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  • Haven't dug into SFM to see about animating in it, and as was already stated, the stuff I've seen is too low-poly to hold my interest (as compared to G4E).

    However, I know that Poser/DS have their own inherent flaws that can inspire a genocidal rage, so while the image/mesh/texture quality will be higher than SFM models, there's no guarantee the author will be able to complete one what with the mid-work crashes and ensuing file corruptions.

    Perhaps if SFM's poly-count limit were removed? And if it had a file-conversion importer that would convert Daz models to SFM format. What format(s) does it read, anyway?

  • I love the realtime stuff but the limitations are simply too big right now to make it look good enough.

    For stuff that does not show penetration directly and hide some of the trouble areas on those figures it works really well and SFM / Sexvilla are very fast and fluid for posing, so there are very nice animations around for it.

  • You left off the "I don't know what Sex Villa/Source Film Maker Is" option. But if it is low poly, etc., as The Dude says, then definitely DAZ/Poser. The game-engine-derived 3DX I've seen doesn't float my boat (with the exception of some Elizabeth/Bioshock feta action which was surprisingly good).

    Generally speaking, I want my 3DX well rendered and animated with minimal interpenetration errors (but plenty of penetration).

  • If you're a consumer who's indifferent to quality, then Sexvilla/SFM do the trick. And if you're a content creator and you manage to find a large audience using these two programs, then more power to you. But there's no denying that the results you can achieve with posing software and auxiliary programs are superior, even if the learning curve is greater and the expenses are higher.

    I personally can't get over the limitations of Sexvilla and SFM. Low poly count, clipping, texture seams, rudimentary models, etc. There are some people who really squeeze all they can out of this software, but even then there's just a quality threshold that they will never pass.

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