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    Well, it’s been about a year since Umemaro concluded his giant epic two parter, the Game of Lascivity OMEGA. I’m sure most of you are wondering what he has been working on since, which makes me wonder if that’s why he named his newest release WORK IN PROGRESS! I’m happy to say it’s far past the WIP stage, read on to see how the finished product rates…



    Sticking with the pattern of Umemaro’s recent releases, once again it is presented in it’s own video player which is easily installed by just opening the .EXE file. The total size for all the files added together is 993 megs. If you are new to this type of presentation, then you are in for a treat as you are in control of the camera in every sex scene that there is, not much to complain about there…unless you’re the type who prefers to just sit and watch without all the clicking around. I do wish there was an alternate viewing mode which is for fans of the latter. For the ones interested in the artistic plot and academy award level dialogue, you’re in luck, this is already released with English subtitles.

    The Girl


    Continuing his forte in busty female models, Umemaro once again delivers what he’s known for…BIG BOUNCING TITS! What’s impressive about all his different female characters, they all do look different and definitely avoid being a cookie cutout of his previous stars. Hana’s character is an innocent type of girl, but what really stood out to me about her looks were that her boobs resembled a lot more like the actresses in the Japanese porn industry then say the American porn stars. They aren’t big boobs perfectly shaped like volleyballs that stick straight out, but more like boobs that hang down and this is just another level of detail that Umemaro brings to his female designs.

    Outfit wise, I will have to say she’s not quite as sexy as say Dr.Sugimoto in her leopard skin undies, or the Pizza girl in her spandex-like pink uniform. But Hana scores pretty damn high considering she’s dressed as a janitor. Her getting fucked wearing those baby blue rain boots is actually pretty cute. :)



    Some might say Umemaro’s work needs to update it’s look, but some will also say why try to fix it when it ain’t broken…and that’s exactly the situation here. The graphics pretty much look like his last 5 or 6 releases, but considering how high up his work is regarded, Umemaro’s stuff is still miles better then a lot of the animated 3DX out there. I guess it’s just the artist’s preference to work with tools he’s most accustomed and familiar with, but I must say I’m pretty anxious for him to try some new software to give his stuff a newer, fresher and perhaps more dynamic appearance. Perhaps try different lighting techniques, more detailed textures, and abit more complicated modeling for background props, these would all be welcomed someday. But for now, we all still win as long as he’s cranking stuff out.



    This story revolves around Hana Ono, a hardworking yet naïve girl who cleans public bathrooms to make a few extra bucks during her summer school break. It’s a dirty job but it’ll help pay for the shopping spree she wants to go on before school’s back in. But not before long, she runs into some perverted patrons in the john who visit the bathroom to relieve themselves of fluids besides the “usual” fluids…think white not yellow, hahaha. Unlike the OMEGA series, you do not have to read through loads of text to get to the action here, whether that’s something you like or don’t, well to each their own I guess.

    Earlier I mentioned Umemaro could use a newer look…but what he still has in spades are the animated sex scenes. He is still in fine form here, her tits flowing perfectly as she’s getting her world rocked. Her ass bouncing and compressing as the guys pound their meat against her relentlessly. Even when using the newest, powerful animation package out there, it does not substitute for pure animation skills. Umemaro still shows why his stuff is relevant after all this time, his poses, keyframes, timing, camera angles, compositions are still what a lot of 3DX artists can learn from.

    Sex Scenes


    Alright, as ludicrous as it sounds having a female clean the boy’s room while having guys in there using it…in her defense, she did have a “closed for cleaning” sign on the door but the pompous guy ignores it. As the 1st guy is taking a whiz in the urinal, Hana is busy cleaning the bowl next to it. As the guy reaches to zip up, instead he grabs her hand and gets her to give him a handjob. (you do also have the option to go for a bj here instead, lord knows what her hands hat to clean up in there!) After the preliminary introductions are over, our guy wastes no time and yanks that top off of her revealing an incredible set of melons perfect for paizuri! But if you’re not into titfucking (“I want you to take a step back... and literally fuck your own face!!!” quote my man Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder, hehe) then you can choose for a rare oral + handjob combination instead. Soon after, he pulls her dress down and get ready to mount her…but Hana nicely asks first if he’ll be her boyfriend. Awww, how sweet…unfortunately our guy doesn’t say a word and does his business. From the front, from the back, you go where you want playa.
    Anyways, as soon as our “couple” finish up…secretly 3 delinquents were hiding in the 3 toilet stalls and heard/saw everything. They K.O our prince charming and proceed to go gangbang style on poor old Hana. They have their way with her going DP, doggy + hj + bj, and really tire her out. Again, very good animation here with Umemaro handling 4 characters here in one scene all interacting together.
    After this section, there is one finale session of scenes as well…but that is for me to know and for you to unlock. Yes, that’s right, Umemaro isn’t just going to hand it over to you…you actually have to unlock the final scenes by having Hana fucked in certain combinations. Call it replay value if you will. My reason for a 10 here is simply because you pretty much have every position you could want here and you can choose which one you want and when you want it and for how long. So ya, you can bang those boobs till your dick is raw over and over from different camera angles until you feel like moving on. Voila! The makings of a perfect score.

    Overall Impression


    Overall I’m pretty happy with Umemaro’s latest release, it’s got some replay value and has a lot of variety when it comes to it’s sexual content. The character design is nothing to write home about but still is pretty unique when you think about it. Like seriously, when’s the last time you saw a porn star play a janitor in a porno??? While those who don’t appreciate an overly large bust, there’s still plenty of anal and oral action here to be had. Her voice is cute yet not annoyingly cute, nor does she sound like she’s completely in pain which is one of my petpeeves in most Japanese voiceovers. Although I’m crossing my fingers for him to try some new looks and techniques, he clearly shows here why he’s still one of the best selling and respected 3DX artists in the industry. Recommended!

    WORK IN PROGRESS can be purchased easily at DLsite, so get your summer heated up now!

    Work in Progress (w/English subtitles)

    Check out the front page post Work In Progress

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