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  • those 6 gigs are a must have for me, fun would be lowered if i have to care for texture sizes and stuff :) those plugin problems 2 months ago almost killed the fun for ongoing projects…

    i never reached those 6, but i am always around... 4-5 even in biggest sceneries, and its nice not to care for :D

  • Octane 2.14 with Coherent ratio 0.350
    PT + Alpha shadows
    Code: Select all
    1x 780 Ti > 13.5 Ms/sec (+/- 1Ms/sec)
    2x 780 Ti > 27 Ms/sec (+/- 1Ms/sec)
    1x 980 > 11.8 Ms/sec (+/- 1Ms/sec)
    2x 780 Ti + 980 > 38.5 Ms/sec (+/- 1Ms/sec)

    from this thread:

    I am not sure I would go for 3 GB 780's when I already have 3 x 6 GB ones.

    If I were you, I would look at trying to get used 780 6GB cards (altho there are none on US ebay right now). I am not sure where you are in the world. OR look at getting into 980's for the 4GB. The 980's are just a bit slower than a 780ti… so probably about as fast as a single 780 3/6GB.

    EDIT: I work with the 3GB ones, but it can be a pain :(

    EDIT AGAIN: Or bid on TITAN / TITAN BLACK / TITAN Z's for 550$ each until you snag some on ebay, cuz then you are still getting a better Octane card than an 980 GTX for the same money.

    This is all assuming you are not in a big rush.

  • Fun fact:
    i went thru a shop to buy my 780 and to my great surprise, a note on the bill warned me that the card is obsolete (it works great anyways !)

  • and where can i get the cheapest of those 780s? :) that seems to be the most useful idea then…

  • Hi Hibbli,

    Currently there are no cards to match your 6GB cards. Currently 980's and 970's only come in 4 GB. Actually 3.5 on the 970's… lol.

    As for the mixing memory sizes, that is ok if you stay under the memory size limit on both sets. If you were to do network rendering.

    I am sorry, there is no real "star" card to get that is super good for octane AND inexpensive, like the 780 at this moment. Supposedly the 8GB versions of the 9xx cards are coming soon, but... who really knows when.

    EDIT: I picked up another 780 3GB this week, to fill out my network box. I managed to get it for 240 after rebate... it was the last one on newegg for the good prices.

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