How to Check Refund Status on TurboTax 2015?

  • Checking the refund status is easy. What you do is when such a question comes to your mind – how to check my refund status on TurboTax 2015, get through the IRS official website and look for the tool – “Where’s My Refund?” and you need to provide a couple of information – like social security number, filing status, exact refund amount, etc. Once you fill in all this information, go with the “Submit” button to get the refund status.

  • Take a look at HiveWire. Dawn and Dusk, duly compatible female and male figures respectively. They have some content as well, I see.

    The problem with v4/4.2 is that Daz never addressed her scaling issue when exported, and she has some other things as well. While I think a number of these were resolved with 4.2, you may still find yourself doing some figure "archaeology" as in digging up old forum threads all over to find the issues and figure out what can be done to resolve them. (Though I'm sure Poser users here who have been through this would gladly off what help they can–right folks?)

    There's a number of tutorials on getting Generation 6 into Poser, as well as tutorials on fitting Generation 4 content to generation 6 within Daz. Take heart as these are messy problems you and I both are going to have to face. You and me both are essentially going down the same road. Plugins and stuff make it easier but you will wait for it and then pay for it. Speaking of...

    As it is I'm running into problems (Fatal Errors=application shutdown) with the LAMH plugin as I don't think it's quite gotten the bugs ironed out for Daz Pro 4.7, so it'll be awhile. Such is depending on others for plugin solutions, but what can you do?

    Anyhoo, yeah don't put all your eggs in one basket. Poser with Octane and z-brush make some pretty good results within medium affordability, but that isn't to say those are the only way. There's other programs with some level of compatibility. I guess Bryce and Carrara, Vue, and Mudbox...

  • If you're using Genesis 2 figures, stick with Daz Studio. Poser can handle them, and is my platform of choice because I've been using it for almost 20 years, but we're starting to see a larger rift between Daz and Poser, and the Genesis 2 figures are really pushing it. Studio takes some getting used to, but G2 figures work much faster and smoother in my experience.

    Renderosity has largely devoted themselves to old versions of Poser and the older figures like V4. They've spent years making her worth a fuck, so you're going to find tons of content for her. Content made for older versions of Poser (4, 5, and 6) will work with current versions (10 and 2014), but some of the advanced features of the program may not be supported, such as shader nodes replacing texture maps. But, most of what I've seen of people doing with the nodes is merely over-complicating a simple process just to do it. Sadly, a lot of the newer content puts a lot of stock in the shader node system, so swapping textures can be a bit tiresome, especially if you're using your own textures.

  • Well, there are models usable in both programs but with only materials recognizable in Poser. Depends how the files in question were formatted. So you may get partial functionality in Daz. As far as I am aware, the way poser saves files has less variables and values overall. I guess less data to wade through means quicker load time BUT I'm not sure just how many other programs can recognize the Poser format. However, for this reason of having all the same data and more, Daz content more often works in Poser than the other way around. I guess this is the difference between DUF (Daz) fromat and CR2 (Poser) format.

    The problem for Poser is updates are slower to come.

    Lately we've been stuck with a disappearing plateau of content: All the past stuff is available, yes. Unfortunately you're also stuck with its problems too. Meanwhile each respective program is moving in its own direction. Which reminds me: Add the Runtime store to your list. ;)

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Are you sure you're reading the descriptions right? Unless it says in block capitals "THIS IS A POSER ONLY PRODUCT" then it usually works in Daz too.

    Almost all my content comes from Renderosity and I've rarely come across a product I can't use in Daz.

    Right, well most of it says "not tested in Daz", which makes me a bit wary to spend money on it, and others do explicitly say that it they can't be used in Daz, but that's usually only dynamic content. Bit of a shame, that. There's some awesome dynamic outfits that I'd love to use.

    So I guess it comes down to outfits being perfectly useable in Daz even if the creator never tested them?

  • Are you sure you're reading the descriptions right? Unless it says in block capitals "THIS IS A POSER ONLY PRODUCT" then it usually works in Daz too.

    Almost all my content comes from Renderosity and I've rarely come across a product I can't use in Daz.

  • So I've been doing a lot of research the last few days, and I can't help but feel like it's preferable to use Poser over Daz. There's an absolute truckload of content for it and I kinda feel like Daz drew the short straw? There's so many items on Renderosity that I'd love to use but every time I look at the reqs it lists everything from Poser 6 and up, but rarely ever Daz. Do I underestimate the degree to which Poser outfits can be translated to Daz, or is this exclusivity exactly as bad as I think?

  • @'Theblissofsin':

    Well the photoshop/post work bit is covered. I should have no trouble spicing up my renders with some proper editing. I've just downloaded Daz and will look into the memberships you recommend :) Awesome help guys. Thanks so much.

    One more question though. How much of the content on this site's store would you say is Daz/Poser, and how much is Lightwave/3DS/Maya? Because I assume that if you have access to the latter programs you can just skip on the former entirely and do all your modeling/posing/rendering in those?

    I've still got my feeler in Renderosity so I can't say here (but you're bound to run into some item once in awhile). Daz…has few and far between items.

    There are other stores out there. If Poser works better with Maya, you might do better by looking at poser specific stores. I'm pretty sure Turbosquid tries to accommodate as many programs as possible. Basically it's an oragnized...clusterfuck of good content. Most of the freebies are objects or ".obj" files.

    A side note for .obj files…
    Exporting something from one program to another as an object is a crude method but it works. Trouble here is you have to rig it yourself unless you have some intermediate program to help do it better than the destination. But that assumes you have the wherewithal (necessary equipment and proficiency) to do so.
    This is more for the "intermediate to advanced course" and should not be your primary concern …unless you're porting directly from video games in XNA (where that's 1/3 of what you do anyways). An object can be a simple non-interactable prop if that's all you need, but you may still have to mess with it.


    Sorry if I'm asking idiotic questions, it's weird how this is such an away game for me compared to how comfortable I am in Photoshop. You'd think I'd have developed an intuition for this or something.

    We learn by asking. :) Ehh…I think there was a photoshop plugin freebie for Daz awhile back...probably not anymore...I can't use it though.

    I don't know if the file has any serial numbers.. (Can anyone else here please confirm this?) If it doesn't... I could, y'know, manually download it from my content library and pass it along to ya... You will have to manually configure it though.


    Well, assume I'd shell out eventually for multiple GPUs. How much of an improvement would I experience by simply running two GTX 650 Ti's in SLI?

    Quite a bit of improvement. You want more V-Ram for better render quality (this is what allows for the hi-def settings on your games). Obviously a faster processor will get your job done faster.

    If you are willing to shell out this year and you have good credit…

    Your best options currently nVidia:
    GTX780 6GB

    Works in progress (people at octane are working on optimizing them for example)
    GTX970 4GB
    GTX980 4GB
    Next month around the corner we're going to get the Ti editions of these.
    Speed wise the regular ones are mere hairs slower than Titans. I fully expect a Ti version of each to surpass the Titan.

    However, if you're willing to wait until November and save up big this summer...there's rumors on the horizon of an 8GB version of the 980, both regular and Ti, coming out along with Titan 2. Not sure if the 970 will get the same treatment but one could hope. :)

    On the AMD side of things you'd want RenderMonkey, but I am not sure which programs are compatible with it. AMD cards are good deals sometimes-- I saw an 8GB card for a good deal in Dec. Much cheaper than the GTX780 6GB. With AMD you especially want the sapphire editions.

    It's all your preferences as well as what works when it comes to AMD vs nVidia.

  • That's not too bad, actually. Well, maybe it is to people who are used to better, but it seems like you can churn out a full picture set in a day that way.

  • When I started I was using a single GTX 770, a render in octane took around 25 minutes at 1080 x 1920.

  • You can use the standalone without a plug - but the work involved in that is gigantic.

    I think back when I had just the 2 650ti's I was on an old antec 750.

    I think I would maybe concentrate on using the standard render engine and then think about where you want to go from there. I would not suggest getting another 650ti to compliment your current one, as you would still be under the 2GB memory restriction and that is 2 generations behind. But hardware upgrades should probably be saved for a later conversation :3

  • Right. Then I'm thinking use it as a standalone instead of a plugin? That's possible right, to save the scene I made in Daz and import it into Octane to render it? Or am I misunderstanding the whole point here?

    Oh, and what PSU did you use for that SLI setup? I've got a standard 600w Corsair right now.

  • @Theblissofsin,

    Actually that is what I started on. I sent that pair of cards to Chimera46 so he could enjoy octane as well.

    IF you ponied for an octane license, which I am not sure I would with the studio plugin being what it is, it would be much quicker than lux, but not breathtaking.

  • Well, assume I'd shell out eventually for multiple GPUs. How much of an improvement would I experience by simply running two GTX 650 Ti's in SLI?

  • Hey now, I got most of those cards right when the 9xx series hit, they were 230 a pop with rebate in that first week. :D

  • Yea everyone starts somewhere, when I started a couple years ago I had tried to learn everything all at once but when I realised how challenging it was I actually gave up but then looking at all of the amazing artwork that was being produced motivated me to take my time and learn from the best.

    My point is don't rush in head first thinking it is going to be a walk in the park and instead take things one step at a time :)

    When I first started I used Daz3D and spent about £20 on a couple characters. I also used GIMP (because it is free) for post work.

    Also if you are a student (like me) you can get the student version of octane render for free on their website.
    I hope this helps :)

  • @'gazukull':

    with 6 x 780GTX.

    And everyones got that setup right? :D

    Remember it a beginner who started this thread, little point dangling your $2000+ worth of cards in their face as a reasonable solution :)

  • Oh you can, I was just coming from a speed perspective. Octane is really fast, I can get a 720p frame in about a min with 6 x 780GTX.

    The standard engine and lux are both pretty slow.

  • You can animate with the standard version of Daz, but unless you buy the more advanced animation plugins (Keymate/Graphmate) to make the workflow easier, it's very laborious…but not impossible ;)

    Heres a loop animation I made last year using standard daz animating tools, no additional plug-ins

  • Well, I do. I mean, I want to. Standard Daz does not accomodate animation though, does it? Sorry if I'm asking idiotic questions, it's weird how this is such an away game for me compared to how comfortable I am in Photoshop. You'd think I'd have developed an intuition for this or something.

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