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  • all of a sudden is mobile…i dunno.

  • Thanks, I didn't even know about this.

    Well, I just loaded the site and watched Lulu's fantasy with no problems. I have this old office desktop running vista pieced together by other machines…

    Video looked a little jerky but that could just be how it's made.

    I have another old emachines (which "hates" me) which I'm pretty sure really just needs a new clean version of its os reboot and possibly a new hard drive. It seems to be playing it fine as well, just a little slower.

    You cleaned out your cache? CCleaner by piriform works wonders when you defrag, clean out, wipe free space, etc. They have a free version which I use, and if you love it, hell, buytheir $15 version sometime. I will when I get my new machine running.

    Maybe it's the browser? I use Firefox.

    Perhaps it's the player? Even updated, it still acts like a S.O.B. with plugins and scripts quitting on me fairly frequently, but at least I can play most anything I'm after. I just can't use online emulators via browser.

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