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  • Elerin's largest photoshoot yet continues right here!

  • Daz's UI however is lightyears ahead of Poser's.

  • they got a Daz plugin working for Octane? heard Daz users complaining for some time about Daz Octane support.
    again if you have access :angel: to a student email address you can get a student Octane license for free.
    then you just need to learn how to import scenes into octane stand alone costing nothing but time.

    i hear ya bout G2/Poser. i refuse to use anything that requires the importer. poser is good if you want complete control but is a much steeper learning curve. also the poser firefly render engine is much better than Daz in my opinion.

  • I'm actually using Daz Studio, there's an Octane plugin available for Studio as well that I am hoping to use someday. But the cost for both the plugin, and the render are beyond my means at the moment.
    V4WM looks pretty awesome, almost awesome enough to make me give poser another try, buuuut, G2F has notably better ass bends (than default V4), and I've been working on a number of other characters using G2F. I've heard horror stories about G2F's compatiblity with Poser, and I don't feel like subjecting myself to that pain.

    Beyond that, here's a new render hot off the presses.

  • @'Quanto':

    I use luxrender and I can't afford Octane yet, so my renders take a ridiculously long time if they are high resolution.:dodgy:

    i assume your using Poser then? if you have a student email address you can get a free student Octane license ver 1.2.
    you'll either have to learn to set up nodes, and import your poser scenes. or buy the Poser Octane plug-in like i did.

    also noticed your V4 buns could use some help. check out WMV4: Weight Mapped Victoria 4 (free DL) to fix V4's horrible ass bends.

    also digging your renders. love that first one from behind.
    keep at it.

  • New Image!
    This one is a continuation of another I had posted on DA for the Deviant Obsession Valentine's Day contest.
    The Contest may never get finished, but that hasn't stopped me from continuing where I started. In general, I like the warm colors and its a nice change from the color pallet I've been using in a lot of my previous renders.

    The original starting image can be found here: CLICKY!

  • You made a beautyfull cute dark elf.

  • At your pace.

  • More is coming, don't worry about that.
    The only thing holding me back right now is a debate in my mind over whether or not to release new images as a set, or piecemeal, as I have done on DA for a while now.
    The advantage to sets is that it be a better way to produce some continuity between images, but then it takes me 6-12 hours to render one image.

    So yeah.


  • Welcome Quanto! :)
    And don't be afraid, you're not out of place with softcore and vanilla style! ;)
    Diversity is more than welcome… well... except the most hardcore genre, bestiality and such (minotaurs, werewolves, demons and other humanoid monsters are the limit, if I'm not mistaken).

    Nice introduction anyway!
    Looking forward to seeing moar stuff from you! :D

  • Hey, these are the best kind of threads. It makes us feel all special. Great pics.

    There is plenty of space for classy among the harder core.

  • This is just a few of my older ones from the Renderotica Gallery.

    They aren't as good in quality, but its a start for those of you asking for "moar!~"

    I use luxrender and I can't afford Octane yet, so my renders take a ridiculously long time if they are high resolution.:dodgy:

  • Wow this looks incredible…
    Keep up the good work :D

  • And she does it well…

  • Full of win. Awesome man!

  • That's my kind of elf. Nice work.

  • nice ! moar !

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