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  • Houri's sound pretty good :)

  • The choice is a bit dark to my taste: its either demon or undead - which leaves the shifter as a positive creature.

    I'd wish for more solar, full of life women (of fantasy) - say, a Nymph, an Apsara, a Houri… (piking up 3 different mythologies)

  • Can't we introduce a shapeshifter to our vampire friend and go with a shapeshifter vampire? Now we have shared immortality, pale blue skin, and polymorphism. I'm sold with that combo…

    But I'm guessing we must choose only one...

    Revenant is mostly a reanimated corpse. So, no thanks.

    Succubus is mostly sex. And that's good. But not when reaches the limit of "all is sex"...

    A Mystique type shapeshifter (John Byrne's Mystique, please) is everything a human could ask for. She (and if needed, he, or both) can be whatever you want, whenever you want. And her true form is simply gorgeous.

    But a vampire offers immortality... How anything can compete against this? That transcends humanity. You can have a life and an afterlife with your lover, and can see the world change (or try to change the world yourself. You have time for that...). And I don't have a problem with the "no sun" issue.

    So... I'm going to choose the vampire (non-virgin).

  • I'm sticking with succubus, has the most of what I want

  • Well the revenant and vampires are eliminated straight away for me. Can't go outside in the sun, cold bodies, and vamps have to drink human blood? No thanks. Wouldn't want to become one myself either.

    I imagine sex with the succubus would be the best because she sounds the most enthusiastic and also gives that stamina boost, but still gotta be shapeshifter for me. Kind of boring, but she's the most normal. All the others have too much weird stuff to deal with. Hell, she wouldn't even have to use her shapeshifting powers, they would just be a nice bonus every now and then. Someone that looked like Mystique would be hot enough for me. Gimme that blue skin any day lol.

  • Wow, these results are pretty surprising. I have to wonder though… are most of the people voting for shapeshifter only considering the variety of sex itself and not additional perks of the others?

    Shapeshifter, you'll note, is the only one out of all of them that doesn't offer immortality of some kind.

    And then there's Succubus which doesn't actually offer any kind of personal immortality but rather one that is relied upon while also not being around most of the time aside from sex which would make it pretty hard to have real love and actually spend quality time with your succubus sweetheart (that isn't pumping and grinding). All of the others, you're pretty much free to spend every waking moment with and go out on dates with or just hang out with or cuddle and such.

    Revenant has some pretty big negatives too, literally dropping dead during the day and needing lube for sex. We can maybe put room temperature bodies aside and just have her use a heating blanket before sex or something. But, she does have a pretty strong immortality she can confer, along with the power of necromancy and regeneration magic.

    The vampires are just a classic. They can't go out in the sun which is a pretty bad thing and burn to a crisp if they do but that's just to be expected. They have so many super powers that make up for it (and can confer all of them to you!), along with immortality that I'm honestly surprised they weren't more popular as they honestly seem like one of the best all around packages. Once you became a vampire yourself I doubt you'd mind the body temperature. I actually thought it'd be so popular that I put two options for vampires, one perpetually virgin, and one not, just to see which would be the more popular choice.

    I don't even know what I would choose myself. I'm a really big fan of vampires and an even bigger fan of succubi. If you went with the succubi you wouldn't gain any special powers but sex would be awesome, and really frequent (although with immortality I imagine that would get old eventually and sadly that's a pretty important part of your relationship because if you don't keep at it you'll just start aging again and die) but you could go out into the sun. You just couldn't really have much non-sex quality time which kind of sucks.

    Shapeshifter for me is only nice without looking at the big picture. You're going to grow old and die if you choose to be with a shapeshifter and honestly you've probably only got a good 20-40 years of sex in you probably. It's a really great one but without gaining any special powers and the distinct lack of immortality for you, it's really difficult to go with it. I don't think I could.

    I probably wouldn't go with the revenant just because the things that are bad are really bad and the things that are good are really kind of bad too (the whole literally cannot die thing), and aside from the special features there's not really anything all that special about her given she doesn't have any kind of super human strength or senses or anything.

    So for me really it would be between one of the two vampires and the succubus. Of the bonuses the vampire would clearly be the best... you get super speed and strength and healing, along with immortality. I mean honestly if you were going to game it then clearly it'd be best to go with the vampire first because even if it doesn't work out you're still a vampire at the end of the day with all the bonuses and then once you're immortal maybe you hook up with the shapeshifter... but then again despite how wide of a variety she could take on appearance-wise she'd still never feel as good as the succubus... so that's the really tough one... succubus or shapeshifter, assuming you're immortal... damn, that's tough. I just don't know.

    edit: Also, just to throw this out there but the vampire that is perpetually virgin probably wouldn't enjoy vaginal all that often and would probably be more into anal sex, so that could also be a pretty nice bonus if you're into that.

  • Vampire

  • couldn't one of them have a fever of like 105°F (41°C)? :heart:

  • That's the problem with "dead" sex partners. No matter how "hot" they look (or are) they're still room temperature to the touch.

  • room temperature bodies? sign me up for the succubus.

  • ShapeShifter for me, would be very handy.

  • Succubus. No contest.

  • Shapeshifter for me, being able to transform in to another form is very useful.

  • I'll pick Succubus, as (according to your outline) her assumed physical form (not her true form) is the most appealing, and she doesn't appear to drain lifeforce from the one she's sexing up!

    I imagine all the others looking like this :D

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