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    Dependence can cause withdrawal side effects when you quit taking this medication. Withdrawal side effects can incorporate fretfulness, trouble resting, touchiness, unsettling, uneasiness, feeling your pulse (palpitations), expanded circulatory strain, feeling or being wiped out, the runs, loss of craving, shaking, shuddering or perspiring. Your primary care physician will examine with you how to steadily decrease your portion before halting the medication. It is significant that you don't quit taking the medication unexpectedly as you will be bound to encounter withdrawal manifestations.

    Narcotics should just be utilized by those they are endorsed for. Try not to give your medication to any other person. Taking higher portions or more incessant dosages of narcotic may build the danger of enslavement. Abuse and abuse can prompt overdose or potentially demise.

  • You might be able to rig some sort of "pipeline" for it to flow through a figure (for streams and cumshots) before being visible in the scene. However, that assumes you can put the emitter inside another mesh for that type of effect.
    As well, if it's physics-based, you might be able to put in some sort of animating valve to affect speed and volume, and to make spurts.

  • Already played with it, it is pretty cool, but didn't found out how you can make it have a start speed when I tried it, it looked like you only can start it like he did somwhere and then stuff like gravity comes in to move the particles. this and the fact there is no vray version for maya 2016 yet let me stay by nparticles.

  • Mmmm, fluid fluids :D

    Sadly, I dropped my $4K on Max, not Maya.
    Don't really see the sense in a water plugin/add-on for Maya anyway - from what I've seen, the default water plugin looks just fine. Max is the one that needs help. Maybe one day Autodesk will grow up and merge the two into one so the best features of both can be had in one app.

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