MotD 439: Augustus99: Mirror Mirror

  • affect3d_augustus99_mirrormirroropt

    Todays' Media Of The Day comes from artist Augustus99 and is a great answer to the question “What's better than one hot girl?, her twin sister of course!”

    Every man alive knows the attraction of the identical twin fantasy, and these two pretty sisters will only enhance that fantasy. Sharing a bond that only genetically identical people can means they often think alike, behave alike and can sometimes have an uncanny knowledge of what the other is going to do before they have done it. With that in mind looking at this pair sharing a moment of mutual comfort can only lead to imagining being lucky enough to be in bed with them both!

    Visit this artists' deviantart page to see not just more of these twins, but also a few other girls displaying a similar dark and enticing allure!

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