What causes QuickBooks error 80029c4a?

  • QuickBooks error 80029c4a indicates that the dynamic link library file, which is also known as DLL is corrupted. You might not be able to find extra files because of which a connection issue occurs between the system and the QB desktop.
    This error can occur if your antivirus has marked QuickBooks as a threat to your desktop/ laptop. To resolve this error, you can check your antivirus to see if QB has been marked as a virus or spam file.
    You can repair it with the help of settings in your laptop and if this doesn’t solve your problem then you can uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks and start on a clean slate.

  • Duh! Apparently I hadn't installed the files under the "poses folder" you pictured, and as a result, I had not run the inject file. I was wondering why I did not get the confirmation messages like in the manual. I did the install some months ago and at first I thought it had gone OK, fooled as I was by the fact that some of the most glaring problems with Victoria 4 had disappeared (like the skin rupturing on more extreme poses). But then I started to realize something was amiss when I saw that the "other hole" wasn't there and the morph channels were missing. After applying the inject in the "Pose" folder, the created file is 1343 KB, as opposed to 1341 and the vanilla V4 which is 1259 KB. Funny how is easy it is to see a problem when you're not too close to it. Thanks for your help.

  • well, you did the first step, after you have such a figure you have to inject the morphs look under the poses there must be another !Erogenesis folder

    that is written under step two in the instruction pdf.

  • Could you please give me a screenshot of what your Lali options look like? The ones that don't work for me? Speaking about the installation, I ran the installer under the Figures button in the Library window. There is an
    " !Erogenesis" folder which has a file called "Lali's bits start". When you run that it prompts you to browse for and select the cr2 file to modify and I did. I am one of those guys who does read the manual, but to be honest, the instructions are clear as mud and they seem to be missing steps, so it's hard to tell whether I did something wrong or the instructions are inaccurate. The manual also said there is an alternative way of installing Lali by running the python script under Scripts menu, but since it said that was for older versions of Poser, I decided to go the library route. Can't tell if it was a good choice though, seeing as how it didn't seem to work 100%.
    Edit: This is what I used.

  • mhmm, ok I didn't had such a case yet, so you created a lali v4? and then you run this other python script to ad the prop and the morhps…probably you have there different from these python scripts, it might work if you use a different one, I read that there are different versions for the different versions fo poser.

  • Yes, but it's empty. The only options I get that can be modified are those of the prop. The others don't look like they are working as they should. Shouldn't the items highlighted in pink be either dials or have plus signs next to them? As it is, right now those options aren't modifiable, they're there, but they're empty. Plus as you can see from the close-up, there is no hole between the ass-cheeks.

  • If you applied everything correctly, you should have a new morph folder/category when you select the body parts and the full body, called Erogenesis under that are all morphs for you figure, when you click on the vagina prop you also should have additional morphs for the labias and the hood and so on.

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