “It's underwater now. There were cataclysmic upheavals within the Earth, and our little nation was plunged into the ocean. You can read about those days in ancient myths from the world over. They all allegorically speak of a time when the oceans overflowed and volcanoes spewed fire. Those times were the end of my civilization, and the beginning of yours.”
    ! “Are you the only one left?”
    ! “No, there are a few others. There must be only a dozen of us out there, but there are billions of you, so we try to blend in. Some of us are reclusive. Some are influential people, who use their superior intellect and endless lifetimes to secretly shape society. I fall somewhere between the two.”
    ! “Your wealth, it's because you've had hundreds of years to make things your own way.”
    ! “That's right. You're catching on, darling... At this point, save for occasionally signing and reviewing forms, I don't have to work at all. My money makes itself. And it's a lot.”
    ! “Okay. So you are older than the Bible? Older than Egypt?”
    ! “Oh, no, don't you think I'm that old. I said my kind came from that place. I did not say I did. My mother was once a human woman, of this civilization. I suppose the one who sired her, she may have came from that place. My age is measured in centuries, not millenia.
    ! “Like you, I have never known my parents. I suppose in human society, that is the best way for us to live. As parents we aren't interested in raising children… we only wish to create more. We are perfectly capable of raising ourselves and living in your world.”
    ! Jessica nodded slowly, thoughtfully. She couldn't think of any more questions. Marla was quite comprehensive in that explanation; she'd covered just about anything Jessica might ask.
    ! “It's late now. Why don't we rest,” Marla said, stroking the curve of her hip fondly.
    ! Jessica muttered an agreement as she snuggled up under the soft sheets. She tried her best to sleep, though it was difficult to do after so amazing a tale.
    ! I suppose its about time I told her all that, Marla thought. Though there's still more to know. She doesn't realize it, but I can already see the changes in her.

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