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  • @HitmanX3Z,

    I was just at a an exhibit where they had 6-7 Fabergé eggs. As well as a huge collection of art from the Tzar's collection. It was amazing!


    I don't really take dong talk all that serious…

  • Would be very interesting to watch consequences of assassination of german spy Vladimir Lenin before he done October Revolution, so Russian Empire will stays alive and wins WW1, probably WW2 will never happens, our world should be completely different.

  • That dick definitely isn't 14 inches long. They're lying. That's realistically about 9 inches long. Something weird is going on with that picture though because that girl's hand is fucking massive.

    14 would be from her elbow all the way to her fist. She could put about two hands and a little bit on that… it's nowhere near as big as they say. Definitely around 9, maybe 9.5, but no bigger than that. I don't care what they try to tell you.

  • In your example those are definitely props. But that is a genuine 14.5 inch dong illustrated above, that Mandingo is throwing around. Dude probably almost passes out from lack of blood to his brain when he gets an erection. JELLY!

  • There's not any "real" person I'd switch with. I love my body and how I look, and my brain for that matter.

    If we included fictional characters then it would be a different story, lol.


    Mandingo. So I could have a 14.5 inch dong. HEEEYOOO!

    Isn't that just a prop though?


  • Sure, you can Quantum Leap

    @Gazukull I'd rather be Rocco, he gets to use his more "enthusiastically" :D

  • Is this like a Quantum Leap thing, where I'd speak the language? Vladimir Putin. I'd do a lot of good until I was assassinated.

    Or maybe CR7, purely for selfish reasons.

  • Mandingo. So I could have a 14.5 inch dong. HEEEYOOO!

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