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  • I vote for Pwsurface shaders

  • administrators

    I like both renditions. I do prefer the shinier one though :D

    the skin looks a little dry in your other renders, so at least a bit of shine and bump could do wonders!

  • pwSurfaces is frickin' sweet IF you know what you're doing. Otherwise, it's really difficult to understand. You could also use uberSurfaces which is boxed in with DS, but there's really some subtle differences in the look.

    If you're using pwS, I definitely recommend using the presets and tweaking them until it's perfect for you and the lighting. I rarely use pwS since I've been entrenched in Reality (which nice job on your scene btw), but I did do a few pics using it and I had gotten this result from the shader and lighting.


    Just a tip: Subsurface shading is your friend, but be wary when you use it since it can be overpowering in Daz.

  • @'goodchris':


    This is my first post on this site and I was hoping to kick things off by asking for some advice. I've been using Daz on and off since v 1 and always found myself coming back to it every so often.

    I've recently started using the Reality plugin which is a damn good tool once you get your head around it. Now I need an opinion on skin, do I stick with the DS mats or go for the pwsurface mats that add that extra shine (though I'm not too sure how much of the extra features reality actually exports).

    The image below shows the same character with different mats applied. I've included two other images just to show what i've been doing.


    It's all about the right tool for the job, and owning your style choices. My opinion is that, in the side by side, the girl with the pwsurface looks like she's plastic. If that's what you're going for, great, but if you want realistic skin, it just doesn't look right.

    Now, I've never used pwsurface, but I have to assume you have options to change the intensity. If that's the case, a less harsh shine would be used for a nice "wet" look without venturing into the land of blowup dolls. Decreasing its effects even further could add some nice depth to the skin while still keeping a "dry" look.

    Take extra care on the face. That shine through the eyebrow can be a real killer.

  • Hey man,

    I have seen all of the examples you provided, and it is all good! although I have not used either the mats nor pwsurface, I could say that both deliver in terms of skin. Ultimately you have to decide which road you will take. My opinion however is use both!


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