Can I Fix QuickBooks Error 1328?

  • I’m a small sized business people and using QuickBooks for proper accounting works. I prefer this accounting software for regular monitoring of accounting and financial works. QuickBooks is the best software for keeping all accounting details in the systematic ways. While updating my old version of QuickBooks to the newest version, I’m experiencing QuickBooks Error 1328 code. I tried my possible efforts to resolve it, but I didn’t get success. So now, I’m looking for best possible solutions for solving this error code correctly. Can anyone suggest me the easy fixes for QB error 1328?

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    Sounds great, looking forward to the update, let us know when it's available. What's so different about the daz procedure?

  • Thanks a bunch guys.

    Beautiful Bends is due for an update, though at the moment the new uploading procedure DAZ have kinda scares me a bit.

    I have made some placement changes for some of the magnets (heel, toes, knees) and added new ones (thighs, butts) plus a new set for the hands and fingers. Shoulders have been reworked - the old one seems to have problems in Poser (thanks to miro for pointing that out).

    She is quite hefty though, so Poser 9 users and above should probably use the 64 bit version and have plenty of RAM. A user in the old DAZ forum stumbled into a problem when loading the CR2 with Poser 2012. It seems later editions of Poser are really memory hogs with magnets (and I do use a LOT of them for Beautiful Bends).

    Plus, I'm considering making a INJ/REM version (which will also be rolled into the update) of BB. This is mainly for Carrara users, but it should help those experiencing the above problem. Since it's based on morphs, it will break compatibility with conforming clothing.

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    I agree Beautiful Bends are very nice :)

  • And it cant be said often enough: You deserve alot of praise for that mate!

    edit: for those of you who need some convincing to get Beautiful Bends I took a shot of V4 enhanced with BBends and some sharecg morphs. Just look at how smooth it looks even in the viewport without any fancy light effects, postwork or anything else ontop. Smooth arms, legs and even the crotch area will only need very minor adjusting in post. And the feet are very good, this is something I really like the most about it, as the default V4 feet look really flat and not great when bent. This one here really looks sexy!

    much <3 matt ;)

  • Thanks miro.

    I think the angles are just right so you couldn't see (much) of those horrible shadows. :D

    It's really nice to start animating again and V4 is just so nice to work with now with Beautiful Bends. In the old days, I had to throw a lot of poses away because of bad joints. Short of a few extreme, contortionists poses, V4 looks quite good in all the positions I can think of.

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    looking good… especially for just a preview render and congrats on the work :)

  • I forgot that DS has that OpenGL render thing. So I tried having a go with my this new 480 frame animation. The entire thing rendered in something like 15 minutes. Sure, it's not even close to what you get with software rendering, but for pre-vis purposes, it will do.

    This is basically the beginning of a whole new animation. Thought I'd give Vicky a break since she's so used to being fucked without foreplay. Had to tweak surface settings and light intesity a bit so it wouldn't look so bad.

  • Loop-di-doo ;)

  • Well, you could use just about any video editing program. I just like VirtualDub since it's free and have lots of plugins available. If you're just joining files, you could avoid re-compression by using the codec the video is first encoded with and selecting 'Smart Rendering' in the Video sub-menu.

    A little bit of good news. Apparently someone out there noticed my work and offered me an opportunity to work with them. So in addition to making some money on the side, I'll be able to hone my animation skills and produce lots of loops.

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    very nice animation work! well done!

  • @'matthacker':

    The screenshots are the same because I'm using the same pose for the starting frame. So, those of you with a video editor (VirtualDub comes to mind) can combine these loops.

    Or just use good 'ol Windows Movie Maker :)

  • That's just the default V4 with Elite Texture Lana.

    Some more loops, V4 and M4 doing the bump and grind. Just viewport render for now.

    The screenshots are the same because I'm using the same pose for the starting frame. So, those of you with a video editor (VirtualDub comes to mind) can combine these loops.

  • For me the holy grail in 3dx is animations so I applaud anybody who takes the time to create them (the character kinda reminds me of tricia helfner?)

  • Cool animation, can't wait to se more.
    keep it up.

  • Thanks for the comments guys.

    Yep, 3 hours for a 4 second loop is quite long. So I totally get why most artist don't like to do animations. First of all, it's hard to do them smoothly and the render times is so long. I had to use the 17K polygon LOD version of V4 and M4 when posing to make this loop. From benchmark results taken from reviews, the Intel 3770K would likely finish this in about 1 hour or so. Posing should also be quicker. The holygrail is of course interactive rendering - just look at what can be achieved with LuxRender SLG or Brigade 2.

    This was done with DS3 Active Pose tool and not IK (IK is basically broken with all version of DS). Basically my workflow with DS relies on working around frame rate interpolators of DS, rather than forcing them to do what you want. I started with two poses - one starting pose and an intermediary pose. In general you had to rework the starting pose, since most of the time the interpolators will screw them up. Once done, you have a starting loop that's quite smooth. Then it's just a matter of adding more intermediary keyframes to avoid stutter/jagginess in motion.

    I don't really like much of the animated poses available, since the makers tend to force keyframes for every frame and made it into one continous loop. I think you can achieve some incredible variations with varying speed, poses and morphs.

    I also fiddled with the z scale dial on M4 Genitals so the skin move slightly backwards as she's putting more cock iin her mouth. Right now, it looks quite believable so I'm thinking about adding a dial to M4 gens to do that. Looks like adding another to simulate pulling the skin towards the head is also a good idea. For V4, a morph to hollow the cheeks would also be great, something like DeepSpace's Oh Vickie morphs.

    This animation took about 3 hours to work out and there's still some problem with it. You can see the nails/fingers sink in M4's thigh, but it's not noticeable unless you're looking. I've done various loops inspired by Stimuli's Built Your Own Blowjob (which is made for M3/V3 and Satanica's RealGens M3) but with more variations/options.

  • I like the animation. It's very fluid and smooth. Most animations I've seen were laggy or jagged (like parts would move randomly when they shouldn't have). Again, nice work!

  • not bad….keep it up.

  • Nice loop. Looks very fluid and believable. The eyes work very well here! 3.5 hours is quite some time though :D I wouldnt have that patience tbh.

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