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  • Weirdly, the problem is coming from using the same map for Epidermal Diffuse and Epidermal SSS, with a layer to tone the SSS one. And I've discovered the problem across textures (e.g., Bree and Kyra textures), but not all DAZ textures (Bella, the default Vicky 6 texture, is producing good results so far, although I've only rendered it from on camera angle).

  • Have never used DAZ SSS textures, as they completely wrong and optimized only for internal DAZ's SSS shader,
    i can suggest you to use the same texture in epidermal SSS slot, but with lowered gamma.

  • WTF? Thanks for the heads up…

    Well, I don't know what to tell you except open file location, then edit it in GIMP or similar. The easiest way to do that may be tweaking the hues and saturation of colors if you can discern the section with an obvious color difference as a file. Tweak the paler area and bring it up to match the anterior and face coloration.

    Easier said than done. GIMP is kind of a pain to use if you haven't used it in some time. Or you're new. I use GIMP Ver2.6 and have done so since 2010 (I think), but they have GIMP Ver 2.8 now and there's a thumpin' huge book for using it on photography in B&N right now. Save for a few exclusive copyright protected features, I've seen a few people get results comparable to Photoshop for the remaining tools.

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