MotD 446: Balassa: Cyborgs, Set Of Three

  • affect3d_balassa_cyborgssetofthreeopt

    Today's Media Of The Day comes from artist Balassa and features what is probably in the top 3 of every sci-fi fans wishlist!

    Ok so there's nothing in the image that explicitly states these androids are for “recreational and entertainment purposes” but we're all thinking it! Why else would their designer choose to give them such an alluring face and enticingly sexy body? Annoyingly it would seem the hair is sold separately but considering we're buying a set of three we can probably haggle a little on the price! Lets hope they come with a good track record for user safety!

    Get your fix of some of the most stylized 3D erotica you've seen by visiting this artists deviantart page.

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