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    Pisu Hame, originally a manga series, is a 6 episode OVA Hentai series, following the adventures of Kendo club member Tamao Tsukamu. Tamao has the hots for his senpai, Kiritani Konome, whom asks him for a favour. Turns out that favour was taking pictures of girls for their graduation album, but these pictures turn out to be more than he bargained for. It's a great vanilla hentai, with awesome art / animation and a great story. If you haven't read or seen this, read on and you'll find out why you should.

    The Girl's / Character's

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    As you'd expect, Shiwasu no Okina's style of art translates incredibly well to animation. Each girl is crafted incredibly well and they seem to have bothered to keep their personality from the manga, which is a nice bonus. Too many Hentai Anime go the route of stereotypical female, but here you'll find each girl moans and reacts differently, as well as finding their own unique way of enjoying sex and teasing Tamao, our main protagonist.

    The main female character in the story is Kiritani, a senpai (older student) in the Kendo club, and what can I say. Hot damn is she sexy. She has an interesting personality, and I don't want to go so far as to so it has an overtone of neotare (cuckolding) but I can assure you, this is a happy ending scenario. This adds to her character and you can really feel that at the end, it's heartfelt as opposed to many typical fapngo hentai.

    Along with Kiritani is a cast of about 7+ females that engage in sex with the main character, and each one is well animated and the characters are unique enough that you don't feel a sense of deva ju when you're introduced to them. The premise behind the story is that each girl has to take some pictures of varying sexual acts, for the year book as they leave the school. So I don't spoil anything, I won't get into anymore detail about that, other than the girls enjoy themselves and have fun, it's refreshing to see some sex that isn't about some psychology shit or sob story, just some good ole fashion nuts being bust. All kindsa nuts.

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    Voice / Sound / Music

    An often overlooked aspect of hentai anime is how the sound and/or music works together with the characters voices and what's happening on screen. For me, it can make or break an anime, and I'll just straight up drop it. Thankfully this didn't happen with Pisu Hame, so let's go into the voice acting first.

    Our main protaganist could not have been more perfect. When you're translated a manga into an anime, people have certain expectations and thoughts about how characters will sound, and they fucking nailed it with Tamao. Just the right amount of shock and awe that his dick is being used, and yet forceful enough that you don't think he's pathetic, something that's quite hard to balance when it comes to one guy fucking loads of women. Kiritani was also well done, very dignified and regal, something you'd expect from the character not immediately impaling herself on the nearest dick. In fact, nearly every character had a decent voice actor, with satisfying tonal shifts from character to character so you aren't overwhelmed with the same kind of voice.

    The music in Pisu Hame is fairly simple, kept in the background where it belongs and doesn't seek to overtake what's happening on screen, just to help set a mood or help the tone. It's really well done and actually reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy 8's music with some good beats and synth style music. There's not much else to say really, just experience it for yourself, it's inoffensive enough to be enjoyed by any music lover.

    Finally, we have Sound Effects, aka dick goes into vagina and makes a squelch, tits flopping around or balls banging. Standard stuff really, nothing spectactular, although I'd like to make special mention of the both the kissing and vaginal sounds, these were excellent and should really be an industry standard. While unremarkable for the most part, they add to the overall feel of the anime, rather than distract you.

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    The animation, along with the colour and art style, are kept true to the manga. They didn't just use the manga as a reference point for the story, each sex scene is in the manga, each position or pose, the facial expressions, everything was taken into account, and it shows in the kissing, thrusting, fellatio, everything is so well animated because they weren't starting from scratch, they basically had 400+ pages of manga to go "okay, so blowjob scene here, let's animate this" as opposed to having to create a scenario, characters, possible sounds, etc from nothing.

    Something else I'd like to mention, is the movement. For me this is where they slack somewhat. While most of the movement, sex and non sex scenes, was acceptable, there were certain scenes where I thought they slacked a bit, for example minimal thrusting or movement. A couple of kissing scenes I noticed none, or little, of their bodies would move, even their heads, just the tongues. I felt like they could've added movement to the head, titlting and the like, to add a certain breathlessness or haste to the coupling that was about to happen. Then again that's just me being a nitpicker, over all the animation was stellar.

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    Long-Term Value

    This is extremely hard to quantify. Either you like it or you don't, leading to whether you watch it again or you move on to other things. For me, this is a re-watch easily. When searching for good hentai anime, you can find yourself wading through crap to find gems like this, but again it comes down to if you enjoyed it. I did, and I will certainly be watching it again. Other did not and they won't. I'll leave that there, you decide for yourself, if it's worth it or not.

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