MotD 440: Doubledirk: Bodyshot

  • affect3d_doubledirk_bodyshotopt

    Todays' Media Of The Day comes from accomplished artist Doubledirk and features his main character Silvie.

    As some of you may know Silvie has something of an “in your face” attitude and what better way to express that than to get real up close and personal! We sitting there as Silvie stands before us showing us (with no small measure of assertiveness) her tightly sculpted abs, perky breasts and cleanly shaven pussy. While it's safe to imagine that she may think she is in the dominant position over us, that's fine by us, as we can say we have got a much better view!

    Check out this artists deviantart page and creative works thread right here at Affect3D to see more of Silvie!

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