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  • Hi everyone,

    For once, I think I can help on the subject:
    To my knowledge, two contents can give a glow effect to character eyes.

    The first one (and the oldest one) is DA Glowing Eyes:
    It has originally made for Genesis and Victoria4/Michael4 Models, but it has been updated recently to be compatible with Gen2F and Gen2M. Here are the choices available:

    This pack is also the most diversified one.
    But it seems to me that, sometimes, these effects react in a weird way on Genesis 2 models, so I won't recommend it, unless you know exactly how to handle it.

    The second one is a part of the "Dark Elves" Pack:
    This work with both Gen2F and Gen2M (even if the pack is originally for Gen2F only. Test & confirmed with my new forum avatar using this stuff).
    Here are the choices available:

    Here are a few tests I've made not a long time ago with my main character.

    1. Valiriane, default eyes:

    1. Valiriane, glowing eyes (DA Glowing Eyes):

    1. Valiriane, glowing eyes (Dark Elves):

    I Hope this info will be useful to you.

  • If you're using v4/m4 genesis 1 or 2, the eyes are basically a spear inside a sphere already.
    You have the eye surface that's used to fake the environment reflections on a real eye (outer layer)
    Then you have the part that has the pupils, irises, and sclera on the inside.

    I don't use DAZ, I use poser so I'm not sure how DAZ handles materials or how close it is to poser.
    But if I were to attempt something like this I'd think you'd make the eye surface a translucent or semi-transparent material with SSS (sub surface scatter.)

    Then make the pupils,irises and scleras have a mid to strong ambiance.

    I actually kinda took this as a bit of a challenge to see if it could be done, at least in poser.

    I tried to stay away from any procedural materials to help it translate to DS better.

    This is my 1st go.
    I simply removed any texture maps from the pupils, irises, eye surface, and scleras. Then gave them all an SSS shader.
    On the pupils and Irises I put an ambiance on them of about 5.0 so pretty strong made the color a mid level red turned off any diffuse/specular.
    On the scleras I just added an SSS shader with no diffuse or spec.

    For the eye surface it's a low end transparency .09 (0 being opaque) with a high fall off level making the outer edges less transparent.

    here's the same set up but with blue, same values.
    It's a little dark so here's it with simply more ambiance on the pupils/irises, 8/7 respectively.

    I'm not sure if this helps at all, at the very least I hope it sets you on the right path and you can achieve the results you're after, it's definitely an awesome concept.:)

  • The easy way—but the one that will be less satisfying, I bet—would be to make an image map for ambient light amount and then set the overall level within DAZ. You'd get some glow, but not depth. The harder—but not too hard—way would be to give your eyeball material a bunch of SSS and then put a point light in the middle of it. Or maybe put a spot at the back, so you're not risking contaminating the mouth. Cool idea.

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