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  • ^^^Nice. I have Zero mission on the real thing. And I have the classic on a separate cartridge (a little better sound quality than the version of the original on the zero mission cartridge but the passwords are all interchangeable)

    As to emulators… TBH I don't really go for anything newer than PS1 or similar. One of the things people are doing now is taking raspberry pi and putting emulators on it while it is inside the carcass of a game boy. Another neat thing is people take hacks for NES games and put them on cartridges--nesreproductions offers this service. Bought a Megaman Ultra cartridge several years ago from someone else who went out of business.

  • i usually use a gameboyadvance emulator so i can play metroid zero mission. that game never gets old to me. wish they would remake that game concept in todays gen consoles :D

  • OpenEmu for me. (Mac only)

    Several emulators in one app. Great UI, great library system with thumbnails for your games. The whole thing works pretty well.

    The official release doesn't have all consoles yet (no Playstation, no Saturn…) but the experimental release has them. As far as I tested it, it works great, though I can't run EU/Pal version of my PS games...

  • I use ePSXe for ps1 games. I usually play Spyro (my all time favourite ps1 game). Sometimes no$GBA for pokemon games, mostly pokemon platinum

  • There aren't really any modern emulators. I did see this a few weeks ago though…

    Xbox 360 Emulator “Xenia” Runs Real Game “A-Train HX” at 60FPS

    Ben Vanik, creator of the Xbox 360 Emulator “Xenia” has released a new video, showcasing his emulator running A-Train HX at 60 frames per second. As Ben noted, there are currently a few graphical issues due to unimplemented shaders, but this game is currently fully playable on Xenia. And while this may not feel THAT impressive, it actually is HUGE for the world of emulation. Enjoy!


  • You're welcome, see you at Sol 2 ;)

  • Thanks so much, Works perfect!

  • Oh nice you bring that one up, Uhm what Emulator do you use? seeing as i want to play those wipeout titles aswell, but my PSP is broken -_-

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