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  • hehehe, dont fret, g3/v7 is coming !

  • V5 was the Genesis 1 Vicky, just like V4 was the generation 4 version of her, and V6 is the Genesis 2 version.

    Genesis 1 had major potential: the same mesh could be morphed into male or female, which meant clothes could be built off a single mesh and morphs for one always worked on the other. Hell, you could morph the one figure from a baby to a fucking troll!

    For some stupid reason, they abandoned V5 rather quickly and built a completely separate male mesh, then dropped her completely after about a year in favor of the Genesis 2 scheme (and I mean "scheme" as in "evil plot to create a nickel-and-dime-ware platform").

    Go to Daz and select V5 as the Figure filter. There are 104 items for her. Total. If that's not abandonment, I don't know what is.
    There's not even a "Genesis Female" category, and most of what is available is utility items like texture and morph transfer from V4 and G2. Some folks have thrown out some day-late content for her, but IMO it's weak for the price.

    As for converting a V5-based figure to G2, it shouldn't be too hard to do, even if it's just getting her head "close enough". If you've custom-sculpted her in Z-brush, you can do the same with G2. If you built her with combinations of ready-made character and base figure morphs, that makes it even easier.
    The hair might be a problem, but a lot of hair vendors are adapting their G1 hairs to G2. Even Pretty3D, who has been one of the biggest V4 supporters for years, has adapted some of her best stuff to G2.

  • Hi gcrock,
    Sorry for the late answer.
    Well, so far I haven't seen (but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist) a way to port Genesis Figures to Genesis2 Figure. All I know is a process existing going Genesis 2 > Genesis. I think the main problem in the other direction is the fact that Genesis 2 figures contain gender related information that are not defined in Genesis figure (as the model is generic and used both for male and female). So porting a Genesis Figure could be quite tricky. Maybe there will be a way to do that, based on the gender related morphs used on the Genesis figure and based on that porting the figure either on Genesis 2 male or Genesis 2 female. But I'm not sure this is possible. I haven't a knowledge deep enough to answer to this question.

    All I can tell is the existing genitalia options for Genesis 2 models.
    So far the best options seems to be:

    • Generic Male Genitalia for Genesis 2 Male used with Poison script to make it compatible with Genesis 2 Female (available on Renderotica).
    • Sledgehammer Male Genitalia for Genesis 2 Male (but I'm not sure it's 100% compatible with Genesis 2 Female) on Renderotica.
    • Jepe Genitalia, which is an awesome prop used with any model (Genesis or Genesis2, both male and female). I started to use it recently, after looking at The Dude recent works… and I must say this is the best I've seen soo far to make good looking Genesis 2 Futa :p

    You're right when you say that a lot more choice exist for Genesis, M4 or V4 about Genitalia.
    And if you have already invested a lot of work in using Male Genitalia for Genesis + Wicked works morphs... well, I think it's better to stick to it.

    I hope this answer doesn't come too late ^^'

  • hey korothir…i use v5 because she's the best for the genesis fits weird on genesis 2, and if i DO use genesis 2, there's not a lot of product for the genesis 2 cock...i love using the wicked works morphs...i'm still new to this, so i'm sure i'm missing out on a lot of there any way to bring my Alex over to g2 without having to create her from scratch?

  • Good thread. I'm currently experimenting with fitting things to G2, but it doesn't always work out so well in the other direction. G2>G1 seems to have worked best so far roughly 2/3rds of the time.

    I hear poses are 'supposed' to work basically accross all generations with only minor adjustments but… I'm only making minor variations on existing poses and haven't quite gotten that far yet. :D I digress, 'supposed to' doesn't mean anything, guess one never knows till one tries. Still, specialized rigging seems to be better than standard--worth a shot. If it's no-dice at least you have another tool for its intended purpose, if you need.

  • In fact, we were talking about Zev0 Tongue Control not really because of the possibilities to manipulate the tongue, but more because of the possibilities offered to stretch the mouth a lot more than the original rigs. :p

  • This does not help with the V5 thing, but:

    Great item, if you do not have Zev-0's.

    • G

  • I came back to DAZ after a long break (from the V3 era). I see tons of stuff for V4, more and more stuff for G2, but almost nothing for G1. Seems like that was a misstep for DAZ. I'd update to G2 if you can afford it, unless you won't need much more in terms of hair, wardrobe and morphs.

  • Hi there! been a bot occupied lately in RL ^^'
    Sorry for the delayed answer:
    I've tried to use Zev0's Tongue Control morphs with Victoria 5.
    Unfortunately the model doesn't recognize the morphs. :(
    I also realized that V5 is a genesis-based model. Not a genesis2. Weird. All that time I thought the contrary. But it's true I've used very little this model (I jumped from V4 to V6 almost directly). Btw gcrock, is there any particular reason you keep Alex on a Victoria5 base ? Honestly, I think this would rather limit her possibilities for the future, but that's just my opinion.

  • Ok…so I found die trying's 182 V4 morphs for Genesis...i'll let you know how it turns out...

  • Nice!!! Will look into it…thanx, K!!!

  • Yes ! Tongue Control from Zev0 is the best in this category (at least from everything I tried so far :p).
    Unfortunately Zev0 hasn't done a Genesis Version.
    BUT… as this morph is for Genesis 2 models (and not specifically V6), there's a chance that the morph is compatible with V5. I will try and keep your informed if it works.

    In the meantime, here is the link for Zev0's Tongue Control morph.
    It has 3 rigs just for opening wide the mouth! (open wide 1, open wide 2, and open wide 3).

    And here's an example of what we can do with it (work in progress). Hu hu… :D

  • Actually, my Melanie is a genesis2 V6…her morphscome standard. She can open her mouth super wide with the limits off. I will look into tongue control, though...thanx, Lo!!!

  • Tongue Control does that for V6 (I think that's the morph). There's probably a Genesis version. Zev0 is the artist.

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