Need any Matlab Assignment Help?

  • Until now, I still don’t know why my image processing homework took too long to be completed. The Matlab homework help solver who handled it promised to deliver it in three hours but he took more than fifteen hours. It’s okay I will still use your Matlab assignment help again but how do I know you won’t take that long to get the job done especially for assignments that have a tight deadline?

  • Buying online works for books and electronics, and other things, but clothes? You have to be able to see the material, the quality of the work, and you know, try it on.

  • Personally I don't see it happening until we're all just wearing holoclothes or something.

  • Not yet :)

  • You can't try things on or see how they look on you when shopping online. I don't see that happening.

  • I predict that in 10 years you will all buy your clothes online. It is just SOOOOO much cheaper. I can buy about 5 items for the same price directly from ali express (directly from the factory) compared to the store prizes…

  • No. I don't do all my shopping online. I hate to wait days or hours when I want to drink my beers :P

    I buy lots of stuff online, like my video games/softwares, my hardware, some specific stuffs you can't find everywhere, etc…

    But for food, household products and clothes, I take my car and go at the shop/market.

  • Oh I almost forgot… I buy clothes and lingerie in person because I need to try stuff on and see how it looks.

  • No I don't. Shopping online has a lot of advantages…and some real disadvantages.

    For example, you could rant and rave about how awesome a product is and be completely honest if a bit exaggerated...since I haven't experienced it myself how would I believe you by any objective standard? If I told you Tenga lube felt really fucking awesome but you never tried it before, you would say that's probably just my opinion. (Seriously try it though, you won't be disappointed. Especially "real" sensation in the red ended vial.)

    While online has a ton more variety and availability, we're physical beings with senses which respond to tactile feedback. I wish on numerous occasions I could have a physical store to go to when browsing online. I'm a little reclusive but not completely antisocial. Groceries...I'd prefer to do that in person thanks. I like to inspect my perishable goods before checking out.

    Esoteric and unique goods? Ok, ebay is fair game.

  • I don't think I'd be able to find most of the groceries I want if I did the shopping online. They're about the only thing I actually go out and buy anymore though.

  • Nah, groceries are still manual. But books, computer components, stuff like that I just order online.

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