Forum Features #74

  • Time for another one of Affect3Ds' fortnightly round-up of the happenings in our ever popular forum. As the weeks go by more members sign up and jump straight into the fun. We got lots of topics to stimulate your imagination, and plenty of artists posting hot pics to stimulate your…you know what! So if you're one of those people who hasn't signed up and jumped into our forum well just come in now because we've been waiting for you!

    Hot Topic: Why is there not more animated content?

    No doubt any 3DX aficionado or casual visitor to this site will have asked themselves this very question at some point. Perhaps you've put it down to lack of skill or maybe lack of time and resources, you may have attributed it to all three or even come up with your own reasons for this state of affairs. The reality of the situation is that all of these reasons are the truth to some degree. However if you want to get the real in depth scoop on on the real reasons as given by some noteworthy artists you'll need to visit this thread.

    Creative Works: Jbtrimar

    Attention futanari fans...dickgirls, that is all. Now that you're paying attention you should direct that attention to Jbtrimar! This artists love of creating futanaris' is somewhat legendary in the affect3d forum by virtue of longevity alone! Focussing on one character to the point of repetitive? Not this artist! Indulge your love of the dickgirl by spending some time browsing this artists thread and uncovering many varied futa gems waiting to be discovered. Whatever your taste in futanaris' you're sure to find something you like right here.


    Other Topics To Check Out

    Jurassic World Vs. Star Wars: They are two of this years most eagerly awaited movies with promotion/hype campaigns and internet discussions already at full gear. But there's a problem in that however enticing the trailers for each might be they are installments of franchises that have both suffered from some very lacklustre sequels. Are you interested in these movies yet and how do you think they will be received.

    What's your most or least favourite trope(s)? For those who don't know a trope is a significant or recurrent theme or motif. Many of these regularly are included in movies, books, television and videogames such as “lone survivor of an apocalypse” or “save the princess”. While some of these might add to your enjoyment its equally likely some may detract from it. Share with us your love or hate of tropes in this thread.

    Hungry, horny or want to vomit? Food advertising is always aimed at making the food look its most visually appealing to tempt you to buy it. However it is almost always the case that what you will receive will look very different than the advert showed, and sometimes just downright disgusting looking. Show us the most disgusting food you've seen, bonus point for showing the original advert for comparison!

    What do you (love and hate) to spend money on? If you think about money only really has one purpose, namely to be spent on the thing you want or need. But lets face it there are some thing we would rather spend money on than others. For you what are they?

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