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  • @'gazukull':

    Hibbli did you see a new DS Octane plug just came out?

    Could be helpful :)

    yeah.. and it works like a charm now… really ALL bugs that annoyed me the past 6 (!) months are gone now... its really fun to render again now :D

    now i am in... difficult situation :) i could continue with octane now... at least for another year maybe and then change to iray... because i bet there WILL be a point when it gets better than octane. nvidia can and will dump a lot money on this project i bet :)

    daz studio plugin updates will continue sloooowly... so next update in another half year or something like that lol. well... lets see

  • I've been using DS and Iray a lot lately, figuring it out as I go an peeking at the threads over at Daz' forum, mostly about the lights.
    So far I'm liking it. Still got a ways to go before I'm happy with the results, but that's all on me. Time to research what all those technical terms mean :P

    It was mentioned earlier that Poser is being out-paced by Daz in a big way, and as a long-time Poser-user, I agree. With every minor revision, Studio adds or improves a feature, whereas Poser waits for a major revision, and gimps certain features to create a "cost-effective" version (i.e. P10 vs PP2014).
    Meanwhile, existing features of Poser that have true potential are left neglected, like the Hair Room, and they fail to integrate new technology like GPU or hybrid rendering. However, the Community devs have done a lot to compensate for Poser's short-comings, and while far from physically-based light rendering, there are a few lighting systems at RuntimeDNA that give things like Luxrender and Octane a run for their money in terms of final output quality.

    However, the burden of "fixing what's wrong with Poser" should not be on the Community. While it's good that market gap exists (good for those content creators, at least), I see Daz making leaps and bounds in their own program.

    Once they integrate Nvidia's PhysX and Hair systems, iClone will no longer be a concern for Daz users.

    Given that Iray is built on established Nvidia code and not something pieced together and stitched in, I'm not surprised that Reality and Octane have problems keeping up with Studio revisions.

  • Hibbli did you see a new DS Octane plug just came out?

    Could be helpful :)

  • @'Nuke':

    Daz has their own freebie Luxrender bridge? Since when?

    The only one I know of is Luxus, and it's not free sadly.

  • I am looking into the iClone6 thing, I will let you know how my adventures go. Some of the features I need are not in there yet. As far as I can tell, you cannot zbrush the characters once they are in there… no good for penetrations.

    I think I am going to use iClone for animating the non sex scenes and then stick to Poser > Octane for the sex scenes.

  • i would love that too :D but i think first of all i have to start with premade stuff and then slooowly move forward… as i said in the other thread, still not sure what to use... no good tutorials out there for animate2 from daz. and if i use iclone6 i guess characters and all will look different

  • @hibbli

    I would love to see some of your test renders :)

  • oooh wow… awesome! :D

    tried that 4.8 for the first time today... if i click on render... i just tells me render is already in use! and nothing starts :D thats... called a perfect start

  • Daz has their own freebie Luxrender bridge? Since when?

  • everything is better than getting annoyed and annoyed every day by octane plugin. i dont even wanna know how many hours days and weeks of work i lost just by avoiding bugs. but enough is enough now.

    i will just miss that redspecc stuff :)

  • I'd be surprised if it was significantly slower than Octane. Nvidia has tons of money and a huge incentive to make this fast, since it locks people into their products.

    This explains some advanced skin settings, including a small bit of the theory behind it. As an Octane user, I imagine a lot of this is old news, but it might ease the transition, Hibbli.

  • even if it might be slower… or double the time... what wont happen but... even then i am way faster on long term if i count in all those annoying hours of rerenderings, bugs, crashes and and and...

    and i bet, that in time iray will get better than octane anyway

  • If I were not doing so much animation, I would go that way too hibbli. Really DS is doing good things by integrating Iray.

  • hope it works stable. think i am moving away from octane and its poor plugin support. enough is enough :)
    guess even if it will need few weeks again to get things going it will be the better choice on long term

  • I love iray. I've had some problems with Reality/LuxRender which still haven't been fixed, so to see a hardware accelerated render engine which works with daz is niiiiiiice.

  • Fair enough. Normally I'd say instructables, or how-to, or about are good places to find general know-how. I guess you can't really go wrong with Youtube or Hulu or whatever. Dreamlight does have several feeebies on the basics but you have to download each individually from product library after your "purchase" them.

  • I just looked at the website. I'd avoid that like ebola. When I was learning Maya, I spent a lot of time and money on training. Paid training is sometimes good, sometimes not, but when there are no samples to see what the instruction style is like, I take that as a warning.

  • True, it's unfriendly to a hobbyist budget. However, when one considers that formal classes cost about that much apart from other expenses, that's about on-par. Even if it is "pro training" as advertised, it is only what you make out of it. But hobbyists like us simply have to make due. Free tutorials are a gamble because you may not learn anything–but unless you have money for better, it's all you have.

    It is worth noting that most if not all things could be purchased separately and individually. Not just instructional videos, but tools as well. And some stuff is about exploits and tricks for getting the most out of your cheap end stuff that you normally have to butcher in order to make work. It is what it is.

  • $500 for DAZ training? Seriously? That's bizarre. I could see that for professional software one could might hope to make a career of, but the vast majority of DAZ users are hobbists.

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