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  • I'm doing ok-ish on my weight loss resolution. I'm generally eating less, but had a few moments where I found myself stress-eating.

    I'm also trying to exercise more, but its difficult at times, especially as I'm stuck behind a desk at work, not much opportunity to get up and walk around for a while.

  • This year, I decided to make resolutions that would be easy to keep - and ones I was going to do anyway.

    1. Get new glasses, specifically bifocals. Done. Progressive lenses are weird. Still not used to not seeing my feet in focus when I walk down stairs.
    2. Upgrade my wardrobe. In Progress. Got some new pants, and will be getting some shirts later this month.
    3. Get a new chair for my bedroom desk. Incomplete. I have a small bedroom; the chairs I'm interested in would take up too much volume in an already cramped room.

  • I don't even remember what mine was… usually my resolution is no resolution because no matter how good intentioned it is everyone always fails miserably and at least that way I could watch everyone else fail and not have to fail myself.

  • I never really make specific resolutions, I just tell myself I wanna do what I did last year only better/more. So far it seems to be working out.

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