Is Affiliate Advertising An Idiot Proof Marketing?

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  • I have been following your tumblr for sometime now and tried using the ask function and get:

    Not Found

    The URL you requested could not be found.

    So I'll just post it here. Just as a suggestion you may think about adding some color variation to background scenes. Pink is just fine on the characters, but when it is used as almost the only color in the background or setting it can be kind of hard on the eyes. I for one have to turn down the brightness on my computer when I look at the new almost completely pink scenes. So it is either the extensive use of pink, the brightness of the renders or both. What you do with this is up to you. I hope this will help you in your future endeavors.

  • Fell off my chair to some extent :)

  • Yeah, I am. :P

  • About the custom dong thing for Kayla: you aren't by any chance going for something a bit thicker? (ahem!)

  • Thanks guys!

    Here's some more for those of you not keeping up to date with my blog.


    This is all just concept stuff for the next set. I wanna play around with a really bright outdoorsy setting.

  • She's adorable!

  • oh wow, she is perhaps my favourite among the three.

  • Hah, thanks :D

    Here's two more!


  • wow!!! that's good work

  • Dianaranda, I'll get that done :)

    Borsten, thanks!

    Mizugetsu, I'll be looking into animation asap but the render times are significant and there are a few technical hurdles I want to cross before I get to that point. In particular I want a second GPU, and also still create my own original cockpropt and geograft it onto the figure. That will make animation a lot, lot easier.

    Anyway, in the meanwhile here's a render milestone that I'm quite proud of. She's a new girl called Breanne that I intend to feature in my second set. Enjoy!


  • such a shame theres not an animation bonus for this set i'll still pick it up but maybe release 2?

  • just read the good news on your blog! with your set and the dlcs at hand, this is going to be one exhausting august:)

  • I would really love to see the front of Yelena's body outfit on this picture ^^ And probably am hopefully not the only one.

  • Majestic !

  • New stuff up on my Tumblr, so I'll post it here too.

    This is all preview material for my first commercial set.


  • Haha no man, I was just trying to spare you disappointment incase you were using my 3 months as a sort of performance benchmark. But you're right, it's definitely possible to get good at this if you commit and put in the hours. I myself can barely believe where I am right now, and there's still so much more to learn.

  • Thanks for your quick answer!!

    P.S. I hope you didn't get me wrong, I wasn't implying that I could get to the same level as you in the same time if I have the right tools and such, because that won't happen :) It was just that your development showed me that it's not impossible to get some really satisfying results without years and years of experience.

  • Thanks for the kind words :) Alright, to answer your questions:

    1. I shelled out big time. Getting into 3DX is probably the biggest professional investment I've ever made. I'm currently well into the four digits in terms of what I spent to make what you're seeing, from hardware upgrades to 3D content, etc. It wasn't something I had anticipated beforehand but I wasn't going to shy away from it either.

    2. I'm not really a very good sculptor yet, I'm just getting the basics down. I simply export the models I work with in DAZ Studio and then make some minor adjustments to them before I send them back. As time goes by I'll be creating stuff from scratch, which I already have to some extent, but I need to dedicate some more time to getting good at this.

    3. I'm doing this almost full-time, because I've set the goal of being able to make money with this job. This is a huge contributor to the getting good so quickly aspect, because other people might only find room for an hour or two of this outside of their regular daily life and job. I'm a bit of a hermit in that aspect, I just knuckle down and get to it, leaving time for friends and family in my schedule but really very little else outside of that. So that's a sacrifice you have to be willing to make if you want it to go this fast.

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