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  • Legally (to a point) no. Otherwise copyright law would be oppressive and able to shut down even fanart.

    In actuality? Not necessarily. It may even be a parody directly OF something and still not be plagarizing. Where you sell it or portray it as actually being it (whatever "it" may be), is when you blatantly plagiarize something. Or if it has too many similarities to be considered fanart or parody…

  • Obviously parody is not plagiarism, as otherwise it would be impossible to make jokes about movies/books/etc.

  • No, no it is not. Parody is designed in such a way that it can never be a complete and direct copy of the original, for it's designed to point out humor based on the original. If that makes sense.

  • Just my opinion, Not persee, though if it is just blatant copying and no changes at all, it definately could be.

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