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    From Torotoro Resistance comes a three part series delving into the Monster Girl realm, with a surprisingly in-depth and gripping story. Those whom aren't acquainted with the genre, take a look and you might discover some new fetishes!


    Monster Girl Quest is an Action / Adventure game from Torotoro Resistance. It features various artists and 100's of Monster Girls. The game comes in three parts (which can be easily combined) at around 2.5GB. Since this is a Japanese game, you'll need to either run Applocale, or change your region to Japan, to get it correctly working. An English patch is available for those who want to enjoy more than just the art.

    **The Girls


    One of the major selling points of this game for me personally, was the various artists whom provided the art work for the game. Since Monster Girl Quest features 100's of Girls, this lends itself well to the game. I was never bored of the characters or art since they frequently swapped out artists for different area's of the game. For the purpose of this review, I'll stick closely to Alice, whom plays the main female protagonist in this game.


    Alice is a bit of an enigma for me. For one, the character is very fleshed out, in more way than one. Flowing white hair, beautiful lavender skin and proportional breasts, which is surprising for Hentai. Being turned on by a half-snake women is a new one for me, but with the time they spent developing her as art as well as a character, I just couldn't help it. She draws you in with her personality and quirks.

    Alice is joined by over 100 Monster Girls, many whom only play a small role in the hero's journey, but a select few who directly impact the story in one way or another. One of the strongest aspects to this game series is that every single Monster Girl has sex scenes if the hero loses, some even have multiple scenes depending on how you lose!

    The downside, however, is that you might come across an artist that you aren't fond of. This inevitably means you'll either skip or grudgingly make your way through their art to get to the one's you enjoy more. Fear not though! Included in the game is the Monsterpedia, allowing you to see any Monster Girl's you've encountered, replay the fight at harder difficulties or even just go straight to their sex scenes!

    **The Graphics


    Harpy Queen

    As a Visual Novel, graphics aren't this game's strong suit. Weaponry and Spirit Attacks are at best okay. However, the characters and art more than make up for this. Each new Monster Girl you encounter is a breath of fresh air, with increasingly innovative designs, to the point where you find yourself being turned on by something you didn't know existed! Each Girl is colourful, inventive and always has something to say. Personally, I think it works for this type of game so creating individual graphical effects or animations for each of them seems to be an insurmountable task for any porn company.

    **Story / Gameplay


    Lamp Genie

    The story starts with the main hero of this tale, Luka. In this world, young lads are baptized in order to defend themselves against the Monster Girls. Luka, however, is un-baptized, which means the Monster Girls are out for his tasty sperm. After finding an unconscious Monster Girl, he discovers their is more to life than just the small town and church he knew.

    As far as stories go, it's fairly standard in my eyes: A young lad with his mind set one way travels the world with his supposed hated enemy and finds out that the so called enemy are just normal beings just trying to live. The dialogue is humorous and while it doesn't take itself all too seriously, it has some fairly dark over-tones and gets you to thinking in the downtime between the sex. All in all, reading never really becomes a hassle.

    The combat, on the other hand, does. When you start the game you only have a few moves at your disposal, learning more and more as you go and acquire new spirits to do your bidding. This might sound interesting, and it is, at first. Quite quickly it becomes very repetitive, using the same strategy over and over until you come to either a gag enemy, or a boss. Speaking of bosses or "special" enemies, you'll most likely find yourself stuck with either a specific strategy you need to use or reset the fight due to pure RNG from a stun or paralyze. This is one of the most annoying aspects of this game and will heavily impact your ability to get past a fight or even complete the game.

    **Sex Scenes



    Let's be frank. This is why you're playing this game, and it does not disappoint. Almost every fight in this game has a sex scene, with quite a lot having multiple sex scenes you can unlock by being defeated by a certain move or ability. As far as scenes go, you'll find no animation here, however this doesn't impact on the overall quality, mainly because the art work is well thought out and diverse enough for you to not get bored. There are Vore scenes from certain Monster Girls, however those whom don't partake of that particular fetish, this can easily be disabled.

    Characters that hold a certain sway in the story have multiple scenes across the entire game, mostly in-line with what the story itself is going through. For example, Alice will take care of Luka's backed up semen from time to time as you venture through sperm hungry Monster Girls that endlessly tease you.

    To keep spoilers to a minimum, the climax to the game was again, fairly standard, but after bonding with the characters, you can't help feel invested with the story and what happens to the characters.

    Fair warning, though, this game is about Monster Girls, so you could see anything from a Slime Girl to a Scorpion lass, all hungry for your sperm, so you may find something you won't enjoy.

    **Overall Impressions


    Being skeptical at first, I can honestly say playing this series was not only a welcomed experience but also a rewarding one. Fighting your way through annoying hard bosses drags the quality of the game down, and I had to rate it slightly lower than I wanted to, but I highly recommend this game to those who enjoy good solid characters, great art (for the most part) and a gripping story that get's you invested in the outcome.

    The game comes in three parts, which in total will run you $81 total, so I'd recommend first trying the trial or buying part 1 and seeing how you like the game before committing to such a steep cost.

    Get Monster Girl Quest on Dlsite now and visit Rogue Translations for the English patch! Click the links below:

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