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  • I use it for Poser almost all the time, mainly for Shoulders, Knees, and Elbows. It works very well, but it is built mainly for the extreme bends that are in the thumbnails. Once loaded, and if you are not at the engle it is meant to work at, you need to do a little adjustment. My one pet peeve about the product is how much it inflates the knee at under 180 degrees bend. Other than that, I like it a lot.

    This is a good example of how it works. I used it on the legs. Beware, Futa content.

  • Yeah miro, try it out and let me know how well it works. I am still unsure if it would be worth getting it. I am really happy with Bbends and the only thing I really would like to see is how well they actually got the bends to look, especially on shin/thigh intersections and glutes, since thats what I really did not like as much from the sculpted poses they did. The ass looked absolutely horrible in those when you injected these into regular V4 with morphs++.

    BeautifulBends V4 btw looked very good in each of those poses without any extra morphs tbh ;)

  • I kinda miffed at the fact there's a different version for Poser and DS. It wouldn't have been so much better for the user if both were actually the same, or at least the DS version (which is sold separately) is included in the Poser version.

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    I got it because I try most of these things… but haven't actually used it yet. I should shouldn't I. From the included vids it actually looked like you had to apply every morph and then dial it in, glad to her it's jcm controlled.

  • I got a response from the author and it works with jcms so it should really be automatic just that you can apply the morphs that you want to apply and then the rest will be automatic.

    Might be worth to check it out, even though the leg bends look a bit too strong for me in some situations.

  • I haven't tried that one, but I tried one of their other products that has automatic fix. Only thing was for each pose, there was a fix specifically designed for it. So if you want to use another pose, it wouldn't look well.

    This one though looks like it's basically any pose can use this fix. I might get it later and see for myself.

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