NEW Store Release - Arresting Development

  • Get ready to take things up a level this weekend as LooksCanKill returns to the Affect3D Store with their next X-rated title Arresting Development!

    Exotica takes a trip on the wild side by letting her new lover handcuff her and submitting to his dominant desires! After fucking her pussy and ass in her favourite positions he uncuffs her and she rewards him by letting him eat her pussy before helping him shoot a huge load of cum over her face and boobs! You can bet Exotica enjoyed herself, but who will be wearing the cuffs next time?

    0 affect3d-main_product_image

    699-5LooksCanKill's move into hardcore 3DX continues with a vengeance! Fans of this artist are going to love this set and it's sure to win over quite a few new ones too. Not only do you get the same sexy girls and style LooksCanKill is famous for but also some steamy and sweaty sex with a playfully inoffensive BDSM theme that adds extra spice! In addition to the main 21 image story there's also a bonus of 23 images featuring the entire cast of LCKX, many of which haven't even appeared on the site yet! Not only that, but for this weekend only, you can get this awesome set for only $5! So don't wait! Get your copy now!

    Buy Now Arresting Development over at the Affect3D Store

    or discretely at our BMT Micro Page now!

    Check out the front page post NEW Store Release - Arresting Development

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