• What do you think about the people who make bets at

  • Star Wars ahead of Avengers as my top movie anticipations too. With Jurassic World at third.

    But the one I am perhaps looking the most forward to is the new Shannara series on MTV. It was the books that introduced me to fantasy when I was a kid, and I wonder if they can live up to the same quality as Game of Thrones. I do have some doubts as to that, but I am hoping :)

  • Unlike Argon, Star Wars is the #1 film for me this year. Second is Avengers, third was Furious 7. That one delivered everything and more. Avengers I haven't seen yet, either, but hope to soon. Also gotta go see the new Mad Max. Terminator I would be excited about if its name wasn't so stupid.

  • The new Terminator movie looks like it will be worth a go. Definitely if I have the spare change for it.

    I'm not putting down any money to see Star Wars 7. I'll watch it for free on the internet. I guess the baddie of this film with the light claymore is also wearing a costume similar to Revan and is a woman (a nod to non-canon fem Revan). I'm kinda not sure what to think of it but I'm a little on the "I wanna throw up" side of it. It's conceivable they are leaving alone the old republic era because although it's retconned, it has remained largely untouched–Drew K even speculated if it doesn't conflict in any way it possibly could find its way back into canon. >_>
    Although there was controversy about whether or not Palpatine already violated the Rule Of Two as set forth by Darth Bane long before Disney bought up LucasFilm and retconned the Bane trilogy, it is likely going to be the case now even though Bane still exists more or less. I picture Disney is going to do one of four things:

    1. play the semantics game with what Yoda actually meant, and alter the entirety of Darth Bane and what he was about
    2. roll with it as it was before the retcon and make it definitive that "Yes Palpatine/Sidious violated the Rule Of Two" and just did whatever he wanted
    3. amend what Bane did to allow for underling lackeys such as "inquisitors" who are second rate and "not really sith"...which still kinda-sorta violates "The Rule Of Two". Retains some of what was before but alters it and waters it down.
    4. Since there's always that other sith who slipped through the cracks in history (example Legacy series, SWTOR, the Celeste Mourne story), some kind of truce and mutual agreement was worked out between other sith factions and Sidious who hasn't technically violated the tenets. Which still kinda contradicts it by watering it down.

    At this point it's hurting my head. They'll either dismiss it (more than likely) or they'll try to work it in. Fuck it. Tried to follow it but I'm still just as apathetic to it. It's also worth noting the older clone wars stuff, still canon, apparently hinted at the old rule of two a it will still fuck everything up.

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Lots of big budget extravaganzas coming over the next few months…do any of them have you excited?

    Avengers 2: age of Ultron (saw it.. was perfect!)
    Jurassic World
    Fantastic Four (Ok i don´t want to sound racist but why is jonny a black dude???)
    James Bond 007: Spectre
    Star Wars 7: Das Erwachen der Macht (i´m very critical at this one, could be good or way to much disney shit, that light saber from the trailer was stupid)

    in honor Katzekage

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