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  • Well, it's "finished" (more or less… ) but still just in the hands of miro, while he does some "post-production", advertising, sets up some goodies, etc.

    See his comment and further details on the G4E DLC front page ( ).

    Feb 21st 2015 – the Girlfriends 4 Ever Release Event begins!

    To clarify: The DLC is NOT being released today! This is the event that leads to the release. The event itself will take a few weeks! If you’re having trouble viewing the teaser …

  • Thanks, apparently the scenes Im talking about are in DLC 1, which is marked as finished. Problem now is, I cant find the download link. Is there one or do I have to redownload the files again?

  • Hi,

    there is a huge thread about the so-called G4E DLC release that will extend G4E with new material. See .
    (Actually it's now two packages: DLC1 will be free for existing G4E customers; a second one – whose existence was confirmed only a few days ago -- will be some price to allow miro and the site to continue their work.)

    Within the thousands of posts, you'll find much pre-release and concept art that may or may not cover the mentioned scenes. And many interesting debates as well...
    However, if you just want quick information miros initial post at the G4E DLC WIP thread, might already answer your questions.

    @admins: Suggest to shift this topic away from the tutorials area to the technical area.

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