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  • Hey, ummm the link doesnt work, but I know how to do animation, but fix the link a bit.


  • @'miro':


    ok cool. If you ever need help, just PM me (even if we don't know each other).
    I should post some stuff in the next days.

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  • Hi,

    Miro, are you still using Maya ?

  • administrators

    if you're using Maya already then you've got everything you need, I'm actually switching to Maya as well

  • @'JakeFr':

    Hey guys, long time lurker and first time poster.
    I have some experience animating in Maya and want to follow in Miro's footsteps to create awesome 3D animations. Does anyone know the animation program Miro used for Gurlfriends 4 Ever and where he found his models. Thanks a lot guys.

    He used poser, with victoria 4 from daz as basemodels, with lots of zbrush corrections and octane as renderengine.

  • Miro is using Zbrush from to model the cock and Poser from to pose the models… I am not sure which base model he has been using...

    You can also use Daz Studio from which is free and now comes with a very good render engine (Nvidia Iray)
    Sad thing about Daz Studio is that it doesn't supports soft body, so you have to fake that with morphs...

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