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  • Sex is actually a pretty good workout. So, definitely that! lol

    I workout at home rather than at a gym because some creep would probably have their phone out recording my ass the whole time, or leering at me at the very least, and that's just not something you want to worry about while you're trying to concentrate on working out.

    I do a bit of cardio, but not running, biking, or an elliptical. I don't know how anyone can stand that mind numbing stuff. I do a mixture of gymnastics, practicing various martial arts, and dancing for cardio. I've always found those three things fun and they're great cardio workouts, so why bother with mind numbing stuff? If I can swim too I will but I don't have a pool so I can't really do that most of the time.

    There is some actual kinda boring exercise stuff I do, and it's almost exclusively focused on my butt to keep it nice and big and round. I have a pretty big bubble butt naturally so I don't necessarily need to do this stuff but it helps it stay rounder, firmer, and a bit bigger. So, that's a definite plus. You shouldn't focus just on your butt though. You need to also do your thighs & upper legs, your lower back, lower abs, lower back, and obliques. All of that helps to sort of pull everything up and keep it nice and tight and round. It all looks really nice too.

    I don't really work on my arms or upper body at all because I get more than enough of that from practicing various martial arts (some of which involves weighted training). It's more useful than some other mind numbing stuff too since it actually has a real world application, if I ever needed something like that - which honestly isn't very likely. But being able to defend yourself and practicing to get better at it is always a big plus, especially since it's fun.

    Guys would probably still need to do weights to bulk up but since I'm a girl and not really going for anything like that I don't have to worry about it.

    That's the jist of it, I guess. My favorite exercises tend to involve workout balls or half workout balls. The half workout balls are really great for obliques because you can do sort of a side sit up and it's great for that. But they have a whole variety of uses and tend to work more muscles groups, so incorporate them if you can. I dunno if I have a favorite. I guess maybe this one is pretty neat where I lay flat on my back with my legs held up off the ground at an incline and then I use my abs to slowly lift my entire body up straight vertical until I'm only on my shoulders/neck and then slowly back down to where I started and repeat. Most people that see me do it say they've never heard of such a thing, so I guess that makes it a little cool.

    But yeah, the first stuff I mentioned is definitely my favorite… especially if you start all the way up at sex, lol!

  • In the morning, I will do a series of stretches and simple exercised that can be done in the space of my own home.
    When at work, I will takes walks through the building, going up and down steps and a jogging pace.
    At home, I will spend 30 minutes doing step-ups, usually while watching a TV show/movie in order to take my mind off the fatigue.

    Once I get to a point when I feel I have build up some decent stamina, I'll be going for jogs/runs.

  • Combo of circuit training, functional training and straight weights.

    Most of that preps me for ruck marches no problem :)

  • Running and biking, though I do a lot more of the latter than the former. Gyms I have given a fair shot, been an active gym attendee for about two years, but it always ends up feeling like a chore. Biking is something I feel an urge to do whenever the sun's out or the wind's down, I get that itch that I have to get up and get moving and smell the fresh air in a way that the gym has never made me feel.

  • if you must…

  • Does sex count?

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