Do my First-class level economics homework helper?

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  • I have gone through your economics assignment help website and it is looking good. I have seen that you have very many tutors, some of who are very highly rated. Can I be allowed to choose a tutor on my own or do you choose the assignments to tutors from your side? I have seen an economics homework help professor with a very good rating and I would want him to handle my work.

  • I can do my best to give you a discussion, Supro, but only in the sense that I just really do not get wrestling :P Especially these exaggerated cultures like Luchadores that develop around it is just something I have a hard time fathoming. I've watched some Lucha fights before and there's some crazy sick moves in there, but they lose their wow factor due to it feeling very staged like other forms of pro wrestling.

  • Awww. I thought there would be a better discussion. :(

    Well, here's another match you might enjoy. Same promotion.

  • Saints Row 3, that's about it. Though, I did watch those mexican guys sometimes on WWE/WWF/WCW or whatever. Eddie Guerrero and his brother, and Rey Mysterio. I didn't actually watch it for them or like them though. I mean, I think the one I liked back then was Goldberg back when he first premiered and he didn't even talk.

    edit: LOL here's a proper Luchadore:

  • Lisa from the DoA series, best I can do :D


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