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    From Eushully comes Kamidori - Alchemy Meister, a Fire Emblem-esk game combining great gameplay, good story and engaging characters. Let's take a look at what makes this game on of my all time favorites.


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    As with most Visual Novels, getting this game to run on an English machine can be a hassle, and without instructions for those whom do not speak or read Japanese (like myself), you can end up with a game that crashes on New Game. I won't be taking points of for this however, as the game has no official English release, therefore they aren't required to cater to myself and others outside out Japan.

    Once you have the game properally installed however, you're greeted to once of the more comprehensive start screens and option sections I've seen. You can tweak many aspects to cater to your personal playing experience, and even have the option to utilize the additonal content right off the bat, with a New Game+ option awaiting your completion of the main game.

    All in all, it's a slight hassle, but with good instructions, you should have the game installed quickly so you can set up and get the game running in earnest.

    Note: Visit here for instructions on installation.

    The Girls

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    Let's get right down to the nitty gritty, I won't speak of certain characters (one even being a main character), mainly because they don't allow the content on this site and I am not even remotely turned on by that "genre". With that out of the way, there is a varied cast of females in the game, some strong, some elegent, some cheeky, but each one has great art work to go along with their personalities, with most if not all having sex scenes. Each one fits nicely into the story and gameplay without getting that fan-service feel, and I rarely got the feeling they were simply tits with a face. I actually enjoyed the dialogue and interaction between Will as well as the other females.

    Enjoying a more plump, well-fed women, I found myself moving away from the slim or child-like bodies of some characters, but fear not, whatever form you prefer, this game pretty much has you covered. There's honestly isn't much more to say without spoiling things, so let's move on the sex!

    Gameplay / Story

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    Kamidori is best explained by likening it to Fire Emblem. It has a similar combat system, however Kamidori introduces Alchemy to gather, craft or combine items to create armour, weaponry and skills, as well as multi-skilled characters to utilize throughout the game. This is a strong point for the game, because discovering a new dungeon or enemy, and finding your fire weapon is now useless against the stage or fire enemies, you have to re-think your approach, craft new weapons, equip new skills etc to combat these water elements.

    One of the most interesting things about this game is it includes an anti-grind grind Dungeon. To explain, you can gain access quite early to a place called Deadbeat Dungeon, which allows you to grind the mobs which don't attack inside (as well as certain loot items that boost stats) to gain levels extremely quickly. The odd thing is, by trying to introduce an anti-grind system, you're forced mid game to grind each character to the appropriate level. It's a grind within a grind.

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    Combat is fairly simple, you can mouse over an enemy and right click to get more information, and once you're satisfied you can handle them, you choose from a list of skills, mostly you prepared before entering the dungeon, and have at the enemy. If you've chosen wisely, you can often crit and decimate the opponent. Choosing wisely can lead to getting your ass whooped.

    The story of Kamidori is interwoven with the gameplay, and start's simply. You're Will, the son of a pair of Alchemists that have passed away, and have inherited their shop. To do them proud, you undertake the entry Alchemist Exam, to forge your own path and become a Master Alchemist. Along the way you encounter 3 main protagonists, all of whom you are able to romance if you choose to delve into their respective paths (via choices during conversations), each one is a playable character which you can craft weaponry for, but an interesting twist is each character has around 7+ costumes you can craft and equip, all with their own stats and elements as well as art. As you progress, you meet many more interesting personalities, side/sub quests and many more characters that can join your team. Each one play's their own part in the story, and to keep spoilers to a minimum for those playing fresh, I won't say no more except that it's one definately worth playing for, but it's not the main focus, at least for me.

    Sex Scenes

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    Sex is fairly simple, with no animation to speak of, however, like most Visual Novel's, the story is what make's the sex work. Spending 10+ hours with a character, learning their quirks, what makes them laugh, etc, makes the scenes much more intense than your average fap n go content. The amount of content in this regard isn't surprising, considering the length of the game as a whole, and you're treated to a goodly amount of scenes with each individual main character, but the side/sub characters get their own steamy scenes.

    Personally, I found myself enjoying the side sex scenes more than the main character scenes, mainly because the art work and character designs were more to my taste, that being plump or well-fed looking women, compared to the slim fighter bodies or elven form, but that's just me. There are around 10+ characters for you to interact with, some having a long quest line which makes it all the more satisfying when you can go balls deep in them, and if a character doesn't peak your interest, you can simply ignore their personal quest line or simple fast forward if it's a reward for a quest.

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    Overall Impressions

    When I first came to this game, I was expecting some simple combat and crafting with a mediocre story and lack luster characters. I found the opposite.
    The combat is extremely fun and rewarding, the character's are interesting and have a personality to bring to the story, and the story itself has twists and turns, while still keeping to an overall arc that is satisfying to complete.

    Because the sex is woven into the story and gameplay, seeing the coupling of a character you've spent 10 hours with, is much better than just throwing away the sex like other novels I've read.

    If you want a game that will keep you entertained for a good 40 - 60 hours with gratifying characters and sex, this is for you!

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