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  • I personally really like anything by Addy.

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    Sub division would be nice. I would like to see improvements to the morphing tool itself. It's really clumsy, they should just give us individual vert control and be done with it. Ideal would be something like 3DS Max graphite tools :)

  • Personally, what I wish is that Smith Micro takes at least ONE idea from Daz Studio for the next addition, and gives us subdivision morphing. THAT would make things absolutely lovely, giving us the ability to make a pussy that actually is part of the original model, without ruining her. Sure, it means whole new textures, just to get the flesh inside right, but even a batch of 5 or 6 defaults (for various skin tones) would be more than enough for most folks.

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    yes these are good examples, what I dislike is when you can actually see the skin pixelate in close-ups or clumsy blurred patches or compression artifacts
    Isn't it sad to see the pussy missing, we really need a fully developed figure with extra polygons where it counts :D

  • This is an example of what I don't like

    That's S4 default texture, which is pretty meh.

    Here's Lana

    I don't like the baked in 'shadows' simulating darken skin folds under the breast.


    Ethnique: Regina by Morris

    All of them are not using bump maps. As miro said, that extra details in the diffuse (and bump) maps really helps.

    And a look at their butt cracks





    I've spread out the butt with some magnets, those bright polygon are just mest artifacts that needs some editing.

    Regina's details seems a bit exaggerated, but that's probably because she's meant to be somewhat darker. I do love the fact that she has no noticeable butt crease line and how those details are still kept right into the inside of her butt crack.

  • I tend to use Rebelmommy textures a lot as well as J. King textures. They have a lot of what I need (shaders) and I can change them up as I need.

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    I actually look for as much details as possible with diffuse maps as well as bump map, those are most essential in terms of realism I find. Spec map is also nice to have.

    I usually don't paint, cause I'd ruin the thing, but I combine textures a lot, clone and change the tone and such. One of my favorites are Girl Next Door textures, very detailed, realistic high res and quality. If there's something I don't like, I clone it out.

  • Editing textures is doable, but I think you as customer shouldn't have to do so in the first place.

    I tried Mihrelle's Elena and Riley - they were quite good but using my preset seem to add flakiness (white highlights where they shouldn't be) to some parts of the skin. I guess that's why the have specular maps, but i generally avoid using them.

    Freja's work is very nice, but the details are somewhat muted compared to maelwenn's Angel. I just wish it was offered without the extra stuff (hair, morphs). Even looked at some of Morris products, but the baked pubic hair is a let down. Plus, the best set seems to be somewhat darker skin.

    Butt crease is fixable, but the most annoying thing is the area around the anus, which is annoying since I'm trying to make a proper anus for V4.

  • Cant say I am having one in particular. But right now the MRL Elena texture set is one that I find to be very very good. It has great details, good specular and bump detail.

    I dont care that much for anything else as I usually build anything else through painting around in the textures, and usually also bake my own normal- and cavity maps. Baked in butt creases on the thigh backsides can usually be corrected pretty easily by painting over those areas, which is usually my first move when I see these things on a new texture set ;)

    I would also like to mention FRAD Shamina, Exnem Gabrielle and VH Ivy as very nice texture sets

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