• Keto Premiere Danmark - du skal stoppe din krop for at forbruge glukose for at få energi, fordi glukose dybest set er kulhydratet. Så sænk dit kulhydrat forbrug så lavt som muligt, så din krop kan bruge fedt til energi. Skær kun fedt ned til ca. 5%. Keto Premiere er betingelsen for denne mærkevare fra Asien, der bruges som en fedtforbrænder. Du bør byde velkommen, at denne almindelige ting er afgørende for strukturen af ​​forskellige rettelser, uanset om i Asien, men også i Afrika eller i Polynesien. , og det kan behandle mavesmerter, magt eller kørsler Let sikkert ved storheden af ​​den transporterede gulgrønne beklædning, der bliver lilla, når den gør, den har en kvalitet, der indeholder en fungerende mester direkte, siden du går på markedet, du kan uden en igennem og gennem slående træk opdage klare vægte rådne ting, der hævder at være de bedste. De er i tvivl om nogle få break focal centre i betragtning af deres synspunkt, da de indeholder specifikke ulykkelige og falske stoffer. I betragtning af, du har brug for en overbevisende ting, der burde være mærke og uforfalsket som Keto Premiere. Denne fede katastrofe fix er garanteret fra FDA og GMP, som garanterer, at det er en garanteret og uforfalsket tilstand. Keto Premiere, dette er især betingelsen med dem, der indeholder koffein, hvor der er set tilfælde af certificeret muskelsmerter. For at få mere info besøg her:

  • Anyone have any experience with the Perfect V4 fixes? I can transfer morphs to clothing just fine so long as I use my base V4 fixed model, but once I inject the Morphs++ pack into the model it's clipping galore. I have no problem conforming clothes to the non-fixed V4, but I obviously want to use the fixed version together with the Morphs++ pack. Any pointers?

    To sum up:

    Standard V4 with Morphs++ = Clothes fit
    Fixed V4 without Morphs++ = Clothes fit
    Fixed V4 with Morphs++ = Drama

    EDIT: Nevermind, issue resolved. Assumed that the Transfer Morphs function performed spotlessly, but there's a lot of situations in which it apparently doesn't work at all. Manual conforming did the trick.

  • Epic, thanks!

  • Awesome! Thanks mate. I just worked out how to drape dynamic clothing in Daz and am starting to play around with manually posing characters. Should be able to get some renders up soon.

  • The quickest way is to add a backdrop.

    Also, nice first efforts. :)

  • Not here to answer your questions as I too am new and am on the genitals hurdle myself :/
    Just want to say nice work with your creation :) she looks great!!

    Was that using the editor sliders ect? As I too am thinking an editor like say sky rim would be good, bit more versatility, great work though

    I'll be sure to keep an eye on the creative works thread :)


  • Whoo! The goal was to create a pretty girl, I did. Mission accomplished.

    Just my first test render, will open up a thread in Creative once I get the hang of posing and expand my content library a bit. Just pleased with these initial results :D Mind you, yesterday morning all I knew of Daz was that I'd spent money on it. This morning I made this thread. This evening, I've got this :)

    One question I do have for anyone who can answer it; how do I add a shaded colour background like some people seem to? It wasn't my intention to render this to a black BG, I was more thinking of some mild gray/beige scenery.

  • i'm not yr man for Futa but you'll find plenty creators here who definitly know their props :)

  • Well, question #1 has been resolved. Victoria 4.2 with Morphs++ and a few good Renderosity morphs did the trick (Devon and Velina, go!). Liking the results already.

    Which sort of solves point #2, namely backward compatibility. I was probably a bit too eager on the V6 purchase. Gonna play around with V4 some more before expanding upward.

    As for #3, thanks mate, will do :) But what about the futa part of my question? Any clarification there would help, as I can't really seem to find info on that anywhere.

  • welcome young grasshoper !

    1. Play with the Actor sliders a lot. Then again, i've always used a pre-made morph from the market that in turn i modify. If you are gifted with 3d sculpting talent, you could have a look a ZBrush and sculpt your own morphs.

    2. 90% of v4 stuff is reusable on g2f (v6) thanks to the autofit feature. Items that dont fit exaclty can be tweaked (see SickleYield's tutorial).

    3. search these forums as there is an ongoing discussion about the best g2f genitals. visit renderotica's naughty bit corner to shop.

    Money: this hobby can become quite expensive so keep an eye out for freebies - Daz, Renderosity both have freestuff. Also, on these forum we compiled a list of freebies places.

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