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  • Clichés always need to be challenged. Tropes, though, are a necessity. They give the audience a grip on the story, a handle. I always liken them to the wisest thing that was ever said about space and time: that they're tools to allow us to make sense of the chaos of existence (after all, if we couldn't express things in durations or shapes, how could we even begin to understand anything?). Same way with tropes. You cannot write a tropeless story, just as you cannot exist in a universe without space and time.

  • How much more interesting would entertainment be without clichés? I need funding to conduct that study :lol:

  • Agreed on both. I've always hated video games where Only You could prevent the end of the world - mostly because the massively powerful weapons you'd need to do so were so expensive.
    "Umm, hello, I'm the guy from the Prophecy, your world is about to explode, and I need 30 million bucks to buy the magical sword of saving-your-ass?"

    I don't care for the plight of the rich and powerful who have everything, so Kings and Princesses and power grabs and "games of thrones" don't interest me, whether it historical or a modern retelling, or a classic scenario adapted to a modern setting (i.e. all the drama and intrigue of Medieval Europe but in Board Room attire).

    I'm also getting tired of the obligatory "but wait, there's more" sequel hint. Just do a sequel, you don't have to tell me it's planned already. Surprise me for once.

  • Well I find apocalyptic concepts itself interesting, I just don't think that pivoting it all on a central hero is an imaginative way to resolve it. I think I was alright with the idea up until Mass Effect, and after that began to realise just how stupid it really is.

  • Monarchic/Feodal fantasy, and about anywhere as well.
    Seems you cant enter a fiction without having a King/Emperor be it good or bad. By extension, conspiracies (with king evil hidden somewhere) bore me.
    My guess is that Democracy (or Anarchy) has not yet entered the collective imaginarium.

    and adding my voice to Bliss; apocalytic trope is tired.

  • There's almost too many to count, but one I'm by now well tired of is a story pitched around the concept of a single hero saving the universe. Crises just don't work like that, and I find stories with multiple angles and multiple factors contributing to the resolution to be much more interesting.

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