NEW Store Release - Twin Sisters (Trailer Inside!)

  • We've got a very special treat lined up for futanari fans as Lord Kvento releases his latest title Twin Sisters in the Affect3D Store! And this one is definitely a treat to check out!


    Sexy dickgirl sisters Eralin and Meralin decide to do something different during their regular moonlit walk, have sex with each other in the middle of the deserted street! After they deeply kiss each other they indulge in some hypnotically steamy futanari sex as one sister sucks her sisters big cock before getting her pussy fucked and her own cock jerked off until they cum inside and all over each other!

    <iframe src="" width="790" height="593"></iframe>

    naked-gym_10_specialLord Kventos' futanari titles have gained this artist more fans with each new release while continuing to deliver outstanding render quality, but adding animation takes things to a new level! For futanari fans, this is simply an essential purchase and if you've never purchased one of Lord Kventos' other dickgirl titles then this is the perfect one to start with. Featuring over 40 images and 14 animated loops of sensual dickgirl action in full 1080p HD, Twin Sisters is what you need to get a copy of right now! And for this weekend only, you can get it for only $10! So get it now!

    Buy Now Twin Sisters over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

    Check out the front page post NEW Store Release - Twin Sisters (Trailer Inside!)

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