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  • if I could fucking get Poser to work properly, I'd probably get a lot closer to my goal of starting to make content that could at least be used to promote my work.

  • pretty much all of the above.

    • acheived: having fun, decent imagery, got stuff out on the webz
    • plenty more to learn

  • I can see my goal. It's high atop a hill, a bright, blinding light. However, I'm still at the base of the hill looking for the elevator that isn't there, wishing that the things in my head would simply materialize when I thought of them.

    It also doesn't help that I have quite a few things to do:
    1. Clean out/sort out the excess contents of 3 rooms in my house (decide whether to keep everything or junk it and what to keep and what to junk - fighting Hoarder Syndrome), which will aid in #2
    2. Re-arrange my man-cave so it's more efficient
    3. Get all my rack gear and guitar amps set up again so I can use them
    4. Acquire more outboard gear for use with said amps (speaker cables, mics, mic stands)
    5. Determine what extra cabling I need for my rack gear so I can use it whenever I wish without having to swap cables, and then memorizing which cable goes where.
    6. Finish my Metal CD I started 3 years ago.
    7. Re-record my older CDs with better production quality.
    8. Learn/study the underlying concepts of clothing design in a 3D sense to use Marvelous Designer to make marketable products for Daz/Poser.
    9. Learn to model in 3D Studio Max so I can make footwear and accessories to accompany the aforementioned Poser/Daz apparel done in MD.
    10. Learn how to make the aforementioned items fully-functional in Poser/Daz (i.e. fully conforming/following/dynamic/morphable/useful for more than the promo image like most of the offerings currently available)
    11. Get an oil change
    12. Decide whether it's more beneficial to add a 2nd GTX 760 4GB to my current gaming rig or go for a single newer card like the 970.
    13. Decide whether I should upgrade the FX1800 card in my HPZ600 dual-Xeon rendering machine, and to what.
    14. Work on my Medusa/Aphrodite 3DX thing, after I decide on whether it should be a full-on animation (which will also require animations and voice actors) or do it as a series of stills.
    15. Finish making my 3 different Skyrim mods that are on hold for various reasons.
    16. Obtain and learn Brekel so I can get cracking on capturing motion data for Poser with my Kinect units.
    17. Figure out why the neck on one of my guitars flexes backwards even though the trussrod is adjusted to compensate, and how to correct it.
    18. How to develop my brother's art website into a commercial presence and draw more traffic and thus more sales. Or rather, make him get off his ass and do it.
    19. Arrange all of that into a prioritized list rather than a fucking junk-drawer.

  • Wow, this is honestly one of them things I don't really think about, but it's nice to step back and look where you've been and where you are now. I would say after doing 3D for about 4 years or so, I think I realize I'm nowhere near where I should be, or want to be. I've pissed around too much over the years and I always had hoped by now I would have been able to do a full nice set of high quality. Now, I look back on some of my older stuff and see there has been big improvements in terms of quality and details like environments and posing, but there's not really much variety like good sex sets and story to it all, which is something I regret not doing from the beginning.

    I think I've got a long way to go before I reach my goal, and that's to make a good set, or at least good to me. I'm currently trying to correct that now though and hope I actually stay with it. :)

  • With the advent of Maya into my workflow, I am much closer to my goals.

  • If you get her to send you two portraits, one from the side and one from the front, you could do it in Poser.

  • Still far away. I have junk alleyway and the bus stop with a group of created 'extras' I'm posing. I also have created some characters which might have further potential. Working with what I've got… My god, daz sure loves giving away add-ons for other products as freebies. Useless.

    I may not have the characters I want, but some will require custom work anyway.

    I've looked at how some have made Jenny Poussin but their toon only somewhat resembles her--not that I'm complaining mind you. I love that she's willing to endorse this stuff. Perhaps I'm just more discriminating...or maybe I'm just spoiled & picky cuz I'm not on their level. :P

  • I am still pretty far away from my goal, my goal was to create an image set which I could sell.
    I started around September last year but it got held up because of exams :(

    I have continued working on it though and it should be finished in a couple months since I am now free :D

  • whenever i learned something new, i notice there are at least 5 more things now that i should better learn too from now on… seems this will never end. but i reached my main goal anyway, having a decent income with doing that stuff for my own fun :)

  • I'm pretty amazed by how quickly this whole thing is going. I'm already making stuff that once I thought would take years of experience to do. So for now my most immediate goals are getting my retopology skills down in order to improve the quality of poses, and learning how to sculpt/model to create new things from scratch.

    The ultimate goal however is animation. Still frames are all well and good but if I can start putting out some simple action loops and turn it all into a cohesive whole I'd be very close to where I want to end up.

  • My main goal is to have fun while not working on my novel. In that, I've over-succeeded.

    On an artistic level, I'd like to push my compositions to be more dynamic, my lighting a bit more striking and my photorealism (when I use it, which I'd like to do less) more real. Plus I'd like to get proficient at Terregen or Vue, so, unfortunately, not so close.

  • I have learned alot during the last 4 or so years doing this, but I would say I am still very far away from where I want to get with this.

    Quality wise I am feeling pretty good but I am sure there is ALOT of room for improvement in terms of naughty sex poses etc, and of course I still want to do animation at some point, but right now this scares me more than anything since I am already wasting too much time on getting poses perfect. That would amplify on animation :)

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