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  • The pubes one was disgusting, I think I puked in my mouth a little. I'm glad it wasn't real.

  • I have a simple rule: If her public hair is as long or longer than my beard…she needs a trim!

    I imagine conspiracy theorist are having fun discussing that "all seeing eye" pendant on her necklace :D

  • the first picture scared me :P

    then again I'm used to at most the landing strip.
    however there are some Japanese models out there that look quite nice with the southern shrubbery :D

  • has physical copy in hand Lol

    Good point, though. The smooth one that shows more skin is more acceptable, yet the hair sticks out and draws more attention to it. Interesting observation about things here in the states.

  • I love it perfectly smooth. :p

  • Ha! So it is. The place where I saw this posted had people complaining about the suit being too low, and how she had no pubes. Then the one with pubes was posted, and they removed it. It's silly how things are when it comes to sexuality in America. So which one shows more? Which one is socially acceptable?


    That's a shop.

  • That's a shop.

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