Best b Schools for Finance in India

  • IMT is the Best b Schools for Finance in India Providing best courses with experienced faculty. The Institute is continuously striving to provide quality management education by adopting modern teaching methodologies and sophisticated business techniques. The business challenges that are thrown open by the process of globalization and liberalization are addressed by the Institute through up-gradation in its course content and pedagogy. It equips the students with comprehensive knowledge of financial management to develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills with an ethical mindset. The program enables the participants to understand business challenges holistically and recognize the interplay of finance with other disciplines. For more details visit the IMT HYDERABAD website.

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    The following short story was inspired by this image from Media of the Day #13. If I'm not allowed to post the pic directly, could a mod please remove this picture. The link is right here if needed :sleepy: :MotD13.

  • Glad you enjoyed it, miro!

    Given that a picture is worth a thousand words (and some of these pictures are worth many times that), it's a bit daunting to put writing out here.

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