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  • Well my own gaming achievement isn't so grandiose; but I'm happy with it.

    I'm a total fan of Borderlands 2; and I finally cracked the UVHM by farming a particular boss and getting a legendary unkempt harold (best gun in the game). I'm proud of this as it seems I'm one of the few who doesn't run a cheat engine or a hack to get all of the 'good guns' right off the bat.

    I'm just a old school, grind until you find type of gamer. And if you need a good goon to grind some BL2; look me up on steam.

  • I managed to play through Dark Souls 1 with only 23 deaths, which is mine biggest achievement. Also I've managed to defeat my friend in Tekken 5, which is a very big achievement because she a button masher xD
    Does modding Skyrim with 1000+mods and actually running it counts as gaming achievement?

  • Biggest achievement is probably the raiding group I succesfully set up in WoW. I played on a server where back in the vanilla days there wasn't much interest in raiding at all, so I had to do all the hard work myself and build a team of people from scratch, all from different guilds, to work together.

    We ended up defeating Cthun and making our first forays in to Naxxramas before the TBC expansion hit. Then in TBC we killed Illidan, and in WotLK with a different group made up of core players from the first one we killed Arthas both 10 man and 25 man hard modes. And if I were to go back to WoW now, years after I quit playing, I would find this raidgroup still active, still kicking ass, so I actually created something to last.

    Pretty happy about that.

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