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  • @'Katzekage':

    come on, that stupid lightsaber should get right into the trashcan.

    That's hilarious! Yeah. I didn't mind Maris Brood's tonfa sabers. I didn't mind the lightwhip of Githany or Lumiya (at least I think that was her name). TBH I didn't even mind a gunblade variant al'a final fantasy on an RP.

    This? While I would have been okay with a claymore thing if the 'barbs' weren't on the sides of it… But no...just, no.

    Then again, I kinda stopped giving a shit once Abrams retconned EU out of existence. I mean, it's cool if others wanna see ep7, but personally I'm kinda done with it at this point. So I'm not going to follow this 'new canon'.

  • Jurassic World, ok it was clear that they brew the DNA to something new but what ever, Raptors 4 the win.

    come on, that stupid lightsaber should get right into the trashcan.

  • Zero excitement for either of them. I haven't even bothered to watch their trailers.

  • Apathy.

  • Jurassic World for me. While I like Star Wars, I grew up with Jurassic Park, so I'm looking forward to that one in particular.

    Though I'm certainly curious about how the new Star Wars will be in the hands of Abrams.

  • Star Wars, for non-porn related reasons. I mean Jurassic World will be fun and all that, but come on now. This is Star Wars we're talking about.

  • With the introduction of female Stormtroopers the rule 34 will be off the chart. Star Wars all the way.

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