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  • I actually already answered that in the last thing I quoted in my post above. The first part of that is pretty clear so I'll just leave that here:

    You can teleport other people, as long as you're touching (or they're in/on something that you're teleporting like a car). As for objects, let's put the upper limit at around an M1 Abrams.

    The next part is a bit more complex though so I'll just break it down… Your maximum teleportation distance is not just anywhere on earth but roughly to around Jupiter, or 483.4 million miles. So if you were to steal a couple space suits you could go have a look at Jupiter or Saturn in the blink of an eye.

    If you wanted to go further then it'd take a lot more preparation and a lot of supplies, not to mention years of doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and teleporting non-stop.

    As for the telekinesis reaction speed, since I'm basing it on the Chronicle one then we can see how it starts out pretty weak - maybe moving around a pencil or something. But after practicing with it enough it gets stronger and eventually anyone would be able to figure out how to fly using it, and with enough practice anyone could also learn how to stop bullets. Throwing cars around would definitely be possible.

    Now, the timespan of Chronicle was very short... If we consider that someone lived with this power and practiced with it for years, decades, or even their entire lives then it's possible that they could achieve somewhere around Dark Phoenix or even Dr Manhattan - some truly scary shit. That would of course depend on a per individual basis if you could really ever get that strong. But it would be realistic to assume just about anyone after a good 10 years of practice or so could at least go around pretending to be Super Man or Super Girl and "faking" the abilities they have such as flight, super speed, super strength, being practically impervious to damage (bullets, missiles, etc), super breath, x-ray vision, maybe even laser vision.

    So, whether or not you could eventually achieve god-like levels of telekinesis I think it's probably one with one of the biggest potentials to tap over time. And hey, maybe you could eventually even control your own body using telekinesis to some extent like Lucy long before you ever even get to the god-like levels and you could essentially become biologically immortal, change your hair color at will, or even basically become a shapeshifter - and obviously be able to repair any injury that wasn't instantly fatal.

    On the other hand, with mind control after practice and years of experience maybe it would be possible to extend the range of mind control. Eventually you might be able to mind control the entire world all at once, even kill anyone across the entire world simply at will and know where anyone is at any given time. And maybe, just maybe, you could even conquer death by figuring out how to completely move your consciousness into another person's body (e.g. like a permanent possession) which would eliminate your one weakness and make you essentially immortal, not to mention being able to choose bodies at your whim. And who knows, maybe after thousands of years you might even essentially become a god... omnipresent, everywhere in the universe.

    With teleportation, maybe it would be possible to teleport further and further the more you practice and the more experience you have with it. Eventually maybe you could go to entirely new galaxies in a single teleport. And who knows, maybe you could eventually learn to teleport things to you without actually having to go there. So for instance you could just teleport a gold bar from the Federal Reserve right into your hand and you yourself would never have to go anywhere. You might even, if powerful and experienced enough, eventually discover how to teleport things into existence without taking them from somewhere else... in essence, the power of creation. You might even be able to essentially become a shape shifter if you rearrange how things rematerialize on the other end of a teleport so you could possibly completely change your appearance with a simple teleport - that's pretty cool. It's also another route to immortality since you could also heal any injury with a teleport and obviously if you materialize your body as young again then that's a biological immortality right there.

    So, all of them have high potentials. It's really just about which power you'd really personally prefer.

  • Ok, got it now. However, when talking about vulnerability, it might be necessary to discuss, whether one has sufficient reflexes to use any of the powers to defend oneself. (If you are caught off-guard or surprised, even Teleport or Telekinesis abilities might not safe you any more …)

    Concerning Telekinisis and the "super-power-feeling". Yeah, that's true, quite spectacular. (Of course depending on the level of force, you can apply with it... Is it moving a person or equivalent-weight? Is throwing a car in? Is it "Magneto-level"?) It might be a bit imbalanced, when you include flight, but -- who cares. It's a superpower. I always liked Magneto, levitating on a disk and throwing things around. :-)

    Nonetheless, I wanted to give Teleportation some more attention. (If we want to take it really seriously there is much to discuss at first, like: Where can you go? Do you need to have been there first? Or is good imagination sufficient? How is the "accuracy-thing" handled? How much luggage can you take? etc ... But let's take it easy...)
    I travel alot and it would just make my everyday life much easier. And your partners can be around the world...
    (Can you take living beings with you? You surely see the potential .. :D)

    Small advantage over Telekinies is that you can go to enclosed rooms and some other places, were flying / hovering is not an option. (Or where telekinesis might require a level of destruction you don't want to inflict ...) Teleportation would leave everything intact.

    (BTW: Should telekinesis allow to move water in a way that you could "fly" into the oceans? Could be a bit overpowered, but would make deep sea exploration comfortable ...).

    If teleporting to confined spaces like lockers/wardrobes is possible (particularly if it doesn't make significant noise) it could be a good voyeur ability as well. ;-)

  • I'll just paste some stuff from another forum…

    I think a really interesting one would be the ability to leave your own body and take control of someone else's, either temporarily or permanently and even if that body is killed (even if your original body is dead and that was your only one) you'd still have the ability to find the nearest person of your choosing and take their body. You could hear the person you possessed screaming in their mind unable to do anything but watch helplessly as you did whatever you pleased, and after you left (assuming they didn't die) they'd be given back the reigns.

    You could go massacre all the people you think deserve to die yourself and get the satisfaction of doing so and then pin it on some poor bastard, perhaps someone else you don't happen to have a particularly high opinion of.

    There's so many lovely things you could do with such a power - not to mention how you would have complete and total immortality.

    Not only can you compel absolute obedience but you can even alter someone's memories. Not only could you make someone go across the street and punch someone but you could make them think that it was them that thought of it. You could even give them false memories.

    The most powerful aspect is that they don't even have to make eye contact with you and you don't need to speak. You could just look at them from across a crowded street, only able to see the back of their head, and bam! Compelled to do something or memories changed.

    Though you're correct the experience would be different, I was speaking of the result. Whether you use mind control to force a person to commit your deeds, or you personally take the reigns and do it yourself using their body; both yield the same result no?
    In fact I would say mind control is more useful as you could have multiple people doing multiple actions towards your goal, rather than having to do it all personally.

    Of course if you personally want to hack and slash through people, or for example take over someone's life without risk I could definitely see body possession being more alluring.

    They both have their strengths and weaknesses and you're right, the weakness with possession is that you can only control one at a time and you have to do everything yourself. With mind control you could control dozens or even millions at a time and after you set it you don't have to mess with it after that, they'll take care of it on their own.

    Of course, with mind control you're extremely vulnerable. Like Erebus mentioned, a car bomb, a sniper, or even something unexpected and unpreventable like a car crash. With possession you don't have that vulnerability. So, it's a trade-off. Aside from the obvious immortality, you can also use other people's bodies. If you get in a car crash and maybe it doesn't kill you but it breaks your legs… you can't do anything about that with mind control. With possession you could just jump into a new body. What if you became paraplegic in the crash? Besides, you could become someone like the President or you could just have literally any body you want.

    The really big kicker is that with possession it's possible that if you were to find someone else with some sort of super power then chances are you could take over their body and you may potentially also be able to use their powers. Possess someone with telekinesis? You can use it. Maybe not as well as they can, but you could learn. If you were the only one with super powers in the world it's pretty powerful but if you aren't then it's even more powerful.

    To be honest, I think telekinesis would definitely be the most fun. I mean, you'd feel like a super hero.

    Well, I mean… Phoenix from X-Men was a telekinesis user and she was pretty fucking terrifying.

    Also, wouldn't Dr Manhattan technically qualify as a telekinesis user? He was basically a god.

    You can teleport other people, as long as you're touching (or they're in/on something that you're teleporting like a car). As for objects, let's put the upper limit at around an M1 Abrams.

    If we were to assume you could teleport anywhere on earth, that should theoretically be around 7,918 miles if we're teleporting through the earth rather than over the surface.

    The nearest galaxy is 411,348,000,000,000,000 miles away. Soo…. that's roughly 51,950,997,726,698 teleports to get there if we were to assume 7,918 is the maximum range. Assuming you can get in one teleport per second that works out to around, uh... 1.647 million years. Not quite in time for dinner.

    That's not very fun though. So, let's say you can teleport to Jupiter as around an upper limit. That's 483.4 million miles. That would make it 850,947,456 teleports instead, which is 9849 days or 26.98 years. Still not in time for dinner but doable within your lifetime if you were really determined. That is, assuming you could bring 27 years worth of supplies (including oxygen) along with you within your M1 Abrams limitations.

    Still, the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second so you'd be traveling at about 2,595 times the speed of light.

    Oh and hey y'know maybe you could teleport faster than once per second. Like, maybe once per half a second or one fourth a second. If you could do that then it'd only be 13.5 years or 6.75 years. Then again... you still probably need to eat and sleep so that'd probably take some time out of the teleporting, in all the figures. I mean if you sleep 8 hours a day that's 33% of your day. So all of those values would increase by 33%. And if we add 3 hours for eating that's ~46% of your day. Wow, sleep just really fucks you huh?

    But allow me to answer your question directly… The personal protection issue with mind control is that you can't actually protect yourself like the others could with their powers. You could die to a car bomb or even something more innocuous like a car wreck and no amount of mind control could prevent that.

    With teleportation you could remove yourself from danger and with telekinesis you could form a protective bubble around yourself or otherwise avert the danger with force. If someone were to shoot at you with teleportation you could teleport away. With telekinesis you could stop the bullet mid-air and even send it right back at them.

    Basically it's just saying that your own personal protection isn't one of the strengths of mind control. True, you could have your own personal army protecting you 24/7 but you yourself don't have any real protection via your powers like the other offerings would confer.

    Also, I'd love telekinesis. Feeling like a super hero would beat the advantages of the others for me although honestly it took a great deal of consideration to come to that conclusion. Flying, stopping bullets, "throwing" cars like Frisbee, grabbing stuff from my kitchen without ever having to get up (haha!), and so on... that sort of empowerment you'd feel from that, it's hard to really beat.

  • Gotta be telekinesis for me. Would love to be able to fly, just for how cool that would be. And I think my fear of heights would also vanish.

  • @'Tiffany':

    Mind Control
    […]The big downside is of course that you have no personal protection yourself. Some crazed lunatic could shoot you from behind without your ever knowing it was coming.

    Hi Tiffany, could you explain a bit more on the personal protection issue? I'm afraid I did not understand that, yet. Are you just talking about the usual risks when interacting with a lot of different, maybe dubious people, which might not always just whish the best for you…, or do you think of a specific vulnerability because of the mind abilities?
    BTW: If we need some drawback (to balance superpowers) one could also define that mind control might come with (potentially adverse) feedback towards yourself. If you are familiar with star trek you might compare it with some symptoms of a vulcanic "mind meld": You might exercise control over somebody else, plant commands etc, but it brings you also maximally close to their thoughts / emotions / soul -- which may hurt you severely or drag you into an abyss of their insanity or the like...

  • Telepathy. Very useful in knowing what people really think. Although that could make me into a Howard Hughes like-recluse, seeing as how I'd probably be terribly dissapointed. But it could be an advantage in getting a decent paying job if running a business didn't appeal to you.
    Oops: saw the poll after I posted. Mind control it is. :)

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